50L Friday Haul, 21 June 2013

I look forward to Fifty Linden Friday every week.

I mean, how else can I afford my insane prefabs and homewares addiction and not mortgage the house?

As usual, I grabbed Melinda Palianta and we trailed around the grid, picking up things we possibly won’t need had it not been 50L.

Haha, I kid! We were good this week.

Come look at my haul, baby!

50L Friday Haul, 21 June 13

As you would expect of me, the majority of the things I collect are homestuffs.

Second Spaces offered three sets of Scraps Table in various colour schemes. That threw me off. For one minute. Before I decided, hey, 50L, why not get all?

So I did and that is how I ended up with 6 tables.

You don’t get to judge me.

❤❤ Second Spaces inword @ The Pea ❤❤ Second Spaces in Marketplace ❤❤

And then we have fri.day items, the two Camp Stools and the Mint Message Board. Oh Lord Almighty, this store will be the ruin of me.

fri.day home is a floorplan. (Tegan Serin) and fri.day (Darling Monday) collaboration featuring a new set released for the home every month!

We hope you will enjoy your purchase 🙂

Tegan & Darling

Collaboration of two good designers, AND monthly releases. Maybe I will have to mortgage the house for this. ❤❤fri.day inworld ❤❤ floorplan inworld❤❤

50L Friday: Drift Plaid Summer blazer

This, my lovelies, is the “I should have worn my Slink Hands” shot.

I usually don’t buy clothes as part of my 50L Friday conquest, but I love this Pink Plaid Preppy Summer Blazer by DRIFT. Although I’m not sure how “summer” and “blazer” belongs in the same sentence…but eh, this is SL! ❤❤DRIFT Inworld❤❤

And check out my new cuddlies!!

Zee: Do I need crocodiles?

Melinda: Nope.

Naturally, I bought them.

These cute crocodiles are made by D-Labs and I got both pink and green. They have appropriately been christened as Shazza (pink) and Bazza (green) because that is what we dinky-di Aussies do. Haha! Onya mate! ❤❤D-Lab Inworld❤❤

50LF Camelot Skybox, 21 June 13

And all of these housed in Conspiracy Theory’s Camelot Skybox…yes, also for 50L. One room skybox with plenty of room to decorate, and get this: only 8 prims and 4 Li. Super! ❤❤Conspiracy Theory inworld❤❤

This was fun! Thank you to all the designers for making these awesome products for 50L.

❤❤❤❤50L Friday on Flickr❤❤❤❤


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