Safari Sun

A new round of The Boutique @ The Liason Collaborative is now open and the theme for this round is…SAFARI!

++Here’s your Elephant Ride to The Boutique++

“Oh let the sun beat down upon my face,

stars to fill my dream”

Kashmir, Led Zeppelin

Glaring Sahara Sun

reBourne Little Africa

Setting: Little Africa Skybox, reBourne

Dress: Femme Safari Dress by 22769 for The Boutique (Safari)

Savannah Lion Necklace

Necklace: Savannah Lion Necklace in Ebony and Wooden by Half-Deer for The Boutique (Safari)

Skin: Tegan by Ricielli

Hair: Amelie by Wasabi Pills

Eye Makeup: Tribal by Damned

Lipstick: Sweet Combo by Glamorize

Tattoo: Anchor Chest Tattoo by Bunni Designs

Safari Bangles

BanglesSafari Bangles by 22769 for for The Boutique (Safari)

Eyes: Deep True Grey by Mayfly

EyelashesDragqueen by Redgrave

Manicure: ECLISPE Golden by NOYA Designs

Giraffe Boots

Boots: Giraffe Boots by Pink Poison

I shall end this post with one of the most jarring quote from one of my favourite book series. I have bold and underlined what I feel was the most important part of the paragraph.

Feel free to ponder it.

Tears of the GirrafeMma Ramotswe nodded. She was familiar with people who liked to test out all sorts of theories about how people might live. There was something about the country that attracted them, as if in that vast, dry country there was enough air for new ideas to breathe. Such people had been excited when the Brigade movement had been set up. They had thought it a very good idea that young people should be asked to spend time working for others and helping to build their country; but what was so exceptional about that? Did young people not work in rich countries? Perhaps they did not, and that is why these people, who came from such countries, should have found the whole idea so exciting. There was nothing wrong with these people; they were kind people usually, and treated the Batswana with respect. Yet somehow it could be tiring to be given advice. There was always some eager foreign organisation ready to say to Africans: this is what you do, this is how you should do things. The advice may be good, and it might work elsewhere, but Africa needed its own solutions.

  Tears of The Girrafe, by Alexander McCall Smith.

  Read the excerpt in Google Books.


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