Travelling with Mig

This is my friend Mig. He is a shapeshifter.


Now, we are all shapeshifters here in SL, but I have seen Mig in more form than I can count.

For my virtual housewarming, he came as a dragon. And then morphed into a crocodile. And then an alien. And then…the list goes on. But my favourite was his Tree avatar, as you can see here in Bunni’s post. Imagine a tree trying to sit on a floatie!

Mig is a fun guy and cracks me up everytime. He is probably one of the very few people that can drag me out of my own land and go trample the grid for no reason, because I know wherever we end up at, it’s going to be full of activity and fun. We don’t get to hang out a lot due to time differences and inworld projects, but he is now on summer holiday and I had some free time…woo hoo!

So we took the opportunity to catch up and this time around, he dragged me to Cours sim.

BCC store is here and maaan, the store itself is a whimsical treat. I want to live there.

I couldn’t resist this view and victimised asked Mig to pose for me. Not sure the bulldog is too happy about this…


I realize there are some glitches in this pic. My skirt, for example. And then lid of the opened suitcase penetrating through the table. But in the spirit of keepin’ it real, I’m not going to edit this picture.

The windows, however, are not glitches. Seawaters spray would do that. Yeah man, totally!

Speaking of sea and water…I decided to put my bikini on and wade into the creek to pet the otter. Because that is what you do in SL. You just randomly change from a dress to a bikini because there happens to be a cute otter nearby.

Otterly cute

I desperately want this otter. Desperately. I have no need for it and see no function in it, yet I feel as if my SLife and death depends on it. And look! To complete the whimsy, there is a random deer behind me.

Otter? Deer? Paddle pop raft? Creek? Sea? Forest? Whimsy, people, whimsy!

I didn’t think Mig is a whimsical kind of guy, though. He operates on the word ‘FUN’ and ‘ACTIVITY’ and I’m starting to think there is more to this cute place. Sure enough…

Melon Tub

When I saw this, I thought it was a tub to pickle watermelon. It wasn’t until Mig sat in it that I realized it’s a proper tub with er…with watermelons in it.

See, this is why he is my friend. I see things and pass it by if it doesn’t catch my fancy at the first look. But Mig, he’d test any freaking thing and usually discover the fun stuff.

So a tub filled with melons and apples…maybe this is a tub of cider? Mig decided to taste it. Can you guess what happened?



Drunken Mig

Uh oh, I think he is drunk now…hahaha.

Til the sun goes down

Summer. Beautiful place. Sitting in a pickle tub with a fun friend til the sun goes down. Lots of laughter.

Life should be so simple.

P.S: Outfit credits will be up within 24 hours. I’m currently experimenting with putting credits into Lightbox in order not to interrupt the flow of posts. 😀


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