Autumn Lake House

Working On an Autumn Lakehouse

Bigger and clearer pic here!
Structure: ✤Outdoor Open House – HAIKEI @ Kustom9

It’s that time of the year where people start posting Autumn pics, eh? :D

How are you, lovelies? I hope everyone is well. Be warned, I have breathing room this week so you know what to expect now…ramble time!

 If you’re ready to turn over your virtual space for autumn, check out the Outdoor Open House from HAIKEI. It’s available at Kustom9 this round.

I’m experimenting something with this post.


Autumn Lake House: Ingredients!

Enchanted Woods v2 (seasons change)- Studio Skye || Bergamot Square Decking – Warm Oak – LISP || Crane the Lightbringer – Gold – +Half-Deer+ || ✤Glass Fishing Float -hanging- (green) – Soy. || ✤Chair [in town of Camaguey] sky – Soy + SKBIO @ Atelier Kreslo || ✤tealight bucket. purple. – junk || ✤step ladder shelf. first aid. – junk. @ Kustom9 || The Raft (animated)- Sari-Sari || Creeping Wall Vine (texture change)- Dysfunctional Designs

I get asked daily where to get certain items. “Where can I get this item I see in your Flickr/blog?” It helps my ego massively that people are convinced to buy anything from my blog, but I have to admit that constantly getting IMs like this was starting to get to me. Not to mention the capping that I get when people IM en masse, despite me saying in my profile that sending me an NC or an email would be an easier option.

I assumed people were lazy to read and I admit I was slightly disappointed by it. The most tedious thing in Second Life blogging is the credits and it’s offputting to feel that all that work you’ve done with crediting is overlooked.

HOWEVER. A conversation with a dear friend gave me a new insight. That I might be at fault here.

Ok. So. I admit that us homebloggers can be one of the most annoying creatures on this metaverse planet. Rezzing everything and crediting everything but not specifying what it is we’re crediting.

There are some awesome homebloggers who are more diligent and helpful in their crediting, clearly labeling things such as “Chair: so and so by so and so”. Most designers also name their items helpfully such as “climbing vines” or “neon chairs”. But what if you come across a blogpost with 20 different chairs? And what if you come across blogposts that uses things from Apple Fall (for example) and you don’t know which item in that picture is the “L’Air Frais”?

(It’s a fan, by the way. An amazing fan at that).

We also credit EVERYTHING and by everything I mean “even things that were rezzed yonder, that thee cannot see in this picture, unless thee be having good eyesighteh”. So not only do you poor readers have to deal with finding out what chair is called what, you also need to figure out if this particular chair is the one you were looking at!

So, I hope that doing some crediting this way will be helpful in the future. Sure, it’s extra work, but not by much. And if it makes you buy things quicker to prettify your house without having to wait for me to log and reply, then it’s a BONUS, right? :D

That said, I am always happy to answer any questions that hasn’t been answered by any of my posts. :P I hope this does not frighten anyone to contact me if they need clarification on anything. I’d be talking to an empty room without you lovely readers and I intend to keep you all forever in this room, mmkay?

Nobody Here Anymore


✤Tiffany Dresser – [Fetch] || Shaving Kit – PILOT || ✤vintage barbers chair. black.- junk @ TMD (Sept ’14) || ✤Old Photo light – Soy @ TMD (Sept ’14) || ✤Scissor hanger w/fabric – Kuro || Clean Sweep (all cleaning set) – Second Spaces || upcycled garden sink/eclectic – {vespertine} || ✤metal basket. – junk @ The Arcade (Sept ’14) || ✤Thalassa deco towels – ARIA

Nobody here anymore
Nobody mindin’ the store
They’ve all gone
To another dimension
Nobody here anymore

- John Fogerty – Nobody Here Anymore -

Nobody Comes Here Anymore...

