If you loved me when I was ugly…XD

Xanthe ran a thread that asked a question we wished never got asked. Ever.

The resulting replies so far have been hilarious. It’s fun when everyone take it in good sport. 😉

This was my contribution: 

Zee's early days

I wished I had saved a snapshot of my first profile pic. Being an organized freak and a constant purger, I had deleted it…and the pic on the left is the only remnant of my noob look. 

It was pretty bad. All I did was tweaked the skin I was given when I first signed in. LOL. I think everything on me in that pic, except the hair, was free. 

Fast forward to the second week, and the picture on the right is how I looked. New hair, new outfit and most importantly: new body and skin. Amazingly, this one is only 10L. A freaking complete avatar for 10L, people!

So if you’re new and happen to read this right now, and if you have 10L to spare, get cho ass to .::DELISH::. and spoil yourself with lots of 10L skin selections. The one I used was Haley. You’ll need to do a bit of tweaking, but it’s good practice for when you can finally afford a plastic surgery. 😉 

I upgraded my looks so quickly, thanks to the help I got from more experienced Residents. I can never thank them enough. They took the time and effort to help me out. I looked like a proper SLer in my third week that people thought I was an alt. 

Zee is no alt, Zee was just lucky to have met some very awesome people! 

And it occured to me. The people that saw me in my rawest, noobish state…

Melinda, Zen and I in a test shot. 

Oh god, he has seen my noob face. BWAHAHA! Kill me now. Well, he has seen me in the rawest and yet he is still around, not doing badly then am I?

…they loved me then. And they still love me now.

Even if I had stayed in my noob look, I think that is enough for me. 🙂

I wished I had pictures taken with Olivia Catherine, another one who has been so helpful from day dot. If you read this, Olivia, I miss you and our loooong chat. 🙂

There are other people I should mentioned, but I will probably have to ask their permission first. But just so y’all know…thank you. 🙂

Ah, these poor people, to have seen me in my ugleh state!

But hey, thank you for sticking around. 😉


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