Oooh, Let the Jameson Sink In

“Evening Antron, quiet night tonight, eh? Hit me up with a Blue Ant Pilsner. And don’t be chintzy on the Ants.”


“Aaaaaaaah, nectar of the cybernetic gods! Where are all the men at, Antron? It’s no fun drinking on my own! Bring on the men! There need to be testosterone here for my estrogen!”

“And another Pilsner please, Anton.”

Blue Ant Pilsner

“This bar is so empty tonight, as empty as my glass. Antron, please.”

“Yes, I can handle one more. I can handle three, nay, four! FIVE! I WANT FIVE IN A ROW, BRING IT!”

“I can feel ants crawling all over my eyes…ooooh…shiny, shiny fairy ants, Antron!”


“Another one, Antron! It’s an ant partay all over my bodaay!”

“What? Nah, nah, I’m good bro. I’m good. I’m just westing…wresting…vesting….oh, vats dat werd? Resting. Yes. Resting. Am just wresting on the ground. Good view here, Antron, *hiccup* good view. Better than sitting on the chair.”



“So who reported me to IPS for dwunk and diwoderly bhaviour! Geez, I dot ve’re all fends here…”

“Donchu guys have be’er things to do? Like awwesting *hiccups* hobos on the steet? Pithy sho I saw the steet burning in the backalleyway! GET. OFF. ME”

“Wait, a cam’ra? Strike a pose! Gurl gotta look fab for the mugshot, in case there are any dishy IPS officers around, ya know? Yeah, come at me, bro!”

“So how ya doin’ off~sa? Care to grab a drink with me someday?” 😉


We Are InSilico


❤ Location: InSilico

❤ Dress: Noxy Tartan Dress by Adoness, free gift for SeraphimSL 2nd birthday. 🙂

❤ ShoesMesh Ankle Shoes from The Collective Creation

❤ ManicureEclipse Golden by NOYA Designs

❤ Skin: Amber Orient by Modish

❤ Hair: Sierra by Truth

❤ Lashes: Dragqueen by Redgrave

❤ Eyes: Deep True Grey from Mayfly

❤ Tattoo: Anchor Chest Tattoo, Bunni Designs


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