Visiting Bob & Neko’s Open House

Bob & Neko's Open House

When I heard “open house”, I TP-ed over before you could even say “TP”.

I visted Bob & Neko’s open house several times this week, but decided to take pictures yesterday.

I want to live here. I wonder if they’re adopting? I know I’m a bit old but I’m good at being bratty and cute, pwetty pwease?

Bob & Neko's Open House

Kirby is not a huge fan of my singing.

In my defense, I don’t think canines are the best judge of vocal quality…

Bob & Neko's Open House

How does Neko stay looking fantabulous?

This is the secret: fresh veggies. Good for the skin. Uhmmmmmmm…fresh veggies *Homer Simpson drool*

I was going to pick a tomato to munch while I continue my tour but I didn’t…

Bob & Neko's Open House

Because this damn chicken was eyeballin’ me. -_-

Alright! Alright! I’m going…sheesh…

This is my favourite part of the tour. 😀

Bob & Neko's Open House

Bob & Neko's Open House

There’s a mini tractor shower…it’s like Milwaukee in here! Or we Australians would say, “It’s like the Queensland Outback in here, mate!”

Bob & Neko's Open House

Bob & Neko's Open House

I want that otter. Someone give me an otter!

Bob & Neko's Open House

I shall refrain from putting all the photos here. If anyone is interested, there are 20 photos in total and you can see it all in my Bob & Neko’s Open House set in Flickr.

But honestly, photos don’t do their land justice. It’s a beautiful place, Bob and Neko did an amazing job on their property. There is just so much to see that one person’s viewpoint is never going to be enough. Here’s the Flickr group for Bob & Neko’s Open House photos, taken by other Residents.

But I strongly recommend going for a visit yourself. It’s not everyday that private Residents would grant you access to their most intimate space. They will keep their house open to the public til July 30th so GO!

And maybe go tell Kirby that I do sing good.


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