New Project! Man Den for Zen

All these works in progress…

So, I’m supposed to be setting my place up for my little housewarming party on Monday night…

…I’m also supposed to do a follow up post to this post and show you the rest of my house…

…but I got distracted by a memo from {what next} announcing their Splash Floating Lounger for Zodiac Event. Like an ever ready {what next} soldier…when they send out the call, I come a-running.

(Yes. I have issues.)

Just as I was looking around for the lounger inworld, Zento announced that he too has decided to set up house. Hmm. I guess nesting instinct is rubbing off on people around me. 😛

He even got the house all ready to go and, get this…this is the most important part: If I would help fix it up for him.

You’re effing kidding, right? What a silly question! You’re giving me a decorating project? Bring it awn!

This is the preview of what I’ll be working on soon-ish. It’s a grungier prefab than what I would have chosen for myself, and the lighting I used is also not what I would usually go for. But I was under strict instruction not to girly-fied the place or the photo. -_-

Oh, he of little faith.

WIP: Man Den for Zen

Surprisingly, this prefab is The Little Warehouse by 22769. I had no idea they do homes too, but Zen even got a couple of home items when he bought this prefab, so I should check them out soon. 22 prims and 44 Li, not too bad at all!

It’s very spacious and I can’t wait to lay my hands on it to help him decorate it!

Note: Photo is an inworld raw shot, with a little editing in flickr’s aviary only to add the frame and the text.


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