My Office @ The Department of Imagination

My Office @ The Department of Imagination

Forest: Skye Enchanted Tree Tunnel – Studio Skye
Snowy Bird Feeder Stand – Alouette || Easel (tropical texture change) – 7 Emporium || string lights – floorplan || old wooden fence/reds dots} – vespertine || ✤Grandma’s Suitcase Desk – Little Llama (discounted 1 week for The Challenge: Globetrotter)|| ✤Glass cloche with with Mushroom coral – Soy || ✤Glass cloche with Mushrooms – Soy || ✤the book tree – [hate this] || My Box of Poetry Books (old gacha) – Scarlet Creative || Bird Cage Candle Holder – Alouette

Second Life is my Imagination Land. And I am constantly thankful for it. Let me tell you why.

And since I haven’t done Berry’s Meme for quite a while now, I’ll use this as an excuse to babble on. LOL

Berry’s ‘Second Life Made me Learn’ Meme

Meme instructions: Share things that you have learned because of your involvement in Second Life, either personally or professionally. Don’t forget to leave a link to your post in the comments so others can come by and read your answers as well!

I learned to computer: I’m not even kidding here. Before SL, I had no major use for my laptop beyond work, email, look at pretty interior pictures and to shop. Gawd, did I shop back then. My eBay account must miss me so much. SL forced me to understand cache, how to clean install anything (LOL), graphic cards, how to recover files etc.

I learned and am still learning to mesh: I wanted to create my own world, so I fire up Blender and learned how to use it. It’s incredibly liberating because I can’t draw and that has always frustratd me, but at least now I can bring my imagination to life with 3D modelling. I have my little store and hopefully I’ll improve and make more things. :D I’m still learning, miles and miles to go! A year ago, I didn’t know how to shape a cube. Yesterday, I rough-modeled a shoe:

I learned that SL is not really a toxic place, like most people make it out to be: It amazes me how secure and confident prominent creators are about their abilities. They are not stingy about knowledge, even with and amongst competitors. Creators ask meshing questions all the time in Plurk and other creators sharing secrets and learning together. It’s great to be in that supportive environment.

I learned the magic of Photoshop: Before meshing, I didn’t have any use for Photoshop. I took pictures inworld and go. Photoshop-ignorance was indeed bliss, SLife was so easy and straightforward back then! I was forced to learn PS when I had to texture my own items and now I’m not sure how I managed to SLive so long without it. Trying PS for the first time was even more difficult than meshing, I swear. It was gobbleedockwhatcamacallitwhaddisdohowdafugdoIdodat for the first few weeks. I really, absolutely, definitely have to credit my friend Horror with her patience in teaching me the ropes. She might be an Undead Cyborg, but she really has the patience of a Saint. I would have given up on me if I had to teach me.

There’s more that I could list. One in particular actually relates to my effectiveness in my RL work. But I talk too much about work as it is and I don’t want to be that ‘workaholic numbnut who bores us with work stories OUTSIDE of work’. XD So I shall leave y’all with the above wall-of-text and wish you a lovely and imaginative week! <3

Vintage Love

Vintage Love

Structure: ✤Autumn Retreat – 22769~[Bauwerk}
✤Rich rug – Cosette @ The Countdown Room || ✤leather T chair. sky. – junk @ Kustom9 || ✤Love Shutters – Fetch for The Neighbourhood (14th Feb) || Strung Branch Pendant Light – Apple Fall (not in store yet at time of writing) || ✤vintage camera light. – junk + Apple Fall @ Collabor88 || ✤Violin (Decoration) – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] || C`est un pipe – Zigana || ✤Vintage Fairground Street Organ – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] || Metal Lantern – Alouette || 100 Years of Waiting Hourglass (Cursed Dust) – !Ohmai (old Enchantment prize, no longer available) || Little Haven Portable TV – what next || Mr. Whootletoot Floor Cushion – DIGS || ✤Declan floor lamp – Kuro || Soiree – Pom Poms (gacha) -tres blah || ✤wooden garment rack. - junk + Apple Fall @ Collabor88 || ✤metal him. silver. – junk @ Kustom9 || ✤metal her. silver. – junk @ Kustom 9 || With love pile – Zigana

This picture is filled with things I love. Most are not recent items and some are even no longer available, but hey, even ‘old’ items need loving once in a while.

