Reminiscing Dokodemodoa

Bunni recently covered D!va freebies inworld…and spotted D!va’s Anywhere Door on the upper floor leading to the secret attic, which leads you to another freebie.

I have been to D!va so many times and have never noticed it. How observant is she!

So this is not really a post about SL, but the Anywhere Door sparked sweet childhood memory for me, and I thought I should pass on this knowledge to the *cough* young generation nowadays. LOL

My generation remembers the Anywhere Door as Dokodemodoa…which translates to…well, Anywhere Door. Haha! (Dokodemo = anywhere, Doa = broken English, ‘Door’).

So I went back to D!va to find this Dokodemo Doa and crawled into it…all the while singing this song. LOL

(Warning: If you do understand Japanese and are 1) allergic to ‘babytalk’ or 2) allergic to super-kawaiiness, this song is going to grate on your nerve!)

Time has indeed changed and Doraemon’s recent theme song is much more sophisticated than the cutesy-baby-talk version.

Ok, end of reminiscent. XD


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