GOL 7-Because of Reasons

Sarah was drunk and happy, and so she dragged us clubbing because of reasons.

So I grabbed my Humanoids and TP-ed over to GOL 7.

Also, I took photos.

Because of reasons.

Sarah shaking her booteh
Sarah shaking her booteh!
I wished I could snap a proper photo of her, but she kept on dancing into Evox…-_-

So I know I usually write more substantial stuff on this blog, but it has been a tiring two days and I’m spent.

Today is not that kind of post day. I’ll just feed you pictures of us clubbing. LOL.

Evox looking all badass…and smoking indoors. YUP!

Times like these, I wish I could set my Camstudio up. I have no idea why it won’t work for these past few days!!

Shirt? Who?
Sam flexing his dance muscles.
Who needs shirt when you’re having fun?
And me standing around, posing like it’s no one’s business. Because of reasons.

Skin: Lana from Belleza
Hair: Sierra from TRUTH
Hands: Mesh Casual Hands from Slink
Top: Tiny tube top (pink) by :Stigma:
Short: Floral hotpants with studs (pink)REDGRAVE
Shoes: Lauren D’orsay Flora Satin from GOS
Chest and arm tatoo: Snake tattoo from ZENTRO
Torso tattoo: Anchor Hip Tattoo from Bunni Designs
Leg tattoo: Shaula by LETIS Tattoo

++Get Your Dance on & Here’s Your Taxi to GOL 7++


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