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow and I….

…completely forgot about it.

If memory serves me right and I’m not yet senile, The Man and I ever only celebrated Valentine’s Day twice in our 8 year long courtship. He was usually away during Valentine’s Day and adjusting his schedule so he can be home for my birthday in March usually means having to be away when Valentine’s Day roll around.

How do you even Valentine? I think we need to learn that, hahaha.

I know V-Day triggers some very unpleasant thoughts in some people. Allow me to STRONGLY remind you that this day is nothing but a commercial and marketing stunt. I know you’ve heard that way too many times and that will not assuage any negative feelings you have about the day, but I’ll finish this post today with a quote that I love soooo much from Chandni of Hopscotch:

To all who say they have no valentine. You do. Get up.. walk to your bathroom and look into the mirror. Do yourself something good, spoil yourself and love yourself <3Chandni on Plurk

I thought that was just so sweet and precious, and something we need to remind ourselves of, V-Day or not. <3

After all, who knows you better than yourself, right?

Have a lovely weekend, all my loves. <3

Look at the stars, look how they shine for you.

Look How They Shine For You

Structure: Country Keep – Scarlet Creative @ Collabor88
Left to right:
Mini Music II Jukebox – 7 Emporium || 33 1/3 rpm set – Second Spaces || [Infinity] wall decor . Moon&Stars . gold – Sway’s @ Uber, Celestial || Shooting Star Lamp – +Half-Deer+ || ✤Crystal Lamp (Yellow) – Kuro || ✤Raleigh upholstered bench – ARIA @ TMD Feb 2015 || Charms (Rez) (Books Animated) – Lark || Telescope / chrome – [kunst] & Abiss @ Uber, Celestial || The Greatest Gift Wall Art – Wimey || Shelf [star] yellow (with decoration) – Sway’s || ✤arche desk. & chair – junk @ Uber, Celestial || ✤HomeStyle – Wood Box – KAZZA || ✤HomeStyle – Table Globe – KAZZA

Aaaah I miss decorating!

I hope everyone is doing fine. I’ve been up to my eyeballs with things lately and I miss those times when I can just decorate and catch up on all your lovely blogs and pics. Things are slowly slowing down, thank goodness!

How’s your weekend coming? My pantry is now filled with food for the weekend and as I’m typing this, chores are on the go. Sheets changed, house cleaned, laundry and dishwasher on…

I’m planning on doing nothing this weekend but sit on my tooshie, snooze, watch TV and catching up on all your Flickr pics, Plurks, FB posts and blogposts so be prepared for mass liking and commenting from yours truly, haha.

Since we are in the spirit of catching up, let me catch you up with some news \o/

The House Hunt is happening right now! 22 home and garden stores with hidden items in their mainstore, and only for 20L. :D Check out that link for prize previews and sometime next week, I’ll be decorating with those items! \o/

SL Mainstore Releases Flickr Group – Shoppers love events, but creators worked hard and spent a lot of time creating a mainstore with the right build and ambiance. It’s a waste not to experience that, so hopefully this group will bring back customers to mainstore. No event-based product ads are allowed til the item is instore, or unless it is a mainstore event (FLF, The Neighbourhood, hunts,etc). We’ll be needing more mods, so if you’re interested, let me know. :D

Linden Lab’s Photo Booth fun contest…the nutty Strawberry has all the info! (I mean, you could read it at LL’s community page but it won’t be as fun as Berry’s post, mmkay).

Check out Whiskey Monday’s Intrinsic Inventory Project and join in if you are so inclined!