Structure: ✤Rooftop Atelie {SkyBox} 2 – HAIKEI
✤ city lights. – junk @ The Arcade (Sept ’14) || City Walk Linocut Prints – DIGS || Hanging Bulb -Triple – 7 Emporium || ✤Fire Extinguisher – Tartessos Arts || ✤pipe telephone. – junk @ The Arcade (Sept ’14) || ✤birdcage shelves. – junk The Arcade (Sept ’14)|| ✤Thalassa deco towels – ARIA || Arthur Pictures – DIGS || Dwight Pictures – DIGS || ✤Tiffany Dresser – [Fetch] || ✤vintage barbers chair. black.- junk @ TMD (Sept ’14)
Funky Ceiling Fan Red (old gacha) - Trompe Loeil || Sexy Silhouettes – PILOT || vintage cut-throat razors. – junk @ TMD (Sept ’14) || Mosaic Mirror – DIGS || upcycled garden sink/eclectic – {vespertine} || Stanley Jukebox – DIGS || keyhole clock. – junk @ The Arcade (Sept ’14)
Leather long bench – Soy || metal basket. – junk @ The Arcade (Sept ’14) || Curiosities cabinet – Kuro || half man(nequin). – junk @ The Arcade (Sept ’14)|| wall decor [increment of hunch no 9] – Soy @ TMD (Sept ’14)

P.S: No rambles, deadlines to meet! Hope everyone is well. xoxo

The Boys & Girl

The Boys & Girl

Bigger size here
✤The Boys & Girls set (The girl, Sexy!, Oh no!, Oopsie and Look!) – Kuro
✤Arlette picnic blanket, Arlette decorative cheese platter & Arlette  Sweet Pea bouquet – ARIA
Mouse – Light Tea – MishMish || Aman – Yellow – Medium Patch – ~*GOD*~ || GRASS – Fanatik || Oak Tree (green1) – [europa]

I couldn’t resist, guys. These cuties are just so damn mischievous.

Kuro moved to a new location! :D And as a celebration to the new location, these wooden babies are out for free for Kuro Journal Group members. If you’re not a member, however, you can still buy these cuties inworld but don’t forget to go to the new location and not the old one. :D

So, Zee is here to help you guys out with pickup lines. If you’re painting the town red this coming weekend, how about you and your wingmen prep yourselves and school yourselves with this Pick Up Line Generator?

It’ll give you gems such as this:

Woaaaah, settle down there, tiger.

Girls, do pick up lines work on you? I don’t really get the use of pickup lines. I mean, how hard is it to just talk to someone you fancy and not tarnish it with stupid nonsensical lines? Life is not a Simpsons cartoon, ok?

Pickup lines are actually a dealbreaker for me, they never work on me. I always find pickup lines cheesy and hilarious and after anyone use it on me, I can’t take them seriously anymore.

So guys, perhaps a simple ‘hey, how are you?’ will suffice. And then go from there, eh?

The Artist Formerly Known as Catlady

The Artist Formerly Known As Catlady

Structure: ✤Sand-Sprayed {SkyBox} – HAIKEI
Jar Chandelier – Trompe Loeil
The rest of the credits under the two closeup pics

I think I’ve been spending too much time with Xanthe and her pastel pinkiness is starting to rub off on me. This is dangerous.

I must return to dystopialand soon or I will forever be stuck in pastel gardenland.

So, how is your weekend looking? :D Are there any cats on your horizon? Haha.

I’m not much of a catlady. I’d rather be a crazy doglady but you can deny all the cats this month are so cute. Even Arcade seems overruned by the feline species like this and this.

Time To Play

Clock: ✤Fishercat – Kuro @ OneWord
Canvas Rack – Apple Fall || Wood Easel & Canvas Art – vespertine || ✤round rug. yellow flower. – junk @ Kustom9 || Ashford Art Desk – 11th Hour ||Cat – 04 Stretched On Back (gacha) – fashionably dead @ The Arcade Sept ’14 || Anti Gravity – Mix 2 – Pixel Mode || Silvia standing art – ARIA

This cat clock by Kuro will make the inner catlady in you purr. In fact, where it is available at will be the purrfect venue for any cat ladies because the OneWord theme for this round is…cats!

The clock is a functioning clock and you can set your own time to it.


Silvia standing art – ARIA || ✤Gretchen floor lamp – RARE – ARIA @ The Arcade Sept ’14 || WallArt [Life is like photography] – Sway’s || ✤Parma drafting table – ARIA @ TMD || ✤Colored chair – Kuro || Potterys Wheel – Plaaka || Wark Bench – Plaaka || ✤Nikka wall art – ARIA || ✤Colored wall art – Kuro || ✤oddity vases. earth. - junk || Trojan Horse Fragment – Apple Fall || Gazelle’s Head – ISPACHI || ✤ari stool. sunny. – junk || artistic tray – vespertine || ✤Color me Cat – Paws Painting – Black Tulip || (fd) Cat – 11 Sitting – fashionably dead @ The Arcade Sept ’14 || ✤round rug. floral. – junk @ Kustom9 || ✤Retro curtain – Kuro

While we’re on the subject of cats, Black Tulip has made the perfect set for colourful and urban cat ladies (a line I never thought I’d ever use in my lifetime). I’ve used the Paw Painting from the set here but if you’re interested to see it in full (+all the other offerings for The Challenge this round), check out The Challenge post. Colours and cats, it’s catlady heaven!

