Build a bridge and Liv(e) Glam(orously)!

For the past few days, I’ve been busy building death traps on my land. Like so.

spiral_001      lookout_003

First, I thought it’d be funny to put several storeys worth of spiral staircases. How my friends will get dizzy and fall into the water!

Then I went all sensible because I have to…otherwise, I’d have no friends to torture hang out with so I made the structure to be more…user friendly.


Vroom, vroom! And the bridge claim its’ first victim.

Crusty Demon will be proud, no? Do you think I can audition to be a Demon on this scooter?

Unleashing my hidden psychotic tendencies was draining, so I decided to go for therapy.

Retail therapy!

Liv(e) Glam(ourously)

Bought the Medee summerdress from Liv Glam. When you’re done drooling at mah osumeness, please read on. <–(Shameless pig!)

I just discovered Liv Glam. Oh. My. God.

I know I’m behind times, but considering I’m only 2 months old or so…

The thing about Liv Glam is that ALL the clothes are right up my alley. It is what I would wear in RL, it is what I’d spend my money on. Unless I’m RPing or dressing up for a scene shoot, I dress my avatar the way I dress myself. Walk the grid in the same style my RL would do.

Let me ramble on a bit about Liv Glam’s system here, because I am crazy mad about it.

One of the reason I can’t be bothered buying outfits is because I love wearing mesh. But buying mesh means you have copies of said dress in several sizes. And if you buy fatpacks…

Now, I don’t shapeshift a lot so I usually wear one size and then re-box the rest. If you’re a constant shapeshifter, you know this system is not going to work for you.

Even for me, this method is tedious. If I buy 5 different outfits in a day, this tally up to 25 different items (XSS, XS, S, M, L) and more if the designers provide sizes in-between. I have better things to do with my time. Building and decorating, for example. I don’t have time to trample the grid buying loads and loads of clothes, try them on, re-box the ones I don’t use, figure out which ones I like from a fatpack, box the rest…

…and then one day when you have a change of heart, change your shape, change your colour preferences…you have to unbox it, try it on, rebox the rest…WHAT!

Or you can leave it in your inventory, which as an organized freak I am completely incapable of doing.

So, LG. For coming up with that HUD system, I absolutely love you.

Instead of having 5 copies of the same dress in 6 different colours in 5 different sizes (you get the picture), you just have the one. I’m not sure if any other designers do this? And if so, you guys will have to tell me because OH MY LAWDY. For an inventory organized freak, this is a huge thing.

I think I’m going to buy my whole wardrobe from Liv Glam. Just you watch!

By the way, Liv Glam’s K Collection is on sale right now, so getcho virtual ass there and grab yourself some lovely goodies.

–>Here’s your Limo to Liv Glam<–


Dress: Medee Summerdress for Summer13, Liv Glam

Necklace: Pyramid Necklace in Blood, [glow] Studio

Clutch: Mia Clutch in Blue Silk from pure (SeraphimSL 2nd Birthday Gift)

Hair: Asami by D!va

Bracelet, right hand: Triangle Stone Bracelet by Redgrave

Bracelet, left hand: Heart of Gold Bangle, Darling+ed

Manicure: Eclipse Golden by NOYA Designs

Earrings: Spirit of Sun Earrings, LC Fashion

Skin: Diamond x5 by eStyle 

Pose: Summery #5 (slightly moded by me) from !bang poses


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