I know, this isn’t really ‘freebies’ per say, but it is cheapies. Most of you probably know about this store. She has a bunch of hunts up (2 or 3?) and I believe there 10L-15L each gift. I have already spent over 200L at her store for hunts alone! My favorite hunt is the Love Mommy 2013 hunt. It is full of some beautiful top quality clothes.

I am probably going to be posting an outfit with hunt gifts from this store, so look out for an update on that sometime today or tomorrow.


I cannot for the life of me find numbers 1-13 of the LMH where you find the pink hearts (not the 2013 one). I’ve found 13-20 but I can’t find the first lot. Anyone know where they are?

Oh damn, sorry guys. When I did this, it was about a month or two back…and it was free then. Unless my memory fails me. Maybe they decided to price it now that the hunt period is officially over. Gaaah.


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