Not Quite the Sea Shanty

Not Quite the Sea Shanty

Structure: ✤PackUP Home – The [Den] @ The Liaison Collaborative
Trojan Horse Fragment – Apple Fall || Old Box – Kalopsia || Diving Helmets – Kalopsia || “The Tube” Beer Tap – Weissbier – 11th Hour || ✤Mandala Canvas 2R-7 – Zanzibar creationZ || ✤It’s rock n roll time! – Kuro || porthole frame / blue-ringed octopus – SigFig || ✤Vintage Gamer Set – Fetch || geeky powerstrip with cords – Second Spaces || ✤Vintage Amplifier & Vintage Microphone – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] || Daisy Bubble Chair – ARIA || ✤Tripod Floor Lamp – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] || Nolan Painted Foosball Table – Cheeky Pea || Jar Chandelier – Trompe Loeil || Telescope/chrome – [ kunst ] & Abiss || Arch Sofa – Consignment || Wire Crate – 7 Emporium || Books (in the wire crate) – Apple Fall || Ace Table – Breno || RX9-1000 Boombox Keyboard – 7 Emporium || ✤round boho rug. turquoise – junk || ✤Color me Cat – Magazines Stack – Black Tulip

Hello errbadeh! On a scale of 1 to DUUUUUDEEE, how gnarly do you feel today? :P

(No particular reason for that sentence, I’m just in a beachy-surfy-dudebro mood)

You guys need to check out this packup home, it’s such a novelty to me, haha. The PackUp home from The [Den] really do pack up! Like so:

At that size and only 18Li, It’s a perfect home if you have a 512 plot. The PackUp Home is available at The Liaison Collaborative event for this month, up til the 1st of May.

My pics are darker nowadays, huh? I’m facing a slight midlife crisis at the moment and I’ve been yo-yoing between complete euphoria and madhopping rage. 30 is legit midlife, ok! I guess it’s time for me to book in for a Botox spa or some such.

I’ll snap out of it as soon as I finish sulking this week, so hopefully my next set of pics will be brighter than this. :D

Back to my sulking, but I hope you guys are all cheery and well. <3

There Will Be No Miracles Here

There Will Be No Miracles Here

✤ Velvet Tent – Kalopsia for TAG!
✤ Many eyes flag – Soy for TAG! @ Bonus Room* || ✤Morgana balloon light (Chalk) – ARIA for TAG! || ✤Head model [ceramic] – Soy for TAG @ Bonus Room* || ✤Chicken headpiece [red] rare – Soy for TAG @ Bonus Room* || ✤Ritual Candles – Kalopsia for TAG! || ✤Morgana framed print – Palmistry (Large) – ARIA for TAG! ||The Doll Maker – Eyeris Doll – Remarkable Oblivion for TAG! || ✤No Miracles Sign – Fetch || Handy Shelf (White) – BALACLAVA

*Note: SLurl to Bonus Room not provided because you need to complete the HUD to enter it. Read below.

A disembodied hand offering you a tray of ‘goodies’ is the least of your worries today, m’dear…

OHAI and welcome to the weekend, everyone! Quick post because it’s nearly 3am. Eeek!

Some of the items above are from TAG Gacha Event. TAG Gacha is a mainstore based event, so you need to hop from stores to stores, but there’s a catch.

You need the HUD to be able to play any of the gachas in the mainstores. There’s no other way to do it otherwise. If you attempt to play a TAG gacha from a participating store without wearing the HUD, the machine will simply refund you back your money and inform you that you need the HUD.

For the first round, The HUD will teleport you to each store on a random order as soon as you click ‘Spin’. I love the idea of it, it beats going to a laggy event location and I found several new-to-me stores. At each location, stamp your HUD for free (you don’t have to play the gachas) and after 50 stamps you’re free to use the HUD to TP to any of the stores after. Just remember to wear the HUD to play the gachas. :D

So, here’s where you go to grab the HUD.

++TAG! Gacha Starting Point++

Tag Gacha

Remember to stamp at all 50 destinations to unlock the Bonus Room, and gateway to Redemption Room. There are bonus gachas in the bonus room, which is where Soy is. :D And when you’ve had your fill at the Bonus Room, head over to The Redemption Room to any Mystery Rare Coupons you won from the machine. These Mysteries are exclusive to TAG! Gacha and are retired after the event, never to be sold again. It’s not even given out to bloggers, so may the luck be with you!

I was so tempted to take pictures of the Bonus Room and Redemption Room, but I haven’t seen anyone doing it so far so I’m not sure if there’s an unspoken rule or what. Maybe everyone don’t want to spoil it? I also don’t want to ruin the surprises for you, but boy oh boy, I love it! So much so I was ready to give in to my dark side and move there. XD

Alrighty, bed time for me!

