Sneak-aty Peek-aty: Gacha get ’em all!

Gacha addiction? Who, me?

That is outrageous, Sir! I am rightly incensed by such accusation!

I’m not a gacha addict! I can stop whenever I want to, if I want to.

Rather, I think it is my heroic duty to play the gacha machines and show the masses what they can get out of it, don’t you think?


No, not ‘addict’.

Oh, the nerve of some people….honestly…

Butterfly Love Jar Closeup
Butterfly Love Jars…check out the details. And the butterflies DO fly. (Why wouldn’t they?)

This photo is actually part of a larger post. As soon as I got the whiff that A&A is doing another jar gachas, I didn’t even wait to ask or receive information from the bosses (:P), and TP-ed over straightaway to play it, like a true Gacha Gladiator! (Term attributed to fellow Gacha-Gladiator, Xanthe).

75L per play and there is (are?) a total of 10 to win, with 2 being rares. As you can see, I have all BUT the RARE-Clear version…but like a true gacha-gladiator, I ain’t stopping til I’m dead(broke), baybee.

I was told by several friends today that I should stop by at the Thrift Shop…and I remembered A&A have gacha set up there as well. I thought I might as well put this up first so you guys can see what is available. It’s purposely set on a darker setting so you can see how it glows at night.

Butterfly Love Jars
Butterfly Love Jars in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Teal and Smokey (RARE).
No. I do not have a gacha problem. Why do you ask?

If you’re a rehabilitating gacha addict, you might want to avoid the gacha area. But who am I kidding, right? There are no such thing as gacha addicts. To re-quote Xanthe: we are gacha-gladiators!

So grab your purse, stretch and flex your gacha muscles, and try your luck with the A&A Butterfly Love Gacha in three different locations:

I have enough gacha doubles from everywhere to set up a small gift-store. -_- But nope, I don’t have a problem.

Good luck, and have a happy gacha-filled weekend!

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Butterfly Love Gacha Series by ::A&A:: Life is Your Creativity

Florence Shelf  (leaf) from {what next}

“With love” letter pile from Zigana

Blinking light tent from floorplan

Wrought Iron Deco (part of the Bernadette Outdoor Room) from The Loft


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