Summer Days Drifting Away

❤ Note: All raw shots. Higher resolution images on my Flickr page

I’m a sunbaby, I’m happiest when the sun to light the world. The light, the heat, the blooms, the colourful singing birds that flies into my yard…

And so I have been most annoyed by winter in The Land Down Under when Summer is everywhere in SL.

That is the beauty of SL, isn’t it? You can make it whatever season you like. And since I’m not digging this RL cold, I might as well live up SL summer to the max.

Eversince The June Arcade started, Scarlet Creative’s Wooden Retreat –RARE is what I badly wanted. I blew an ungodly amount of L$ to try and get it throughout the month, with no luck. And on the last day of The Arcade, I went back and tried again just for the heck of it. I wasn’t expecting anything.

So of course I won it. LOL! Behold!


This skeletal structure with no walls and roof is quickly becoming my most prized possession.  It’s hard to explain the beauty of nothingness. 😉

And almost immediately after hitting jackpot, The Challenge for Builders announced the release of June’s Garden Challenge round.

How serendipitous, right? So I took it as a sign that I should probably start a bit of a-weeding and a-digging and a-planting…I’ve made like a bee and got busy (err…).

No (budding) gardener worth their salt is without a proper garden shed. !!Follow US!! submitted this cute little garden shed for The Garden Challenge. OF COURSE I bought it!

Here it is, nicely positioned on a shady spot next to my wooden structure.


Then with all the hard work I have put in so far (lol) I figured it was time for ice cream.;)

Ice Cream Break at My Little Garden Hut

Here’s a summer-calorie tip that has been passed down from generation to generation in my family: if you eat something meant for another person, or if you eat something on behalf of another person, the calories and fat still applies to said other person. 😛


Like so. I have been stood up by The Man, whom I have conveniently ‘forgot’ to invite over. I am totally not pigging out on two servings of sinful delicacy. I am simply eating on behalf of an absentee guest, in order not to waste food.


Pardon me, lovelies! Now, on to the gardening journey…

Lunch Break

Now, one must never embark on a gardening project without equipping oneself with some basic gardening knowledge, si? Here is my bundle of gardening books and magazines from [hate this!] Garden Challenge. Oh yeah, I am SO ready to tackle a gardening project!

…right after another coffee and cracker break that I have conveniently packed in this cute tool caddy from !!Follow Us!!. Who needs a picnic basket? Not me! If you’re a !!Follow US!! VIP member, you can grab this goodie for only 10L on a limited time, so make sure you head over there! And how many exclamation marks can we squeeze into one paragraph?!?! MANY!!!

By the time I finish reading these cover to cover…it was high noon. All that building and eating (twice) and reading is exhausting…time for a nap under the brand new Arcadia Pergola that :{MV}: built for The Garden Challenge.

Pergola Paradise

As you can see, I have some planting to do in the empty plant box….mental noting before nap…Zzzz….


 Valentine Bench from !!Follow Us!!
❤ Strings of Jar Lights, Balmoral Firepit and Log Pallets from {what next}

[7 hours later…]

Uh. Uhm. Well.

Guess I was so exhausted with doing so little that instead of napping, I had a full sleep instead. -_-

It is now 7pm. I can’t garden in the dark!

The warmth of summer still lingers and since I’ve had a 7 hour nap (coughs), I figured it was time for Shazza the Crocodile and I to spend some girly chat time in the Oasis Sunbed that I converted into a floating waterbed.


 Pink Crocodile (that I christened ‘Shazza’) from D-Lab
 Oasis Sunbed converted into floating waterbed from [hate this] for June Garden Challenge.

Summer days should end like this everyday. ❤


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