When Earth’s Last Picture Is Painted

When Earth’s last picture is painted and the tubes are twisted and dried,
When the oldest colours have faded, and the youngest critic has died,
We shall rest, and faith, we shall need it – lie down for an aeon or two,
Till the Master of All Good Workmen Shall put us to work anew.


Structure: The Writer’s Shed – L2 Studio @ TGGS
Adventure Wire Shelf -Sari Sari || Pattern trinket box family photos – vespertine || Bookshelf Drawers – Alouette || ✤Retro curtain (note: modded) – Kuro || Marimo – Soy || rocking dog . neutral (gacha) – Zigana || ✤arrow shelf. wood. – junk || ✤wall desk. wood. – junk @ N21 || Victoire Lamp Noir – LISP || diy color swatch board – vespertine || ✤Laboratory chair – Kuro || Storage Boxes (gacha) –  22769~[bauwerk] || Old Chalk Board – tarte || sorting shelf/ bleached wood. – vespertine || knackered mess { sweet lavender } – emm shop/windsong || Fan Mails – Plethora || ✤round rug. orange print – junk @ N21

And those that were good shall be happy: they shall sit in a golden chair;
They shall splash at a ten-league canvas with brushes of comet’s hair.
They shall find real saints to draw from – Magdalene, Peter, and Paul;
They shall work for an age at a sitting and never be tired at all!


✤arrow shelf. wood. – junk || ✤all desk. wood. – junk || Victoire Lamp Right Noir – LISP || photo clipped sketch 4 – keke || diy color swatch board – vespertine || Sticky Notes (part of Working Desk set) – 22769~[bauwerk] || ✤ashtray. – junk @ No21|| sketchbook – floorplan || Mason Jars & Notepad – Sari-Sari || ✤Laboratory chair – Kuro || Old Chalk Board  – tarte || sorting shelf/ bleached wood. – vespertine || knackered mess { sweet lavender } – emm shop/windsong || Fan Mail Stack – Plethora

And only the Master shall praise us, and only the Master shall blame;
And no one will work for the money, and no one will work for the fame,
But each for the joy of the working, and each, in his separate star,
Shall draw the Thing as he sees It for the God of Things as They are!

Rudyard Kipling

Let’s go on a trip!

Let's Go on a Trip!

Structure: The Writer’s Shed – L2 Studio @ TGGS || Forest: Enchanted Forest set – Studio Skye
Bag: ✤Hitchhiker kit – Kuro @ The Garden || Vintage Travel Magazines – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] ||wanderlust print – floorplan || explorer map- floorplan || ✤Arlette Sweet Pea bouquet – ARIA || Vintage Plane Figurette – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] || ✤(Un)packing – Kuro

Are you a platform dweller, or a traveller?

This blog post today is a collaboration between a platform dweller (me) and my travelling twin (B).

I have a twin? When did this happen?!?

Since my first week in SL, that’s when, haha. B and I met at an ancient Mongolian sim on our first week in SL (sim is sadly gone now) and we looked exactly.the.same. No, we were not Ruthed either! We’ve been friends since that day and call each other twin. :D

We don’t look alike now, but we do live together and are around each other a whole lot. The way we use SL is so different. She’s an explorer and I’m a platform dweller. She will fly and walk and swim across sims, while I’d rather stick to one spot and cam around on the rare days that I’m out exploring. If I want to move, I’ll double-click teleport to a spot.

I think I’m missing a lot of magic this way. Perhaps this week I’ll go and visit a sim in the natural manner. XD

So anyway, I dragged B out of her snorkelling adventure and made her sit down to tell me her favourite spot. She protested a little bit but I bribed her with chocolates, so all is good now.

So, on to B’s recommendations and her pictures!

Calas Galadhon Park Sims

Calas Galadhon Park is a collection of 11 sims. This is first in my list, because it is the first sim I stayed and explored at when I was noob. I remember someone was kind enough to give me a swim hud when I was 4 days old. I would swim the 11 sims and explore each place.

One of my top favorites amongst Calas Galadhon 11 sims is Gulf of Lune.

Gulf of Lune is a peaceful marsh. When I want to hide from the noise of SL, there is a little hut on the waters where I tp to. Outside this hut is a rocking chair and a cat. Facing the sea, I just get idle and sit and doze off. Oh yeah, the best part of Calas is their music (songs from all over the world), handpicked by Truck, himself.

++TP to Gulf of Lune++

Calas Galadhon Official Site

Gulf of Lune Page from Calas Galadhon’s site

Black Basalt Beach

I’m not sure why it’s called Black Basalt. Maybe because the atmosphere is a little dark? Despite the dimness, it is my perfect place of peace and serenity. There’s a bike rack, allowing visitors to rezz bicycles and explore the beautiful sim that way. Climb to the top of the rocky island and you’ll see the view of a long-sweeping beach with sparkling water and a tall lighthouse.

That is just the overview! Explore some more, the details are amazzzzzing – from pelicans to piers to rocks to paths to trees. Keep on exploring to find hidden paradises and hideaways and hangout areas.

++TP to Black Basalt Beach++

Black Basalt Beach Flickr Group

Hesperia of Templemore

This has been in the Editor’s Pick. This place is UNIQUELY designed and decorated for photographers and explorers. But most of all, I love this place because it’s built to support SL live music. Other than exploring, I spend most of my time listening to live music performances. Be it solo performance of one on acoustic guitar to SL heaven of four artists doing quadruple stream (one on vocals, one on guitar, one on violin and one on percussion). Yes, that is possible in SL!

