Zee’s Quick Guide to Bella Pointe Rentals

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Disclaimer: I’m not sponsored by Bella Pointe and these facts are not checked by any Bella Pointe staff. I’m just a happy Bella Pointe resident. This is my own notes from my own fact finding exercise. It is accurate at the time of writing.

For full accuracy, please visit Bella Pointe Rental Office inworld.

I realized something as I fiddled around my WordPress for the first time that I have people landing on this blog from the following search words:

  • bella pointe land sl
  • bella pointe/secondlife
  • virtual land sl bella pointe
  • bella pointe rental sl

So I’m starting to feel that the word ‘Bella Pointe’ is the operative word here…hmmmm…

Elementary, Watson! 😀

The thing with Bella Pointe is that they don’t have their own info website, so if you look up Bella Pointe, you either get the Support Ticket Page that we Bella Residents use, or to the Marketplace link. Hardly useful if you were looking for a bit more information, right? So I thought I’d do a write-up about Bella Pointe, to at least make your search worthwhile. I need to stress again that this is my own research and not endorsed or double-checked by any Bella Pointe staff!

Bella Pointe in a nutshell

Bella Pointe is a skyland rental…meaning you’re not on actual Linden ground, but up in the air in a skydome. The sizes ranged from a full-sim skydome (large), 1/2 sim (medium) and 1/4 sim (small).

I rent a 1/2 sim Mountain Retreat from Bella Pointe and I do love it. Xanthe and Bunni both rent 1/4 size Mountain Retreat as well. 😀 This is Xanthe’s dome, and this is Bunni’s.

I noticed the landscaping for the skydomes have changed recently, and for much better, I might add! So after a planned virtual party in my land, I might move to a newer dome.

Why I love it here:

  • The illusion of privacy. I use the word ‘illussion’ because this is SL, and there aren’t really such thing as complete privacy. But this is the beauty of BP skydome…your nearest neighbour is at least 300m away, and there is this feeling of you being in your private island.
  • Less lag, nearly none: because you’re up in the air.
  • Ticketing system and excellent support. They’re very organized. And take it from me on this, I probably bother them every other week or so because I’m a chronic prim adder, and it is usually resolved before 24 hours is up.

Anything I don’t like about Bella Pointe?

The water. BUT this is a small issue and doesn’t bother me as much anymore. I mention it now because this is something you should be aware of: unless you’re renting on the ground, you CANNOT get Linden water anywhere else. Linden waters are not prim waters, and therefore cannot be replicated up in the air. Therefore if water photography is important to you, this is not going to be ideal. Water settings will not work.

However, I should point out that this is not a Bella Pointe specific issue. This is the trade-off of renting anything up in the sky, whichever rental company you go with. If you like your privacy and less lag up in the sky, then you will have to pay without access to Linden water.

This is starting to get extensive, as there are SIX different themed domes, each in THREE different sizes. The Cove, Sakura Island, Mountain Retreat, Canyon Falls, Winter Bliss and The Hollow.

So I shall pop in a ‘cut’ tag here. If anyone is interested to find out more, feel free to continue on reading. 🙂 🙂

What you get with every Bella Pointe rental:

  • Fully landscaped dome, each with a lagoon and waterfall—and this is not taken out of your own prim allocation.
  • A media player set for your land (Radio and TV) and water package (Swim HUD, jetskis, a picnic bag that will give you floaties)
  • HENmation Dance Machine

Size-specific features

  • 1/4 sim size (small): 399L p/w, 250 prims, A waterfall and an island separated by a lagoon from your ‘mainland’ area. Older version comes without waterfall and island.
  • 1/2 sim size (medium): 799L p/w, 500 prims. TWO waterfalls, TWO islands separated by a lagoon from your ‘mainland’ area, and a cave on one of the island. Older version only have ONE waterfall and ONE island
  • Full sim size (large): 1499L p/w, 1000 prims. TWO waterfalls, TWO islands separated by a lagoon from your ‘mainland’ area, a cave on one of the island and a small hilly walkway that can serve as a romantic spot or even a lookout point (aarrrr, there be pirates!!)…or whatever you want it to be! I can’t remember features of the older version…sorry!

