Peace and Serenity

No words today, my dearies. No ‘DIY’ itemised credits too for today. A bit occupied with rebuilding our little shopping region (coming soooon) and this was just something I put together to de-stress from that project.

I hope you’ll forgive me!

Back very soon. <3

P.S: The stool and the dresser I used as a sidetable is from junk. It’s an exclusive edition for N21 this round and will not be sold again after Nov 10th, so make sure you grab it from N21 event before it ends! What is N21 event? Find out here.


Structure: Fiona Greenhouse – Trompe Loeil

EnvironmentEnchanted Woods v2 (seasons change)- Studio Skye

✤vintage dresser. – junk @ N21 (exclusive version, will not be sold after Nov 10th)

✤[A book epiphany] My precious! (gacha) – Kuro

Lykke & Astronomer’s Set (Newton’s Cradle, Table Lamp and Study Journal on the sofa) – DIGS

✤Triangle Terrarium [icosahedron] silver-Rare (gacha) – Soy

✤Dierdra set (Diedra sofa, Diedra coffee table & Diedra  deco old books) – ARIA

Hanging Bamboo Herb Planter – Organica

✤[A book epiphany] Book mobile (gacha) – Kuro

On Diedra coffee table:

tea cup – restore (from tea for 2 set) – [keke]

My Dear Clementine – Teawood

Sleepy Italian Greyhound – Red – Half-Deer

Bird Nerd – Book & Binoculars – Lark (store under reconstruction and currently unavailable)

✤cage stool. – junk @ N21 (exclusive version, will not be sold after Nov 10th)

✤[A book epiphany] His books – Kuro

Night Games

Her Anaconda is About To Want Some

Structure: ✤In the woods (V2) – Kuro
Featuring Horror‘s Butt & Legs and Zig the mAlt
Horror is wearing very little, but the little she is wearing are:
Dress: A/D/E shu [black] – R2 @ Collabor88 || Nails: Ring Claws (Black Blood) – CerberusXing @ Gacha Mania || Footwear: Grungy Geta – CerberusXing @ The Seasons Story || Whip: ✤Declan Whip -(deco, not meant to be worn) – Kuro

“Honey,” she whispered. “Let’s try something different tonight.”

He got excited. Hell yeah. Finally! “Of course, baby. Anything you want.”

I guess he didn’t expect this, huh?

OHERRO, are you averting your eyes right now? :P Good.

This post was meant for ROMP. I completely missed blogging it despite the fact that I should have. ;__; I disabled my notices last weekend since I’d be busy offline and didn’t want my IM capped, and then I forgot to turn it back on again. I only remembered when I saw Heph’s Plurk reminding ROMP will end soon!

I’ve been a bad, bad blogger. I think I need spanking.



Do it to him, and then DIY

Structure: ✤ In The Woods (v2) – Kuro
Adult Toy Box – PILOT || ✤ Old Photo light – Soy || Bra, jeans and books from [Neal] Decoration pack – Sway’s @ ~uber ||✤ Autumn Bonsai – CerberusXing || Skyler bed -Adult- ARIA || ✤Shades Accessories (candles, rose petals, pearl necklace & cuffs) – The Hive || ✤50 shades of sexy (wrapped Roses, condoms, box of pralines & Brutus Lamp)- 22769 ~ [bauwerk] @ ~uber || ✤Tufted Armchair – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] || Tiberius Frame Boldly 1 – 22769 ~ [bauwerk]

Anywaaaay, let me talk a bit about ROMP. As far as I am aware, ROMP is the first event to promote the elegant side of the adult world of SL. The first ROMP event was a fair, where creators convened in one location and offered some pretty steamy classy hubba hubba items. Until the next Fair (scheduled for February 2015), subsequent ROMPs is a mainstore-based mini events: one weekend each month, creators put out ROMP-spired items in their mainstores and you TP from store to store. Here are the dates for upcoming rounds:

  • November 7-10, 2014
  • December 12-15, 2014
  • January 9-12, 2014

More info on ROMP here. I absolutely love the idea of mainstores event and I wished more events were like that. Especially when they’re dealing with *cough* elegant kink….now that’s just super.

Speaking of kink, did you know that ~uber’s theme this month is 50 Shades of Sexy? Oh myyyyyy.

