Berry’s Proportion Challenge

Woah. Berry posted a loaded challenge this week. A quick babble before I get on to the challenge:

My first week in SL, I changed my slider into my RL height. That quickly became a problem. You see, I’m 5ft in RL…on a good day. On a particularly cold day, I swear I shrink about 4 inches or so. XD

I’m already shorter than almost everyone I know. My 10 year old nephew is taller than me! Transfer this to SL, where everyone seems to be the lovechild of an Amazonian Goddess and Olympus Titan, then you can see how being a Midget Bridget would not work for me in the long run. Somehow, being 5ft is not standard in SL and I found myself sinking into a lot of old furnitures.

Most things in SL is bigger than life…so I caved in and made myself taller.

And yet at 6.3ft, I’m still shorter than most in SL!

Berry's Proportion Challenge

 ❤❤ CreditsMalibu Jade Bikini from coldLogic, Valerie Hair from Wasabi Pills ❤❤

P.S: Will be taking a proper picture of this outfit, there are a few things I’d like to showcase. 😀

Meme instructions: Share your avatar’s digits (if you want to, not necessary) and then copy paste the following questions and answers into your post, remove my answers and input your own. Don’t forget to leave a comment in this post and if you decide to share your numbers, the flickr group for the Digits challenge is here: Average body proportions for Adult males, females and children, link here.

Proportions Challenge Questions:

Do you try and keep your avatar’s body proportionate and similar to the “average” proportions pictured above? – I tried in the beginning. I used the Ruined Proportionator by Vaelissa Cortes. An overview on how to use it is here. Basically you get a box prim and resize it to enclose the shape of your head, and then the box will rezz several of your ‘head size’ prims relative to your height. And using the guide, just link enough prims for your other body parts, using it as a more or less accurate ruler, since the measurement is based on your head size.

Wow, am I making sense here?

And then when I started to feel comfortable wearing mesh clothing, I mod my body every now and again, and I haven’t had time to see if they are correctly proportioned.

What do you dislike the most about the SL avatar mesh? No opinion so far, yet to try one. This question is about about avatar made from mesh, right? I’m assuming that mesh avatar cannot be modified…so…

Does it bother you when you see other avatars that are not proportionate at all? – Not so much ‘bother me’, more accurately to say it pique my curiosity. Lately, I have seen a lot these shape going around as I travel the grid: short female avatars, with smaller boobs, big booties and short torso. I don’t know what that shape or subculture is officially called, but I personally don’t think it’s proportionate. HOWEVER,  I have to admit, I find this shape strangely sexy and alluring!

Even though this is a virtual world and people can be anything they want to be, do you feel when they are in human form, they should try to keep their proportions close to average? Nope, this is Second Life, what’s the point of being in a virtual world that closely mimics the real world? There are plenty of human avatars that are proportionate. With the ability to TP wherever, one does not need to be anywhere where the whole place is filled with disproportionate human avis, if one is so prone to be annoyed by disproportion. I can fly in SL, and I set up house with a click, so I’m all for everyone being whatever and looking however they like in their virtual environment. 😉

Righty-O, the nitty gritty: my digits 

This is the shape I use to wear mesh clothing. I have a different shape for systems /prim clothing (yes, I still have them!). This shape is not checked for proportion.

Height: 6.3ft (slider 56)

Body Fat: 11

Torso: Muscle 34, Length 39

Love handles: 10

Arm length: 33 (I’m sure there is a problem here somewhere)

Hand size: 8

Leg: Muscle 43, Length 56

Hip width: 50

Butt size: 40

Saddlebags: 42

Phew, I need a drink!


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