It All Starts With a Smile

It All Starts With...a smile

Location: It All Starts With a Smile
Pose & Origami Crane:vespertine (doesn’t seem to be available anymore)
Hair: Elsa – Diva @ The Season Story || Bow: ✤Lonely Bow (Gacha)- Moon Amore || Top: Sophia Blouse - ANE || Skirt : April Skirt – Junbug for We <3 RP

When you smile…

  • ….you start relaxing, as your body releases endorphins…
  • …you will look more attractive…(apparently so, according to some studies. Doesn’t work for Joker, I believe).
  • …while you are on the phone, it ‘shows’.
  • …more often, you live longer. (Also might not work for The Joker, but I can’t be sure).
  • …you reduce your blood pressure. Maybe I should start smiling all day at work. XD

Kaelyn Alecto’s sim “It All Starts with a Smile” would certainly make you smile and reduce your blood pressure. I’ve had a particularly tough and hectic week, and with this Easter break, I was looking forward to just chill out.

I LOVE sim that incorporates open space. It’s friendly to the graphic card and doesn’t make it feel cluttered. It All Starts with a Smile is so peaceful, if I didn’t have to be somewhere, I would have stayed longer.

I’m definitely returning.

Now, to show you my face. XD


Skin: Ria – Belleza || Eyes: Deep True Grey- Mayfly || Hair: Elsa – Diva @ The Seasons Story
Eyeliner: ✤Bathory #1 – The Horror! || Lashes: Tattoo Eyelashes Type 2 – LDG (no longer available)  || Lipstick: Lip Balm Barbie – Buzzeri
Facial piercings from Diamante Jewelry (sold separately) : ✤Enigma set || ✤Double Nosering || ✤Fairytale Nose Butterfly (Gacha)Collar: ✤Freyja’s Collar – Junbug @ Love & War Gacha || Hair bow: Lonely Bow – Moon Amore

If you have followed me long enough by now, you’d know that it is on rare occassion that I do this kind of post. Mostly because I’m not very interested in things that I cannot use to decorate a home. But today as I was unpacking my Objects folder (shudders), I came across all these things that somehow would work together (TO ME ANYWAY!) and so, here they are.

Usually when I see facial piercings posts, it seems to be styled by avatars with certain ‘street attitude’, which is something I cannot pull off. Imagine me being all gangsta? You guys will laugh your phat azzes off!

However, what interests me in this Diamante Jewelry’s Enigma Facial Piercing set was that delicate eye piercings, so I decided to put it on and see if I could get away with being sweet and pierced. Haha.

The Enigma Facial set comes with the lips piercings, eye piercings, the nose piercing in the middle and the forehead piercings. Depending on your facial structure, you might need some prim-edit skills to reposition some of the piercings to fit your own face. These are made up of several linked parts, so you will have to ‘edit linked’ instead of editing the whole thing.

It wasn’t hard though. The only parts I had to edit was the two piercings under the lower lips, and the two piercings on the inside corner of the eyes. The rest fit me straight out of the box.

Opening a few more boxes revealed that I do have another pair of noserings and also a cute butterfly, both from Diamante Jewelry. So I thought what the heck, might as well put it on. :D My neck was feeling a bit bare so I slapped on Junbug’s Freyja Collar from The Love & War Gacha event.

I think I’m a confused mess..lolol. This is what happens when you make a homeblogger dress up, but I hoped I pulled off the ‘I may be pierced, but I’m still sweet!’ look.

Now. To stop torturing you guys with my ‘sense of stylez’ and get back to home blogging. XD

✤ = Blogger’s Copy

Spring Turnip!

Spring Turnip!


Have you heard the news?

Turnip’s Homes is having a storewide sale!

Turnips Homes Spring Sale Event April 11-18


So I ran over and grabbed a few things because SALES!

I think we’re familiar with Turnip’s Skydomes now, right? But in case you are not familiar with it, let me just tell you that the skydome is the duck’s nut. Sure, there are other skydomes out there, but do they do this?


You need to have the Basic Skydome package before you can use the other ones (Spring, Winter, Enchanted etc). But even if you’re on a budget and can only do one for now, the Basic is worth the buck! 3 basic skies, 3 basic terrain or if you’re swamped for choice, 3 presets to make your SLife easier. Haha.

I’m showing you 2 HUDs. On the right is the Basic HUD and the left is the Spring Dome HUD so you can see the difference between having just the basic, and also having the add-ons. :D In order to use any other add-ons, you have to have the Basic first.

And for the duration of the sale, the Basic Skydome is only 750L!

Spring Turnip

Here’s the skydome with one of the other Spring sky. ^_^ Isn’t it pretty?

I badly want to ramble, but I need you guys to go and run over to take advantage of this sale. XD

So whatcha waiting for, nibble your way to Turnip’s Homes!