My extent of kink is eating breakfast cereal for dinner so I have to admit, trying to potray that message was difficult. XD Thankfully, I have a kinker in my midst, who also happens to be one of my closest friend. It wasn’t hard, to be honest. All I said to Horror was ‘I need your butt for a blog post’ and she came fully prepared.

Sometimes, you think you know people…*chuckles*

Crow Nest Cafe

Crow Nest Cafe

Rocky Cliffs – Studio Skye
✤The Crow Nest Coffee House – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] @ FaMESHed Oct 2014 (modded, see the original here)
Bali DOCK – 8f8 || The Stage – 22769 ~ [bauwerk]
See the rest of the credit in the next pic.

Oh, the heat!

Hello lovelies, how is everyone doing? Cooler than I am at the moment, I hope! It’s coming to summer my side of the world and boy oh boy, do I wish I was in this pic in RL.

/me fans self and lugs Gatorade.

A conversation I had with The Man last night, while I was decorating this, made me super paranoid about this pic. The Crow Nest Cafe from 22769~[bauwerk] is available at FaMESHed this month, and it was not meant to sit on the water. Like so. I showed it to The Man before I did anything with it, cos I like showing him things he has no interest in (LOL) but hey, he loves architecture, he really liked the build and then he left me to my own decorating device.

I wanted a water cafe with live music feel, and the only way I could get everything in one pic properly was to make the cafe on water level. So I unlinked and removed the stairs, the pillars and the railings. I was happily decorating away, til The Man peeked into what I was doing.

“What happened to the cafe?”

“Oh, I made it into a water cafe!” I said proudly, cos damnit, I was feeling genius and accomplished, ok!

“But what if there’s a high tide?” he mused. “Isn’t that why they built it on stilts in the first place?”


I live under my decorating rock so I’m pretty sure there are no such thing as high and low tides in SL….right?

I guess all of you are gonna have to check the tides calendar before coming to my cafe.

“How will the musicians get on the floating stage? Maybe you should put a bridge from the deck to the stage…”

OK. I changed my mind. I would like him to be less interested in my decorating hobby…

Crow Nest Cafe: DIY

Hanging Lanterns With Posts (warm) – {what next} || Cafe Sandwich Boards (wood) – {what next} || Larkin Set – Hanging Chair 1 – PILOT || Mums in Bucket – mix – MudHoney || house terrarium/spring-{vespertine} || ✤Vintage float – Kuro || The Stage (Audience Buoy included in set)- 22769 ~ [bauwerk] || Kepler Telescope – LISP || shark chalkboard – floorplan || Happy Motor Boating – 7 Emporium || Portable Marquee (alphabets sold separately)- 7 Emporium

As usual, clearer and more detailed list of items used!

(Do I spoil you guys or what? I hope you don’t come to expect this next time…)

And remember, the Crow Nest Cafe is at FaMESHed this month so go and get your own water cafe too.

Happy shopping! <3

The ALSA Ice Bucket Challenge in Second Life

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in SL

Grandma Zee braving the ice cold assault for ALSA
Go on dearies, make Granzee proud by doing it too and win L$ prizes!
Little Granny avatar by The Secret Store, available at the souvenir area @ Havenhallow

Hello my dearies! Grandma Zee here, and hoping all of you youngins are behaving yourselves today!

A few weeks ago, Granzee was nominated by Juno Mantel to do the Ice Bucket Challenge. Well, guess what dearies? I did it! It took grandma quite a long time to make the journey to the event venue, what’s with all the hills and whatnots. Oh dear. Better late than never, right?

I’m touched to see designers donating their items to the cause with 100% proceed going to the ALSA. You can see the items on offer from Seraphim’s coverage of the event here. At time of writing, the Fair has raised L$100k to the cause. Woohoo!

Now dearies, if you would do Grandma a huge favour and maybe win some L$ yourself…

I am taking my picture in the Artisan Fantasy photo backdrop, available at The Ice Bucket Challenge Fair. You can buy the backdrop for 450L or you can just use the one provided at the fair. I bought my bucket (it was only 150L) and I also bought the badge because my as pretty as my cardigan is dearie, I love to accessorize.

Oh yes, Granzee is very fehshunable, as you youngins will say nowadays.

I’m not done, my poppets!

As part of the event, some generous sponsors have pooled money to reward phototakers:

1st prize 5kL$

2nd prize 3kL$

3rd prize 2KL$

4th prize 1500L$

5th prize 750L$

All you have to do is buy a bucket from the photobooth, take a picture like Granzee just did there and upload it to the Flickr Pool here on or before 10th October. Nominate 3 other people to do the same and you’ll be in the running!

