Hello Sir, Do You Have “Thyme” to “Listen to Good Music”?


You…you startled me…

Well, since you’re here, ‘do you have thyme’? Would you like to ‘listen to the good news, and good music’?

Do I look sexy?

What’s the good news?

Well…the good news is…THE HOMESTUFF HUNT for August is OPEN and you too can get these goodies for yourself…for absolutely FREE!

This lovely (and hamsterly huge) Tranquil Butterfly Atrium Jar is the hunt gift from ::A&A::, so get yourself there and spend some ‘thyme’ hunting for it. 😉

Butterfly Jar
Tranquil Butterfly Atrium Jar
Hunt Gift from ::A&A:: Life is Your Creativity

Huh? Sorry, you were saying?

Oh, what’s this on my head?

Jar o' Butterflies and a Box on ma 'ead!

Allow me to show you, mon ami(e)!

‘Tis my Box of Holiday Memories, it is!

Holiday Memories
Box of Holiday Memories
Hunt Gift from !!Follow Us!!

I’m delicately balancing this hunt gift from !!Follow Us!! on my head so that it’ll dry faster.

I may or may not have dropped the box into my waterfall because I was distracted from ‘listening to good music’, MZee Hamster style.

I can’t help being clumsy when I dance. I only have tiny, tiny hamster hands!

::A&A:: Life is Your Creativity
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::A&A:: Life is Your Creativity Hint: “Some things just take a little thyme.”
++TP to ::A&A:: Life is Your Creativity!++
!!Follow Us!!
:: Official Blog :: Inworld :: Marketplace :: Flickr
!!Follow Us!! Hint: “Do you like listening to music?”
++TP to !!Follow Us!!++
Wanna be as cool as MZee Hamster?
Get your hunting boots on, and join the hunt in over 60 stores!

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