++TP to Hesperia of Templemore++

Back to Zee:

So that’s it, folks. Hopefully this will spur some of us to travel a bit more in our SLife, be less SLefl-absorbed and take the time to appreciate other people’s hard work and effort. And if you’re looking for a place to visit, don’t forget to follow B on Flickr and also take a look at Explore SL Flickr Group. :D

Also, aside from my twin, here are some SL explorers I love so make sure to give them your love too!

Happy travels! <3

The Lonely Fisherman’s Cabin

The Lonely Fisherman's Cabin

Structure: ✤Old Hut – Soy @ Kustom9
Front: Tropical Birds Scarlet Macaw & Bali Starling (sold separately) – Half-Deer || ✤bartlet daybed. denim. – junk @ TMD || Sleepy Italian Greyhound – Half-Deer || [Fish] decor cushion – Sway’s || ✤ vintage boom box [Metal] *RARE* – Soy || ✤Electric fan green – Soy || ✤Summer drink set (crate and drink bottles) – Soy || Pile of Fish & Hanging Fish Rack (sold separately)- Dysfunctional Designs
On the wall/ceiling: hanging oars – floorplan || photo clipped fish prints – keke || captain’s hanging lantern – floorplan || Beachcomber Shelf – Lark || Hanging Pansies – Alouette || Glass fishing float – Soy @ Kustom9 ||✤ rings candle holder. gold (group gift) – junk


“Fisherfolk” – Robert Service

I like to look at fishermen
And often times I wish
One would be lucky now and then
And catch a little fish.
I watch them statuesquely stand,
And at the water look;
But if they pull their float to land
It’s just to bait a hook.

I ponder the psychology
That roots them in their place;
And wonder at the calm I see
In ever angler’s face.
There is such patience in their eyes,
Beside the river’s brink;
And waiting for a bite or rise
I do not think they think.

Or else they are just gentle men,
Who love–they know not why,
Greeen grace of trees or water when
It wimples to the sky . . .
Sweet simple souls! As vain I watch
My heart to you is kind:
Most precious prize of all you catch,
–Just Peace of Mind.

Note: Mod-ed the railing for the build to a lower level, so that my bed won’t roll off into the sea. :D The original railing is like so.

Clean and Simple

Clean and Simple

Structure: Starter Apartment – ON*SU
L’Air Frais (fan) – Apple Fall || Sudare LightBrown – Zacca (not available) || Meredith Curtains – Mudhoney
✤Lydia sofa – ARIA @ C88 ||geekbook/woody – vespertine || Sketchbook – PILOT & JIM || Backgammon Set – Tartessos Arts || metal floor lamp – floorplan || ✤bartlet rug. one. – junk @ TMD || ✤Lydia Coffee Table – ARIA @ C88 || tea for 2 day set – keke || summer tray w flowers – keke || Design Books - Apple Fall || ✤Chair [Connection dream] – Soy || Homer Canvas – floorplan @ C88 || Chinese Credenza – Apple Fall || Blossom Vase – Dysfunctional Designs || Geometric Wall Art – PILOT || Nautical Map Frame – floorplan || Olsen Television Unit – DIGS || ✤Hugh’s Cabinet – Kuro || Orchids Natural Pink – Kalopsia || Simple Glass Shelf – GUDU || SmartPod – GUDU || Sleepy Italian Greyhound – Half-Deer


Let it be known, that this room looks so easy, but it wasn’t particularly easy…for ME.

This decoration was an assignment. Someone wanted a SLiving space that could be just that: a living space. No clutter. No ‘artistic mess’. Nothing. Just the basics…but not quite basic.

How could you ask that of a homeblogger? *dies*

So I rezzed about 1 million things on the floor, just to delete ‘em. Thankfully, Kuro’s Hugh Cabinet is cluttered enough to assuage my tormented soul.

If we homebloggers ask you what is the one thing you find annoying about us, what would you say?

“UnSLivable space!”, perhaps?

Here are some things you should know about homebloggers, in general. At least, when it comes to me and the ones I hang out with:

  1. Unless we are partnered, we don’t actually have a home. We don’t live in any of our homes. SLife is too short, and there are too many houses to commit to one! We’re platform dwellers…with many homes. XD
  2. We usually don’t test the furniture we use. (I need to change this habit though, since a lot have asked me questions!)
  3. Telling us ‘no clutters, please’ is akin to stabbing us with a blunt knife, and then twisting it while it’s jammed deep inside us. This is SL, WE WANT CLUTTERS, DAMNIT!
  4. Please be specific when you request information on builds. Asking us “Can you tell me a good skybox?” will return many results. “Can you tell me a good skybox with one room” might narrow it down, but not by much.
  5. Basically, if you ask a homestuff question, be prepared to be given a list…
  6. …or be prepared to have a 5 hour conversation about it.
  7. No. Seriously.

I’m decorating something else now and it would be back to my old cluttered SL self.

And you will have to like it, kapish?

All There Is Left

All That Is Left

Dress: Star of Venus II – Meta Theodora
Head accessories: ✤The Queen’s Neck Crown Gold (Common), ✤The Queen’s Headwrap GOLD (Rare), ✤Nose Ring Gold (Common) – 22769~[Bauwerk] @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Armlet: Armlet Female (past gacha) – MeshedUp || Bracelet: A Biker’s Toy Cuff Wrist – CerberusXing || Rings: ✤Edge Rings for Slink Casual Hands – Diamante Jewelry
Skin: Vera – Glam Affair || Hands: Mesh Hands Casual - Slink || Manicure: ✤Noise Slink Nails Applier in Gunmetal – The Horror! || Jar (not a wearable!) : Marimo – Soy
Pose: Artemisia – Pipit

 Earth is no more. The planet is dead.


This is the only thing we managed to salvage.

This is all there is left.