But take note: only pictures taken using the official Alsa Ice Bucket will be taken into consideration so make sure you use the official bucket (you can buy it from the vendor on top of the photobooth, Granzee is short and didn’t see it at first, dearies!).

No Flickr account? Send your pic fullperm to Titania Halasy and she will upload it for you!

So what are you waiting for? Go make grandma proud, run my poppets, ruuuuun!

++TP to The Ice Bucket Challenge Fair!++

Bathing Under the Moonlight

Bathing Under Moonlight

Structure: ✤The Hunt Skybox – junk @ FaMESHed
Flower petals, wine and candles on the floor — rezzed by the tub..oh myyyy!
The rest of the credit in the next pic.

Aaaah, relaxation.

Hello lovelies, come in and dip a toe in my new bathtub! :D Before I derail this post into something else, let me just direct your attention to that yummy tub. I am late in blogging this tub. This tub debuted at Consensual event and is now up at ARIA‘s mainstore. Consensual is a new event that focuses on adult furniture and it was held on Sept 26th – Oct 5th and items are discounted 30%-50% off.

The flower petals, the wine and the candles were all rezzed by the tub. It disappears once you change animation, and I am not about to tell you which animation triggered this rezzables! *cough* Let’s just say, it’s pearl clutching, my dears!

The tubs are also texture change. In the following pic, I took off the pipes for the rest of the tub just so they’ll all fit in a picture, but those are all the colour options in one tub. Who loves options? WE DO!

Bathing Under Moonlight: DIY

✤Torino set by ARIA
Potted double stemed Orchid (texture change) || Torino ladder towel rack || Torino decorative bathroom stool ||  Torino free standing bathtub (texture change)
upcycled garden sink/eclectic – vespertine (sim currently closed for remodelling) || ✤Window [Here I am] black – Soy || Aisling Skincare – DIGS || Aisling Wicker Storage – DIGS || ✤Statement Lamp (yellow) – Kuro || ✤Triangle Terrarium [pyramidal] iron & [icosahedron] brass-Rare – Soy (gacha) @ The Gathering

The past few weeks was super hectic and decorating took a backburner. So I’m happy to be back on schedule!

Is it me, or am I feeling the stress in everyone this month?

I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s in the Linden water but it seems like everyone around me is in some sort of crackdom. I guess it’s that busy time of the year. So let’s gather round and share the wine for a minute.

It’s coming to Summer my side of the world, which means I’ll be as happy as a lark. But the seasons are turning on the other side of the world, I season I associate with melancholy in general. It’s getting darker and colder, which means some people will also experience feeling darker and colder. It’s insensitive for me to say ‘get over it, dude,” because hey, when it was Autumn/Winter my side of the world, I wasn’t the most pleasant person to be around.

But here’s the thing, ok? A large portion of what happens to us when it comes to SL is in our control. Inworld too noisy? Close that chat window and move on. Too many events to make things for? Finish your commitment for this month, slow down on committing next month. The holiday seasons are on the horizon, which means there will be more events popping up AND fighting for consumers money. Learn to say no. Be pickier in what you put your brand in. This might sound incredibly insensitive of me, especially when real money are made out of events but think about it: is it good to dilute your brand name by offering us yet another recolour, or slightly readjusted mesh you have used in 2-3 events prior? Do your absolute best in the few events you are in.

Are you a blogger with FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) attitude and all the things in all the events wearing you thin? Here’s a test: tell me one thing you bought on 1st October 2014 and if you cannot name it exactly, acknowledge that whatever it is you buy today, you will not remember a week from now. Slow down, come back to your roots. Blog what you like and what reflects you and your aesthetics, don’t feel pressured to blog the same thing hundreds of other SL bloggers out there are blogging. Maybe even blog some old stuff just for fun. If this cease to be fun, there’s no use for it anymore.

These are the things we cannot do in RL. We cannot walk away from annoying people without being incredibly rude. We cannot tell a company “hey, we overbook so…we’re just not gonna manufacture this thing we told you we will, sorry bruh!”. And we cannot go to our work and say “you know what? I’m feeling burnt so…I’m just gonna skip work for oh, the next 2-3 weeks. But I’d like to come back whenever I’m rested.”

So, please remember the advantages we have when it comes to SL and remember to breath, soak and calm down.