Casa Zee Part 2: Nook Under The Stairs

Casa Zee Part 1 is here.

A few days ago, I took these pics of the nook under the stairs where I put my favourite June Arcade Gacha haul. As you can see from the time on my clock, I took it before the day even started and it was a bit dark. 🙂

This time, I shall attempt to show you the nook in all its’ glory at a more reasonable hour. Is five to ten reasonable enough?

The space under the stair is nice and cozy, so I wanted it to be a ‘me’ nook. So filled it up with things a collection of things signify what I love.

  • Australia Clock from Alouette: because I live in the best country in the world. 😉
  • Brown Beanbag from Pixel Mode: because they are the most comfy, drag-anywhere seats.
  • Reginald Fuzzybottom the Corgi: because I love dogs and this one was rare, woohoo! From Silent Sparrow
  • Succulent Terarrium from [Circa]: because I dabble in it in RL. Except, mine doesn’t look as good as this one. Also available at The Home Show 2013…get it!
  • The Bibliotheque Armchair from Alouette: stuffed with books and more books, because I love reading.
  • Stack of books from bananaN: a lot like my RL, lol!
  • Barcode Ceiling Light from LISP: because no one should read in the dark!

In my lovely teal Beachside Cabinet from Trompe Loil:

  • Billy the Robot by Zigana, because if Optimus Prime ever impregnate me, that is how our kid would look like. (I’m sure there is a biological possibility of this!)
  • Yellow Typewriter from floorplan, because I love to write.




Start your day right by snuggling to a cute dog and reading a book, while your cup of coffee perch precariously on a stack of “To-Read” pile. In RL, I do have a pile of ‘To Read’ books…three crates to be exact. LOL. This is not helped by generous friends and relatives who gives me book vouchers for birthdays and christmasses but that is indeed my favourite type of gift. If you’re stuck on what to buy for me, books is always a safe bet.

That, and chocolates.

This week, I’m reading Bernard Cromwells’s Death of Kings. It is so absorbing that for an hour, I forgot I had pictures to take. Look, it’s already 11am!

Let’s get on with this tour…


It’s human nature to be selfish and ungrateful. The Resolutions Wall Print from {what next} serves as a reminder me that the world does not revolve around me, and that life is short…so live it well!

On top of the cabinet is my collection of hodgepodge I collected from the June Arcade Gacha.


  • Floating Torii Gate and Stonehenge by PILOT
  • Oolong Teacup Planter in “Iris -Lemon” and “Vanda Orchid – Viridian” by ARIA
  • Vanity – Platter of Treasures from Tres Blah
  • Fabric songbirds in Pink {vespertine}
  • Teacup Steamy Piglet by Anya Ohmai


When I saw Pilot’s Gacha Key, I wanted only Stonehenge, The ‘Floating’ Tori Gate and Chichen Itza as these are places of historical and spiritual importance. I wasn’t really interested in the others.

I managed to snag two out of three and I’m a happy camper! However…


“Yeah, that’s right! I’m perching on a Stonehenge stone. Problems? Come at, me, bro!”

Hey birdie, don’t eyeball the guest…and get off my Stonehenge…

“I can do whatever I please!”

No birdie, you can’t. You can’t even fly…

“Oh yeah? Well, YOU can’t even…”



You know, sometimes you gotta hand out some tough loving to discipline your fabric avian kind.

Teacup piggy is sweating…either because his teacup ofuro is steaming or he is a bit worried about the recent demonstration of violence tough love that was handed to fabric birdie. It’s ok piggy, as long as you stay cute and behave yourself in your wee widdle teacup, we’re all good.


May I insert a quick note on how much I LOVE Anya Ohmai’s stuff? Her cute creations are so detailed that this piggie even came with Baozi, which is a type of filled steam-buns that we Asians love to snack on. My next conquest is her otters and I shall not rest til I lay baozi-stained hands on them. Oink!

Ok, that’s it for now folks. Part 3 to come soon-ish!


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