You can always ask for extra prims (like I always do) for 85L per 50 prims added. The limit is 3750 prims regardless of your dome size.

What will fit?

The following structural information is copied from Bella Pointe’s Policy version 6.2.

I strongly suggest you pick up this policy yourself from the office inworld for any additional information regarding what you can and cannot do on a rental.

The following sizes are provided as guide to our Residents looking for structures best suited for the main beach or meadow without any modifications and without going out into the lagoon. These sizes are not requirements or limitations on buildings being placed and residents may place their homes anywhere inside the rental they would like.

  • Large Domes: 64 x 64 m
  • Medium Domes: 50 x 50 m
  • Small Domes: 35 x 35 m

See it for yourself!

The easiest and most accurate way of getting your information is to visit the Rental Office here. This will bring you to this very swanky looking lobby:



There are 6 types of domes available, each with a different scenery. The Canyon Falls model and Winter Bliss model are new ones so if you’re a current Bella Pointe resident, check these out! 😀

Find one you like the look of, and click on the picture. You will receive a notecard with all the available domes up for rent. Be warned though! I have found that Bella Pointe rentals go very, very quickly, there has been several times when I’m showing friends around just to find out that the particular dome just got rented out…within a few minutes of it being up!

If you’re just looking around, I’ve provided the SLurls to the demo domes below for your convenience. I’ve also provided a short description of what sort of landscaping/terraforming you can find in each scenery.


The Cove Demo

Sand, palm, mossy rocks. Your pet crabs will love you forever and never leave your side.

Sakura Island Demo Model

Grass, sandy banks, bamboos, cherry trees. Do not bring your pandas…there isn’t enough bamboo to go around. Shh, please to not speaking of the conversation during the tea ceremony, onegaishimasu.

Mountain Retreat Demo

Grassland with bit of muddy/sandy shore, dark mossy rocks and pine trees. Tarzan and Jane would live here quite happily and have lots of prim babies.


Winter Bliss Demo Model (NEW!)

Ice. Snowcapped mountains. Ice. Waterfall and lagoons not frozen. Ice. Polar Bears’ dream. Ice. Perfect abode for a Penguin. Ice. Did I mentioned ice?

Canyon Falls Demo Model (NEW!)

Fancy playing Scheherazad and The Shah? Or do ya think ya have what it takes to *spit* be real cow~boy? Sand, cactus, scorching sun…your camels will be very happy here.

The Hollow Demo Model

OMG where did the sun go? And is that wolf howling I heard? The moon is so bright…but the ground is so dark…all these bats….

This is the dome to get if you’re a Lycan, Vampire, Goth King, Goth Queen, Hannibal Lecter…I’m sorry, I have to leave now, the wolf howls are sounding closer and closer…

I found one I like, so who do I contact to rent this?

Great! And as for ‘who to contact’, well, you don’t have to contact anyone. Once you figure out the scenery and the size of dome you like, get the available addresses from the notecard provided at the lobby (click on the picture to get one), TP over there and make sure it’s not already rented.

How do you know if it’s rented or not?


Well simple…if it is still up for grabs, the sign will say ‘Available’. Right click on this sign, select ‘Pay’ and the option will come up like so:


You have to option of paying weekly, fortnightly, 3 weeks or monthly. So choose accordingly. 🙂

And once you have paid, you will get a group invite to Bella Pointe (IMPORTANT: make sure you don’t have a ‘Busy’ status on, or you will not get the invite).

Accept this invite to receive your “Bella Resident” tag. You need this tag to ‘rezz’ your things…you can rezz as soon as you have the tag.

Within a few hours, someone will come over to remove the sign from your land, give you access to your security orb and to remove your rental box to somewhere more discreet.

Don’t forget to pick up your Resident Kit from the Office. 😀


So there you have it folks, a quick and short guide to Bella Pointe rentals! 🙂

Once again, I should stress that if you need a more accurate information, please go to the office inworld and find out for yourself.

If you’re really stumped, well, feel free to contact me and see if I can answer your question (most likely I won’t know the answer too, but maybe I can point you somewhere!).

There, I hope that was helpful! 🙂


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  1. ahh ‘penny for your thoughts’ is so cute !! I wish my mind was as organized ! very informative and interesting guide.

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