Casa Zee: Part 1

My favourite thing to do in SL is playing the interior decorator. Others have clothes addictions, but I have this insane addiction for homestuffs.

I’d wear the same outfit to death, til kingdom come, but I have played around with way too many structures and prefabs. Currently, this is my favourite. I love big and open structure…

Home Sweet Home

The Malibu House by inVerse came fully furnished, but I dismantled nearly everything so that I can put my own furnitures in. 🙂 Weeks later, I am still madly in love with this house!

Home Sweet Home

I have cartographilia so naturally I would reflect that in my SL house. XD The Antique World Map is from Taff Nouvelle Marketplace.

My Linebreeze Easeful Couch from »Kazza« can sit 15 people…not that I think I will ever have 15 people trampling around my house, but still! Plus, the textures of the couch, cushions and rugs are customizable…so why not, right?

Home Sweet Home

Now, this Grand Piano from LISP is FAB. I love it! It is playable, and you’ll find yourself an expert in it, Kevin MacLeod-style.

Whenever I come home from a gridwide shopping spree, I put the piano on and sit myself on the Old Glory Mayfair Trunk from {what next}…and so whenever I feel like groaning at the state of my inventory, I just listen to the music and think “It is ok.” XD

The Paperdoll Mannequin next to the piano is also from {what next}.

Speaking of {what next}

Home Sweet Home

Here is another item from the store: Coastal Cottage Breakfast Table.

I’m a sunbaby. A solar powered human. I am happiest during the day when the sun is out, and in summer when daylight is long.

So I decided to position the breakfast table where it will catch the first light each morning.

Best feeling on Sunday mornings, basking in the sun while sipping coffee and eating breakfast with your honey. 😉

Home Sweet Home

Start your day right, eat breakfast! Coffee to wake me and my Man up for the day, and a little cup of tea for me. On his side, you have all the Manly breakfast…bacon, eggs, buns….and on my side, pancakes, muffins, croissant.

This yummy Brunch Tray is from !!Follow Us!!

Home Sweet Home

When I say “come hang out with me on the deck”, I do literally mean ‘hang out’. 🙂

Yes, I have a waterfall. 😉 You can’t see it from here, but I also have a little cave. My private little island. 🙂

The Larkin Hanging Chair set is from Pilot. It was one of the first thing I bought when I decided that I would have a proper domicile in SL.

The Porch Swing is from Alouette, and only available from The Arcade June Gacha Events.

Home Sweet Home

Phew, this was a lot of work and I’m going to rest for a bit.

Part 2 will be coming soon-ish!

What I’m wearing:

Shoes: !!smesh Mesh Ankle Shoes with HUD from The Collective Collection

Hair: Asami (Onyx) by D!va

Bottom: Mesh Jeans Hotpants with Studs from Redgrave

Top: Renegade Shirt from Twisted and Spoiled and Tank Top in Spring Green from .::DELISH::.


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