Y’all have fun with it and may the luck be with you! <3

The Artiste Atelier

Artiste Atelier

Tidier credits in Flickr version
Structure: Paris Loft Skybox RARE (old gacha) – Apple Fall
✤Tall planter (pink) – Kuro || ✤Lily Bouquet – ARIA & The Loft @ uber || Recycled Bed (Beige) – Kalopsia || ✤From Devon Set – Swing Arm Scone, Devon Mirror, Book pile & glasses, “Look at the Pretty Bird” print and “Passion Flower” printARIA & The Loft @ uber || ✤festival pendant lights. – junk @ uber || ✤Spring Prints – Fetch || ✤Reed organ [Darkbrown] – Soy @ Xiasumi School Festival || Silvia standing art – ARIA || glass vase w magnolias – pink – keke @ Shiny Shabby || ✤artiste’s workbench and stool – [hate this] || peonies – red – keke @ Shiny Shabby || Apple Fall Design Books – Apple Fall || Laptop Prop (from Lykke & Astronomer’s Sets) – DIGS || Workspace – Sewing Form RARE – tres blah || ✤Ophelia rug (texture change) – ARIA

Note: If the credits above looks confusing, the tidier version is available in Flickr here.

Hello lovelies!

Weeekeeeeeeend! :D What is everyone up to this weekend? SL retail therapy, I suppose?

It’s 11.31pm as I start writing this, and I just finished something in the nick of time. I’m a bit pissed off with myself. My vision of my Saturday is doing as little as possible. Maybe read a bit.

Of course that didn’t happen. I mean, you should know me by now. :D

I would like to thank procrastination.

If I didn’t procrastinate often, I imagine my stress level will significantly reduce. XD The mesh was done weeks earlier and I had all Easter holidays to texture. But I was too busy using my Easter holidays to fail spectacularly at gardening and do a bit of SL decorating. Because I’m cool like that.

Oh, how you must envy my adventurous no-life. XD

There was also the matter of celebration and chocolate eating and food coma and overall the noisiness of extended families. They love asking us “so, when are you guys popping out kids?” at gatherings like this. I wish they knew that they’re not making such compelling case when they ask this while they’re peeling squabbling kids off each other. At least when I tell my dogs “SIT!”, they do so immediately and without questions.

Besides, there’s no sleeping in when you have kids! For at least 15 years. Then you can sleep in as much as you want because good luck trying to get your teenager out of their One Direction Shrine room.

Tomorrow however, I shall try my best to stay in bed. Failing that, I vow to move as little as possible from one spot. Preferably with my bum glued to the comfy couch, and with a book or two. I hauled a huge bag of 50 cents second hand books from the op-shop on Friday and I’m looking forward to getting lost amongst pages. :D

Alrighty, bedtime, my lovelies. Here’s me wishing you a lovely weekend ahead. <3

Calm Before the Storm

Calm Before the Storm

✤Wooden Bridge – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] @ We ♥ RP
✤Isle of Tranquility – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] @ We ♥ RP
Wandering Clouds Lamp (Mahogany) – CerberusXing


Stormy sea-
stretching out over Sado,
Heaven’s River

During Nara period in ancient Japan, the worst living punishment was banishment to Sado island in Niigata prefecture.

The island was then so remote that people banished to it were not expected to return.

Like the picture and the haiku, this post…is minimal.


Twilight Garden

Twilight Garden

Floating Island – The Domineaux Effect [or MP]
✤Garden Atelier – 22769~[bauwerk] for The Challenge || Garden Tree08 with Lights – HPMD || Modular Road&Stones – inVerse [or MP] || Fancy Gazebo (from Wednesday Afternoon Set) – Kalopsia || ✤Eva dining table set – ARIA

Hello naughtylings! :D

How are y’all? Looking forward the long Easter weekend? Anything good planned? How about some good ol retail therapy?

There’s a new round for The Challenge! The theme this month is Atelier/Studio/Workshop, so you artsy fartsy lot out there should definitely check out this month’s catalog and deck out your little piece of workshop.

For this round, Bauwerk made a charming Garden Atelier. I had to chuckle at the window panes. See if you can figure out why. :D

I debated filling up the scene with plants, but I’m currently recovering from the frustration of my RL garden. Autumn is approaching my side of the world. This week has been a rainy week and my lovely sunflowers decided life is not worth living without the sun shining so infrequently.

How selfish of them!

I also had two thriving tomato bush. HAD. I’m not sure what happened. Maybe it was the wind and the rain. Maybe my dogs suddenly adopted a more healthy, tomato-filled diet. Long story short, I no longer have tomatoes. Just a sad, scraggly bush.

Oh well. Like every year, I shall try again come summer. And like every year, I will conveniently I forget that I have no green thumb.

But you know what they say: it’s better to have planted and watch it wilt away, then not have planted at all.

And by ‘they’, I meant me.

Because I am all the ‘they’ you need, baby.

Have a lovely Easter! <3