Too Sexy To Do Dishes…

Welcome home, honey.

How was work?

Why, honey! You look as white as a ghost! What’s wrong?


Oh, this kitchen? Yes, it’s new.

No honey, the new kitchen was not expensive at all. Calm down!

It was only 99L. Yup!

It is on special at the moment for !!Follow Us!! group members.

I know you’d find it hard to believe me, honey, but look…I took a picture of the poster instore.

So you know you won’t get a shock when you see the credit card bill!

!!Follow Us!! Group Price

Bloody lucky timing too, honey. As you can see, the offer ends within three days from today.

After all, !!Follow Us!! group is free to join, and members get goodies like these!

!!Follow Us!! Group Gift

No smoking honey, you promised.

So did I do good, honey? Saved money fitting out our new kitchen?

I’ve also been busy making you yummy things to eat in the new kitchen.

Dinner or me?

And just in case you disapprove of the new kitchen, I also bought a new apron that I’m sure you would love.

So honey, coffee, dinner…

…or me?

Pretty sure our new material-ready bed needs…breaking in. 😉

❤❤ Thank you Laurent83 Waco (!!Follow Us!!) ❤❤

!!Follow Us!!
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!! Follow US !! products

❤ Sweet kitchen – Blue (special price for Group Members, limited time!)
❤ Group Gift: Candies pot
❤ Group Gift: Save your life, suck.. a candy

Everything Else


  • Apron: Sexy Woman Apron (Mesh) – Ruca Tease
  • Skin: Lily V2 Belleza
  • Hair: Cece from TRUTH
  • Hands: Slink Mesh Hands-Casual, by Slink

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