The Gacha Haul: The Nook Under the Stairs

Don’t waste space, that’s my decorating philosophy. 😉


The lighting is not the best at ten to 6am, but I like this time of the day. The house is quietest at this time of the day, with only happy and cute little birds chirping outside. Aaaaah, where’s my hot chocolate…

I did a wee bit of planting too, and installed three mini terarriums under the stairs. They catch the first ray of light during the day, and yet won’t scorch as the day pass…because of their position.

 AlouetteThe Bibliotheque Chair – Aubergine (Alouette Inworld)
 AlouetteAustralia Clock (Alouette Inworld)
 [CIRCA]“GeoDome” Sky Terrarium – Succulent (CIRCA Inworld)
 {what next} Resolutions Wall Print ({what next} inworld)
 Trompe LoeilBeachside Cabinet Teal Illustrated (Trompe Loeil inworld)
 LISPBarcode Ceiling Light (LISP inworld)
 bananaN. Full perm book w texture (bananaN inworld)


Gacha Haul from The Arcade Gacha Events June 2013:

 floorplanyellow typewriter gacha (floorplan Inworld)
 ZiganaBilly Robot (Zigana InWorld)
 Silent SparrowReginald Fuzzy Bottom Corgi…RARE, woohoo! (Silent Sparrow Inworld)
 [PM] Pixel Mode Brown Bean Bag Chair (Pixel Mode Inworld)

Here’s a closer look of what’s on top of the cabinet. The collection of my gacha hodgepodge, I just love looking at it.

The Arcade Photography Contest - Zee (Zuleicca Resident)

 PILOTFloating Torii Gate and Stonehenge (PILOT Inworld)
 [ARIA] Oolong Teacup Planter in “Iris -Lemon” and “Vanda Orchid – Viridian” (ARIA Inworld)
 -tb- Vanity – Platter of Treasures (Tres Blah InWorld)
 {vespertine} fabric songbirds in Pink ({vespertine} Inworld)
 !Ohmai: Teacup Steamy Piglet (Anya Ohmai’s Blog)


There are more gacha haul posts to come. 🙂

Note: All raw photos.


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