To Allay Any Misunderstandings That Might Arise from This…

Dear Friends,

I will be mass re-friending you lot in the next couple of days.

And you will start thinking, “WTF ZEE, DID YOU DUMP ME BEFORE?!”

Because that is what happened to those I re-friended today.

FYI, I did not dump any of you. But this is the reason:


If you’re friends with anyone inworld, you are not automatic friends on their feed.

In order to be friends on their feed, you have to “add friend” from feed. And this request will come up in your inworld IM.


That is not the end of it…

Now you have requested to be outworld friends with your inworld friend…but you are in fact not their outworld friends. It doesn’t show automatically on their feed, so THEY now have to do the same in order for you to be friends in SL feeds.


Even when you have gone through all this…re-added your inworld friends from outworld feed, and creating all sorts of misunderstandings…

…you are still not friends anyway.


Melinda and I talk everyday. And we’re still not friends. We sent each other friends request through feeds three times to test this…and we’re still not friends. Woah, what gives, LL?

So…will you guys be my repeated friends? XD


Penny for your thoughts?

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