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Do you guys remember the first outfit you ever saved? Do you even keep your old outfits?

I remember mine. This was the very first outfit I put together when I joined SL 2 years ago. The entire outfit (hair, skin and all) was completely free…because I had no money…

I used to think this was hot. Dear god what was I thinking?

Reblog and post a raw photo of your first outfit! Or if you can’t find your first, then the oldest, noobiest-looking outfit you own haha!

I’m gonna delete this now…

I can’t access my six year old account to appreciate that awfulness, but hey, here’s the oldest thing I have saved on my current 2 year old avatar…


Oh god, that anatomy. That freebie skin. That outfit. Oh god. At least the hair isn’t horrendous like the rest of that thing? D:

Much like Hero, I cannot for the life of me remember my logins to access my original SL account from almost 9 years ago but I’m 2.5 years old now. I had lost the ability to run the viewers for nearly a year after I rezzed in my current incarnation, and this was me when I was able to finally login again, 1 year and 6 days old, still wearing the oddness that is utterly splendiferous to n00bs everywhere..

imageETA: what’s up with all the jorts? ;-P

I never saved any outfits in my eldest account, but here’s my middle account’s first outfit. Sexy beast huh?

(I had no basic knowledge of anatomy, and omg dat bling)

edit: I think I win…not sure if to celebrate or be sad….

Good LORD those hands! And I though my man-hands were bad ahaha.

Thankfully, all of our fashion senses have improved since then…

This thread is precious. I died.

I wished I had saved my earliest look. But being an organized freak, if something wasn’t going to be used anymore, I delete it. The pic on the left is the only remnant of my noob looks…you can see how undefined, how rough I was. LOL. And the second is how I looked on my second week, on a 10L avatar. Which I think wasn’t too bad at all!


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