Oh, the sweltering summer!


Oh, the sweltering summer!
Garden Tree08 with Lights – HPMD || ✤Canopy & Daybed (from Secret Garden Daybed Set) – Kalopsia || ✤Hanging Chair (from World Market Set) – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] || ✤Surfer’s Chair (gacha, from Shabby Seaside Gacha set) – ChiMia @ The Gacha Garden || Astronomer’s Study Journal & Newton’s Cradle (from Lykke & Astronomer’s Set) – DIGS | |Telescope / rusty – [kunst] & Abiss || green suitcase books (old gacha) – vespertine || bookstacks (old gacha) – vespertine || Charms (Rez) (Books Animated) – Lark || Orchid – Cube Republic || Aman flower – G.O.D || Hardy Geraniums – Cube Republic || Inara Lamp – Lark || hot air balloon tealight – tarte

**Note: Lark’s inworld store is currently under construction**

Sometimes I wished I could rezz scenes like this in RL.

I love summer. I really do.

Nothing beats wearing next to nothing on a warm summer day. I don’t like bulking up in winter – the ‘layered fashion’ isn’t very kind on a human being that is a mere 5ft tall. We look like waddling penguins in a potato sack.

I mean, I love penguins. But I draw the line on looking like one.

The blooms in summer, oh, wonderful! And all the fresh veggies I’ve managed not to butcher this season around. It’s great.

And then there’s SUMMER.

You know, the kind where humidity chokes you? The kind that makes you sweat every 3 steps? The kind that nakedness don’t heal? The kind that makes you cower in an air-conditioned room? The kind where you contemplate being a career alcoholic because you’re sure that you can drink Long Island Ice Teas your way through summer?

The kind where you strategize your icecream consumption, calculating the time it takes to take it out of the freezer unwrapping it and devour it before it melts?

Heck, the kind that makes you not want to eat or drink because then you’ll have bodily functions and no way in hell would you want to step into an un-air-conditioned toilet?

Would it be very First Worldian of me to want my toilet airconditioned? :(

An outdoor bed, a breezy day, a good book and a very HUGE jar of Mai Tai would be really good right about now…Mmmm….

Stay cool! <3

It has been a while…

It's been a while...
House: Annabell – Mini-Victorian (Neutral) – ~*Souzou Eien*~||  Shed: ✤the old shed. – junk || Shack: ✤Easy breeze – Kuro
Everything else
Skye Rocky Cliffs – Studio Skye || ✤Weeping Willow (texture change for seasons)- Little Branch || Crane the Lightbringer – Red – Half-Deer || GRASS (group gift) – FANATIK || ✤Waterlily (texture change for seasons) – Little Branch || Cattails – Greeny – Dysfunctional Designs || River Erosion – Organica || Stone Steps – TUFF || Drift With Me – Driftwood Seat – Half-Deer || potted string light B terracotta/black – floorplan || Lisbeth Twinkly Jar String Lights – {what next}|| ✤OSC- DEN BASE rare (gacha) – Soy || NO LIMITS // flock of doves (gacha) – {anc.} || ✤OLD 3wheeler truck (gacha) – Soy || Animals – Playful Pup Blonde (gacha) – Fashionably Dead || Shiba Inu – Just Chillin (gacha) – Half-Deer || Wooden Water Tub – A.D.D Andel || Resting Deer – Half-Deer || Wood Slab Table Set – Sari-Sari || canvas/art1 – vespertine || wood easel/just a little bit paint – vespertine || ✤leather T chair. bronze. –junk || Garden Tree08 with Lights – HPMD

It’s been a while, and I’ve missed browsing all of you on Flickr.

RL and SL-work has been slightly a wee bit too crazy.