The inspiration for this pic came from Plaaka’s sculpting/pottery set. Plaaka is a new-to-me store and already I’m loving it. The ‘feel’ of Plaaka is Japanese-Scandinavian minimalism and Zazie Daviau creates an atmosphere of satisfied solitude. You can’t see the set clearly in my pic and I didn’t use everything, but here’s the pic from Zazie’s Flickr:

Isn’t it beautiful? So if you have time this weekend, treat yourself and visit Plaaka! :D


Weekends at Grandma’s

Hello weekend! How is everyone doing this weekend? :D

I realized one thing.

We (as in personal ‘we’, not general ‘we’) always say ‘going to Grandma’s’ and hardly ever say ‘going to Grandpa’s’….I wonder why?

Ok, random thoughts over. On to the pic. LOL

Weekends at Grandma's

✤Water Tower Hangout – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] @ The Garden || ✤Gabled Barn – HAIKEI @ Kustom9 || Hurley Rural Garage – POST
Others: Builders Parade Crawler Crane (no longer available) – Balaclava! || Valiano Fountain – Trompe Loeil || Aman Flower Set – GOD || Overgrown Plank Pathway – Dysfunctional Designs || Sweet Garden Grass03 – orange C – HPMD || GRASS (old group gift) – Fanatik || Garden Trees – HPMD || Wooden Fence (group gift)- Soy

I had MAJOR fun decorating around Haikei’s Garbled Barn (available from Kustom9 this round). I decorated outside and inside and I’d like to show you the outside first for now. Maybe next post, I’ll show you the decor inside but I can’t promise because I’m already decorating another thing! XD

Have you been to The Garden this round? The theme is Route 66 and it will be open til Sept 10…and that is where you should go if you fancy a Water Tower for yourself. :D

Pro-tip: uber event theme is Apocalypse for this round, so I’m telling you right now that items from uber will go well with this water tower!

Cuck Cluck Oink Oink

Grass (old group gift) – FANATIK || Garden Tree06 – HPMD || windows & doors set / white – oyasumi || pumpkin ale crate set – floorplan || Chicken Coop Building (also with chickens and sounds!) – Dysfunctional Designs @ We <3 RP || Rustic Farm Set (chickens, pigs) – Old World || ✤fresh egg and fresh milk sign – junk || Pansy Fence Planter – Alouette || Herb Garden set – Sari-Sari (sim under construction) || ✤Antique garden tile sink – Soy || ✤suitcase planter – yellow – light soil – shutterfield || ✤salvaged tractor table – junk || Rose Bush – Potted – Dysfunctional Designs

* Note: Sari-Sari’s store is under reconstruction, so I’ll post the SLurl when they re-open it to the public. 

Have you guys been to We <3 RP yet? Dysfunctional Designs made this HILARIOUS chicken coop set and I kid you not when I said hilarious. There’s an ‘obnoxious chicken’ in the set and I didn’t get why at first. I mean, it looked just like any other chicken in the set…until you hear the noise. Hahahaha!

Included in the set is also a feeding bag to animate you to feed the chickens and also a rake. If you’re an RP person in SL, this might not surprise you at all…but I found it both immersive and hilarious, I love this set! If you need to know more than I can tell you, read it here.

Moo Cows at Grandma's

Wooden Fence (group gift) – Soy || Garden Tree06 – HPMD || Aman Flower Set – GOD || Grass (group gift) – Fanatik || ✤Tire Chair – Kuro || Stepside Bed – Consignment || Hurley Rural Garage + Rural Gas Tank – POST || Rustic Farm Set (haystack, chickens and pigs) – Old World || Static Cows with Calf and Sounds – Sweet Revolutions || Old Spigot / Water Trough – POST

I decorated this as my Man looked over my shoulder and this happened.

Yes, yes, I know you don’t usually let livestock roam around freely and in a haphazard manner. Let’s just pretend I’m rearing SL Kobe Beef and freedom is important to them, haha.

Also. This is SL. My cows will roam as free as they like. HARRUMMPFFF!