Off to Melinda’s!

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How nice of y’all to see me off at the train station!
Off to Melinda's!

I’m off to Melinda’s for the next few days, to help her around the house and feed Genghis the Rottweiler, while she is busy showing off her new home to all of you!.

❤ Here’s part 1: A new Home

❤ Part 2: Time to Kick Back

(in which she deems it is wine o’clock already…whaaaat..!!)

NEW! And the next part is up! A New Home Part 2

(You need to see what see did to her garden, JAPANESE GAZEBO EHMAGERD!)

And many more to come throughout the week!

She’s going to have to kick me out of the house if she wants me to leave. Heh!


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