I don’t usually do outfit post, and this won’t happen often, so bear with the quality of my fashion posing. I’m an interior blogger, not a fashion model. ^o^

Some of you who knows me well in SL knows that I will wear an outfit to death, and way past it’s season and prime, when I am travelling the grid collecting prefabs and home knick knacks.

For weeks now, I have been wearing this outfit. Making me look like a severe headmistress who just so happens to wear gothic-style studded boots (all the better to kick you ass with, dear).


Headmistress Zee thinks your priority should be your education and behaviour in Zee School, and therefore Headmistress Zee have set the example of not accessorizing and wearing any blings.

 ❤  Aeme Vested Dress (Pumpkin Pie) from The Sea Hole (mainstore closed, but a small flagship store is here at the USC Marshall School of Business SIM)

 Amelie Hair by Wasabi Pills

 Gothic Punk Mesh Lita Boots from Blackburns

It’s summer here in SL, although I don’t feel very summery here in cold Southern Hemisphere. It’s the start of winter around my side of the world. So I thought it’s high time that I change outfit to go with the SL-wide season change.



No particular reason for this picture except that I like the way it is showing my blings. Looks like Headmistress Zee is letting her hair down, and maybe even scored a Sugar Daddy judging by the amount of bling she is blinging here.

Ok, seriously now. Here:


“I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky~~y~~y~~yyy….”

Blossom Dress in Green from SAKIDE, free gift for SeraphimSL’s 2nd Birthday! Check out SeraphimSL blog for a complete list of freebies or just have my chauffer drive you to Seraphim’s HQ.
String Wedge by Abi’s (it’s only 10L!)
Action Pose #8 by Apple Spice

Now, on to a bit more detail:


 Naomi Hair in Onyx, with HUD for scarf from D!va (group gift)

 Silver Spiral Necklace from Beloved Jewellery (possibly an old group gift…can’t remember)
Heart of Gold Earring by Darling+ed (5L$)
 Anchor Chest Tattoo by Bunni Designs (5L$)
 Holy Blue Eyes by Bunni Designs (3L$)


Grand total of this look so far? 23L$.


The bangle is part of Darling+Ed Heart of Gold Set (see link above).

But what I really want to show is is probably the most expensive thing on me at the moment and I am MADLY IN LOVE with it. It’s NOYA’s Mesh Manicure Set in Eclypse, available for only 99L$ in NOYA’s Marketplace Store.

There. So you know I do change outfit once in a while. You’d probably see me in this outfit til the end of summer! XD


Penny for your thoughts?

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