I hope everyone is doing well. ♥


Dog Days of Summer

Dog Days of Summer
Structure: ✤Sundara Villa – The [Den.]
Palm Tree (from Walk Like an Egyptian Set) – Kalopsia || Baby Palm – Tiki Tattoo || Ayahuasca Arrangements – The Cube Republic || Hanging Pansies – Light Wood – Alouette || hanging oars – floorplan || Polka dot curtain – INK || ✤Thea sectional sofa – ARIA || ✤Thea coffee table – ARIA || Sunday Planters – Willow Home || flottante puppy. – {anc} || Vertical Herb Garden – Sari-Sari || Pansy Fence Planter – Alouette || Almut Hanging Terrarium – Succulent – DIGS || ✤HANGING COCONUTS BOWL with cactus (past gacha) – Soy || Birdy Home Petunia Planter – Jian || nebra beads field – {anc}
**Notes**: 1) The Thea upholstery comes with 3 texture options – White, grey and cream. I chose ‘white’ so I can tint the colours as shown above. 2) The glowing round thingies are not PSed – it’s anc’s nebra beads and you can control the glow manually. 3) The butterflies is a PS job, you can find the brush from Fantasy Brushes @ Deviantart here

I know, I know, it’s freezing your side of the world.

The good news is…

…it’s summer my side of the world!

(Ok, good news for me, that is)

There has been a lot of rain this summer and my garden is loving it. I’m not sure how much cooler I can get with that sentence. I’m sure you’re all envious of my grandma-style gardening swag.

You too can be as swag as I am. Just give it a few more years and less time and energy for an actual social ife. XD

Speaking of social life, yesterday I arranged a laidback hangout with some SL Plurkies. We went to The Bay and just hung out. Or in my case, crashed several million times thanks to my awesome internet connection. It was an attempt to meet Plurkies in the flesh and I thought it was fun. Not sure how others felt! XD It was great to know that generations can merge together happily in SL, unlike in RL.

In fact, I’m sure no one realized the RL generational gap until some attendees needed to explain to the other half why ‘Vanilla Ice Home Renovation’ show is a hilarious idea.

It made me wonder: why can’t we replicate this in RL? It may be because in SL, we have one thing in common: being SLers. We speak the same lingo (rezzed, prim, particles, tp, lag, crash, mesh etc) and we take avatar appearances at face value and we put them automatically at the same wavelength as ourselves.

For example, I always feel on the onset that all avatars I speak to are between 20-30 years old, Caucasian and with a college degree. As time passes, you learn a bit more about the other person that strips down your pre/misconceptions. This however doesn’t usually deter you unless they are downright bad people, and then we are gifted with an interesting and dynamic friendship.

In every person I met, I have learned things that is valuable to my own self.

In RL, we expect our interactions to be structurally linear. For each question is an answer. For each hypothesis is a finding. A leads to B, never to 2, unless A and 1 occurs together. And after you spend a lifetime formulating your conversation method to this linear structure, you go into the workplace where ‘brainstorming sessions’ practically tells you to forget everything you have ever learned about communicating.

Because apparently non-linear brainstorming session is the way of the future. The way ideas are born. The progressive way. We don’t want linear, we want dynamic! Moving! Ever present! Pumpkin spice latte lumbersexual fluid equality empowerment artistic freedom political agenda! The future! 

Human, y u so confuzing?

In contrast, interactions in SL is never just. No one actually says hi properly. People starts conversation mid-sentence, change subjects mid-discussion, leave the IM box mid-topic. Sometimes, a gyazo and a LOL counts as a good day of conversing. Sometimes, you end up discussing some weird topics well after midnight.

In 5 minutes we could be discussing 10 different topics that had no intro and will offer no conclusion.

The status quo we place on ourselves and others in RL can be frustrating. I wish it’s not weird to walk up to a 70 year old woman and chat as I would to someone my age, and start discussing the finer points of a fae wings. This conversation is not at all weird in SL, but would be puzzling in RL.

And yet this 70 year old woman must have, at some point in her life, wondered about wings, no?

Even if for a brief moment.

