Meet My Friend: Beauty!


I was going to skip Berry’s ‘Meet my Friend’ challenge  this week due to several work-in-progress. However, during one of my breaks, I invited Beauty over for a visit and in the middle of it, she bought new glasses. So on a whim, I took a picture of her and thought “hey! I can do the challenge right now!”. So I asked if she would agree to be victimised interviewed for the challenge and she graciously agreed. XD

Beauty and I were introduced by a mutual friend when we were both around 2 weeks old. We were close in RL age, had the same avatar, found out we worked in the same field (Human Resource/Employee Relations) and that we were both from the same ethnic minority, albeit living in a different country. The metaverse is huge and yet we found ourselves  practically metaverse-twins! XD

Zee interviewing Beauty

As you will pick up very quickly throughout this interview, despite formerly being ‘twins’, we are very different. She is a romantic at heart, while I’m as romantic as a plate of chargrilled eggplant. She also has a heart of gold and is very patient, whereas I have the patient the size of an amoeba.

This interview was the perfect opportunity to make use of the [Commoner] Chatterbox / “All About Me” Edition that I picked up from last week’s 50L Friday.

Chatterbox/All About Me Edition by Commoner

At the time writing, Beauty is recuperating from patent foramen ovale surgery. I’m mentioning this now to give context to some of her answers. Alright, let’s get on with the interview! 🙂

Strawberry Singh’s ‘Meet My Friend’ Challenge

Meme Instructions: Pick a friend, any friend, (male or female) take a couple of pictures of (or with) them and ask them a series of questions for a fun and lively post. They don’t need to be a blogger or content creator, just an SL resident. Don’t forget to share your link in the comments of this post!

What’s the #1 played song on your iPod? Awesome start to this interview, seeing you love music and singing. 😀

Blessings by Laura Story. Actually there are two, Angel by Your Side by Francesca Battistelli 

What chore or activity do you absolutely hate doing? And we’ll spice this up: what chore or activity you hate doing in SL, and then in RL?

Chore? hmmm…ironing…i find it really hard to make those wrinkles go away.  That is in RL. For SL, i dont like to do activities that do not reflect me…example., im very picky with dances in the dance ball. some people say that sl should be an avenue where u can be another person. but for me sl is an extension of my reality and how u know me in sl is how u know me in rl. so im awkward with doing activities that do not reflect me.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Aamir Khan – Bollywood 🙂  Im Filipino but I love his movies. He produces them as well and I love how his movies tackle social issues. They have deep meanings. My most favorite movie of his is Lagaan 🙂 

“What is your favorite body part?” Zee: Oh wow, this is a bit personal. Let’s do RL and SL favourite body parts.

For RL: My hands…shallow reason would be they are too small, thus fingernails are small too, thus again (hihihihi), i dont need to spend for manicure coz not worth it…also my hands have always been useful in my job…to pat a shoulder, to hold another person’s hands when crying and to hug when these girls are in deep pain 🙂

For SL:  My face!!!! coz it doesnt grow big….my face has the tendency to be the first to grow big in RL. i love eating and the cheeks soon become chubby. and i love it too coz im not a make-up person and this face looks good even without make-up. PS: people might ask if she is not a make-up person, why does her pp show she is on make-up? i took that before my surgery with a motto saying: If the operation does not work, God, i want to die beautiful at least. Hahahahahaha

If you knew the world was ending within the next year, what would you do differently?

I love what im doing now and i wont trade this for the world…but if the world would end in 2014, i want to try being a chef in a five-star international hotel…always dreamt of wearing that chef hat…hihihihi..and do a solo dive in the Marianas Trench :D. Of course, get married! And have children :))))

If you could throw any kind of party, what would it be like and what would it be for?

This would be both for SL and RL. A charity party to raise funds to create a safe haven for sexually trafficked and molested children and teens. Here, they could get their healing and start living again. Well, I guess I told u this already Zee, it would be a dream to get a sim here and create that place. SL is a perfect avenue since they dont need to reveal their identities.

What was the last movie, TV show or book that made you cry or tear up?

Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. She wrote this fictional romance novel story, inspired by the Book of Hosea from the Bible. Michael here received instruction from God to marry Angel, a woman who was sold to prostitution since she was a child. Cried so hard on how love could slowly change a bitter woman. Cried all the more how Michael loved someone so imperfect; and how God continued to inspire him to continue loving as he discovered more and more of the dark secrets of Angel. He could have given up as time passed by but wooooow, such love!!!! U should read it too Zee!

The best part of waking up is?

Oh this is very real to me now to so im gonna make it short but right to the dot. The best part of waking up is having another day to live :))))

Would you rather be fairly good at many things or the very best at one thing?

Hmmm. This is hard. Can I say fairly good at many things and then honing them to best, or to be easier, better? Hihihihihi :))))

I know you love to sing! So what song do you sing in the shower or when driving alone?

The Climb by Miley Cyrus. I’m not a pop fanatic. Usually go for alternative or country. But this song has beautiful lyrics. Oh yeah, ‘Im more of a lyrics person too. No matter how nice the tune is, I dig for the lyrics. The lyrics define a good song for me. Also, it’s a nice song to sing in the shower. Best acoustics ever! *giggles*


And that is the end of this interview. Hope I gave you a glimpse of Beauty’s beautiful personality and why she is one of the few people I call a friend. 🙂 And thank you Beauty for being patient while I fiddle with way too many settings! ❤❤


What We are Wearing

 ❤ On Me ❤

Thriftscore Dress in Red The Sea Hole [closed]

Ami Hair by D!va

!smesh Mesh Ankle Shoes from The Collective Collection


❤ On Beauty ❤

Earrings & Necklace Basic Essential Glazed Heart Jewelries Eolande 

Female Flat Bare Feet and Chloe Flat Sandals fromGaeline

Bracelet, Square Watch by ICED

Outfit  Tropical Dream Gown Stella Maris


6 thoughts on “Meet My Friend: Beauty!

  1. OMG she had me at Aamir Khan! He is my most favorite ever! Love him and great interview. I love the choice of questions you gave her, might have to steal some of them next time I do one! 😛 Thanks for participating. ❤

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