“Choose one item from your inventory that is your most treasured, precious object. It can be anything in inventory, as long as it can be seen in some manner. It can be a skin, a house, a piece of jewelry or a peen- I can even work with notecards or textures. Just choose the one thing that is most precious to you. Then let me take your photo with your treasure. I’ll ask you some questions about your item, and write up a little explanation which will accompany the photo, posted here and at Flickr, and at the end of my time at LEA10, I’ll have a gallery of these images all in one place.”

Are you a content creator looking for more events to launch your brand? Check out Luna Jubilee’s ‘Got Event?’ page!

I noticed that a lot of my sentences today ends with an exclamation mark! I can’t help it, I am that excited to have some downtime after a crazy, crazy January. LOL

I shall now proceed to attempt some inventory cleaning and I bid you a happy, lovely and restful weekend!

Have another exclamation mark! <3

Outpost 9: Biodome

Outpost 9: Biodome

27 January 2042
 Preservation of the samples we salvaged from Earth is going well. We managed to recultivate some of the plant samples we took.We are currently researching reproduction methods of these samples.
We are running out of cacao chews. If this happens, Scientist Zee will be most cranky. To quote her: “the chocolates betta be hya this damn week or AS LAWD IS MY WITNESS, O LAAAWD HELP YE ALL, FOR I AM PISSED!”.
We are yet to find out who this “Lawd” she keeps mentioning, perhaps it is colloquial human language. However, for our safety, please send more at the most SPEEDIEST convenience. 
Over and out.

Biodome: Self-made, see below for details

Structure: ✤Room 2042 – The [Den.] @ uber


  • Rock & Bamboo Garden – Organica
  • Parthenoid Statue – Chariot (previously known as Meta Theodora)
  • Bird Cage – 8f8
  • Aman flowers – G.O.D (Garden of Dreams)
  • ✤Autumn Bonsai – CerberusXing
  • TREE Japanese Maple (Small.Grey Pot) Pink – NeuroLab

Inside, downstairs:

Inside, upstairs:

  • ✤Astrid Elephant Ear plant – ARIA @ uber
  • hexaspots – triple, short – hate this
  • ✤Cindy ball chair – ARIA
  • ✤Cindy book shelf – ARIA
  • Caparra Wall Ivy Center Right – Trompe Loeil

Make the biodome

Simple Biodome

  • Rezz a sphere
  • Resize it to the size you need it for.
  • Hollow it out at 95%
  • Enter your hollowed sphere
  • Face-select only the inside face of the sphere (this way, only the inside has the texture, the outside shell is still a default plank texture).
  • Apply your chosen texture to this inside face. Mine was this one from E&D Engineering, my go to store for Sci-Fi/Industrial textures.
  • Still selecting the inside-face only, adjust the transparency % of that face, so that the sky is visible from inside. Play around with values until you get your desired see-throughness (that’s a word now, ok).


Amphitrite’s Court

Amphitrite's Court

Bigger size
Credits below


Here you are, with an army.


Come without expectations and the Sea will bless you with wealth and prosperity. Come with intent and my court will test you.

You are not the first to try, nor will you be the last.

You have been weighed on the balances and found wanting.

I shall be reasonable.

It is brave of you to come this far, therefore, I will grant you one wish, and one wish only:

Where do you wish your skull be placed, puny Sailor?

Structure: Aurora Elven Arches – Atelier Visconti

Kraken: Octopus Wall Deco (White) – Pixicat (old item, not available as yet)

Seat: ✤Sea Queen Chair – Fetch @ The Fantasy Collective

Skull & books on the seat: The Incantanium Novellas – Consignment

Hanging Skulls: Skulls Souvenirs A & B – aisling (Note: past group gift)

Lantern: Aurora Light – Atelier Visconti

Clutter on the floor: Treasure Chest – The Forge || Seashell (from The Lost Pirate Island Set) – Kalopsia ||  Mathematics Worksheet – 7 Emporium || Failed Photoshop Attempts of Eyes – Consignment || ✤Noor Scale – Tartessos Arts

Clutter on water: Shipwreck & Floating Skeleton (from The Lost Pirate Island Set) – Kalopsia