Wayward Way

Wayward Way
Enchanted Woods v2 – Studio Skye || Enchanted Tree Tunnel – Studio Skye
Structure: ✤The Witch Cabin RARE (gacha item) – Black Tulip @ Wayward Halloween
Decor: ✤Blood Magic Evil Skull & Black Magic Evil Skull – Kalopsia @ SaNaRae Event

“All houses wherein men have lived and died
Are haunted houses. Through the open doors
The harmless phantoms on their errands glide,
With feet that make no sound upon the floors”.
Haunted Houses, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

It’s that time of the year where we demand your firstborn Zoobie baby….:D

Every October, it feels like SL explodes. LOL I guess y’all love your Spooky Month. There are only four items used in this pic, because with the onslaught of events and Halloween items nowadays, I think we need to Zen it down a wee bit.

(Bullcrap-to-honesty translator: I had too much fun shopping Halloween and I can’t tell where my mesh hair begins and my Slink feet ends from my Inventory)

By the way, I highly recommend you high-tail to SaNaRae event if you’re a lover of spooky things. This Black Magic set from Kalopsia is only 100L at the event. It includes everything you see here:

Dark Magic Set @ SaNaRae
Source: Isabeau Baragula/Kalopsia Flickr

There are so many awesome things at SaNaRae event. Someone need to mesh me a huge cross to ward off all the evil shopping temptation.

Short post, because I have deadliiiiiine. <3

Catching Up

Catching Up
Scene: Cobblestone Path – Jian || Enchanted Woods v2 – Studio Skye || Garden Tree06 – brown(g) c – HPMD || Down on the Ranch – Stone Wall Fence Wide – Jian || Fallen Tree Bridge – Dysfunctional Designs
Structure: My Daydream Garden Shed – 22769 ~ [bauwerk]
Decor, left to right: [Moani] Jar Candle on a string with post – Sway’s || [Martha] Hay bale seat with blanket – Sway’s || Birdy Home Petunia Planter – Jian || [Halloween] Jar with candle – Sway’s || Painted Jar – Orange – Kalopsia || Thea sectional sofa – ARIA || Ayahuasca Arrangement – Cube Republic || cotton ball lights/neon – vespertine || Bookworm Coffee Table – Consignment || Autumn Pumpkins – 22769~[bauwerk] || Standing Cart, Supplies Barrel & Damaged Cart – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] || Wood Horse Head Statue – Kalopsia

Long time no ramble, I hope everyone has been on their best behavior!

Finding time to “SL just because of SL” is increasingly difficult nowadays! I’m behind on many things. When I finally get the time to check out Seraphim or Eloquence, I am shocked at how much I’m missing.

I feel like I’m also getting rustier. There are some mistakes in this pic which I will not point out if you didn’t notice. :P

Anyhoo! I may or may not have went a bit nuts on the shopping today. I spent Saturday morning just TP-ing everywhere to check out what people have been getting up to. Also spent some time exploring my new favourite store, Jian.

Jian is not so new. It’s a mesh collaboration between Kalia Firelyte (formerly of Dysfunctional Designs) and Gretchen (formerly of Fetch).  I picked up their cobblestone path and stone wall, both conveniently texture changeable. I love that. I don’t fancy 8 different items in my inventory sporting different color variations. I’d much rather have one thing with texture change (and mod please, so I can delete script like a good SLitizen). Even better if the texture change are seasonal-based too, like the cobblestone path.

And Jian has recently implemented a universal HUD for their products too. I love this idea!

In hindsight, should have taken this on a less-bright-white background. It’s now giving me trauma flashback about shopping in another famous all-white, super complicated store.

One HUD to change them all, one HUD to bind them!

I think this is a great idea, especially if you own a whole sim.

So far, I only have the cobblestone path that is compatible with the foliage script. I tried it with the stone wall but I believe the wall was released before the Jian Foliage system (might be wrong, I’m so behind things nowadays).

Anyway, this cobblestone path was released for 25L Tuesday just this week, so I daresay that coming Jian landscaping products will be Jian Foliage compatible.

Sidenote: I did change the ground texture for the Jian cobblestone in the pic above to the one I already have, to match my Studio Skye ground texture.


Enough rambling, time to visit all of you on your Flickr and your blogs.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone. <3