Turnip’s Skydome 2.0 – Turnip’s Homes

adjusted with Turnip’s Spring Texture Collection – Turnip’s Homes

Turnip’s Every Season Birch Tree – Turnip’s Homes

outdoor wall – Shutter Field @ Home Show

lazy sunday chair .cloud (gacha) – Zigana

Hanging Drapes – Kalopsia @ Home Show

Branch light beach (gacha) – Zigana

Branch light sun (gacha) – Zigana

sonny chair. safari. – junk (*sim currently closed for remodelling)

Turnip’s Fiesta Mosaic Pots – Turnip’s Homes

blanket storage crate – floorplan

With love pile – Zigana

rug . mahavra – Zigana

1 Prim Yellow Flower Patch – Persnickitty

The Flies Fence  - Turnip’s Homes

The Twilight Forest Cafe

SL is being an unfriendly chap today, which is cramping my style because I kinda want to shop.

But in a way, it’s good, because I’ve been itching to show everyone this sweet little cafe!

The Twilight Cafe✤Forest Cafe – Kuro @ Home Show 2014
Sonny chair (Safari) – junk || pumpkin crates – floorplan || ✤Round Cafe Table – Kuro @ Home Show || ✤Metal Chair (4 colours) – Kuro @ Home Show

Have you been to the Home Show yet? If you haven’t, you should! A whole sim full of homely goods, you’d be crazy to not leave with one or two things in tow.

Or in my case, gazillion things.

Anyone want to come around and sort my post-Home Show inventory?

This sweet cafe is Kuro’s Forest Cafe, available at the Home Show! Absolutely perfect for Spring/Summer, so I plopped it in my Springy/Summerish area in Nouveaux. We already have an Organic Cafe in Nouveaux, with vegetables sourced from the rooftop garden. This Cafe is just behind it, and it serves alcohol so if you’re underage, just stay in the Organic Cafe, mmkay?

Twilight Cafe: Chess and Tea Snacks ✤Round Cafe Table – Kuro @ Home Show || ✤Metal Chair (4 colours) – Kuro @ Home Show
snow white cupcake – Poche || tea for 2 (dayset) – keke || Chess Set – Theosophy

We have tea and cakes, for you to refresh yourself when you challenge someone to a chess duel.

Or you can grab a beer, it’s self-serve. See that 11th Hour Tube Beer Tap inside? It serves beer! (Click just above the 11th Hour logo).

Twilight Cafe: BarJar Chandelier – Trompe Loeil || “The Tube” Beer Tap (Weissbier) - 11th Hour || ✤Crates of Beer – Kuro @ Home Show || Travel Magazines - 22769-Bauwerk || Toronto Kitchen Sink – Bazar ||  ✤Hapiness kitchen (black) - !! Follow US !! ||  Australia Clock - Alouette || Vintage Travel Posters (texture change) – floorplan || Arizona-Bathroom trash bin – Bazar || Bric-a-Brac Desk -Paper Trash (gacha) – aisling || ✤street sign portobello rd - junk @ The Mens Dept || World Map Art – Bazar @ Home Show ’14 || Stonehenge & Torii Gate (gacha) – PILOT

When good friends come over, you offer them a beer, right?

That’s just how we do it over here, mate.

Twilight Cafe: Travel & Reading CornerRuffled Rug (gacha) – Apple Fall ||  Ikat dhurrie rug *indigo* (gacha) - Zaara [home] || Vintage Travel Poster – floorplan || ✤street sign electric ave – junk @ The Men Dept || ✤street sign. portobello rd - junk @ The Men Dept || ✤decker shelf (TMD Special anniversary gift when you buy the couch!) - junk @ The Mens Dept || eiffel tower marquee - floorplan ||tabletop forest (spring/summer) – Second Spaces || Skyline Relief Block Tokyo (gacha)- DIGS || Balanced Bookshelf – Alouette || bookstacks (gacha) – vespertine || Patchwork cushion *elephant* (gacha) - Zaara [home] || green suitcase books (gacha) – vespertine

If you’re not the kind to get rough and rowdy, there’s a corner for readers and aspiring travellers. :D

Sit in that corner and no one will bother you, not even the drunks.

But if you’re up for a yarn after a whole day of hard yakka?

Over here, mate.

Twilight Cafe: Dinetelephone box couch- junk @ The Mens Department || Square Cafe Table – Kuro @ Home Show || Metal Chairs – Kuro @ Home Show || Bottles Crate – Kuro @ Home Show || Vintage Travel Magazines - 22769 ~ [bauwerk] || Beer & Bacon Cupcakes - LDG || Kitchinette strawberrycake – vespertine || Beer Bottle - Theosophy || brown sugar maple cookies – vespertine || Burger Meal – PILOT || Blossom Vase – Dysfunctional Designs || Chinese Lampion - 8f8 || Bird Cage - 8f8

I’m leaving this rezzed inworld for the whole month, or maybe til the next month…who knows, really. It started out as a decorating project for blogging but I think I like the way it looks now.

So if you’re interested, come over and visit! :D

++TP to The Twilight Forest Cafe Inworld!++

Spring in My Steps

And it’s not because of the alcohols. *hics*

Spring in my Steps

Mesh Flat Feet – SLink ||  Barefoot Sandals (Bali Gypsy) – Maxi Gossamer @ FaMESHed || Pedicure: Half-Moon Gradient – Hello Dave ||
The Bogart Collection Record Cabinet (Blondes) –  Turnip’s Homes ||Beer Bottles – {theosophy} || ✤Bottles Crate – Kuro @ The Home Show || ✤Butterfly Love Gacha (Pink & Red, sold separately) – A&A ||  A cup of spring (Floral & Eggshell) - Half-Deer|| Radio Red – D-lab||

It’s been a while since I participate in Berrytoe’s meme, and since she loves my toes so much, this pic is especially for her. Wahaha! I had to get drunk to muster the courage to display my toes to the world so *hic*.

Speaking of toes, aren’t these Bali Gypsy Barefoot Sandals from Maxi Gossamer amazing? It’s made for Slink flat feet and available at FaMESHed this round. You can change the beads, cords and stones, this has been way too much fun. :D

I’d also like to show you my pretty pedicures and let me tell you about my manicurist and pedicurist, Maia Gasparini of Hello Dave! I don’t even buy from anywhere else now. What I love, love, love about Hello Dave is that all of her Slink nail appliers are sold for 99L$ AND you get both manicures and pedicures in the pack.

Each pack usually comes in 25 or more textures.

READ THAT. 25. TWENTY. FIVE. OR. MORE. These are just some of the ones I have from Hello Dave. It seems that newer release have even more textures loaded in it, these ones? 35 textures, and remember you get both for fingers and toes for 99L$.

Hello Dave Samples

Right, now that the toes subject is out of the way, let’s satisfy Berry’s curiosity. XD

Berry’s Spring Season Challenge!

Meme Instructions: Share a spring-themed picture and/or answer the following questions about the season. Don’t forget to leave a link to your post in the comments and share your picture in the Blog Memes Flickr Group.

What is the spring season like where you live?

It is beautiful! Spring is my most favourite season, I’m drunk with happiness. No, Happiness is not a brand of alcohol. Spring is not too hot to feel like hell, but not too cold to feel like I’m a penguin. My backyard is connected to our neighbourhood’s park so to see everything grow and bloom is lovely. I get ambitious every Spring and prepare my garden bed, but everytime summer rolls around, I just cower indoors in the aircond.

But hey, it’s the thought that counts. :P

What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you think of spring?

Insane happiness. I hate winter with a passion, and I get very cranky and irritated in winter. I welcome Spring desperately. When Springtime rolls around, everyone is more thankful for it: from family, to friends to co-workers.

 It is turning to Spring where you guys are, but it is Autumn where I am. So, there is this impending rage in a few months time and you may want to avoid reading me then…but I promise you I’ll try my best to behave. XD In any case, I’ll calm down in SL, since it seems to be Spring/Summer everywhere!

Which spring-themed sim in Second Life is your favorite at the moment?

I’m feeling a bit guilty. I haven’t been out around the grid much since March because I’ve been juggling a more hectic RL, and several projects in SL. But I have shopped today at vespertine, and she has turned the sim into Spring tones and it’s beautiful!

You know what though? I’m looking forward to visiting Rico’s Tea House. It is another project of Editorial Clarity, who we all know to have impeccable luxurious taste. :D No doubt the Rico’s Tea House will be appropriately seasonal. It opens tomorrow @ 10am SLT and I can’t wait to visit. All the info here!

Happy visiting!

(✤ = review copies)

Tip: Beacon me up, Scotty!

Hello all! :D Another short post today. ^_^

Thank you to everyone who said hi at the Home Show, haha. I didn’t expect yesterday’s LMs post to be so well-received. I’m glad it made your homestuff shopping easier! \(^o^)/

As I said in the post yesterday, there is a set landing point at Home Show. Meaning, double-click teleport will only return you back to Homeshow point of origin.

One of the more common questions I got today as I was lagging out at Home Show was ‘How do I bring up beacon?‘. So instead of repeating myself again and again, I thought I’d do a very quick post on how to.

The tedious way is: If you click on the LM directly from this blog, it will bring you to a new window displaying Second Life Maps. From there, you can click ‘Visit This Location’, and the TP window will pop up in your viewer. This almost always shows you a beacon.

However, what if you are as lazy as me and usually copy and paste SLurls straight into your viewer address tab? It will just ‘force land’ you to the set landing spot, and you will lose that beacon.

SO, a better way overall is to do this is:

Call Up The Bacon a Beacon!

Beacon me up, Scotty! - 1

  • Hover your mouse over the LM
  • Take note of the URL, the location might be different whichever web browser you’re using. I’m on Chrome
  • Take note of the X/Y/Z coords.

Beacon me up, Scotty! - 2

  • Input the X/Y/Z coords into the “Location” field.
  • Take note of how the red dot will move as you input each value.
  • And then wa~la, just either walk to the red dot according to your map, or fly up and find the red beacon!

Happy locating and happy shopping!

*Note: I derendered sky and clouds and was on Low to combat the lag. Pardon the ugly pic!