ZeeWoww dispenses budget romance tips for SL guidos!

**NOTE: Ehem, if you guys are not familiar with The Jersey Shore tv series, you would want to skim through this in order for part of this post to make sense. And Jersey Shore fans, don’t be flamin’ me, mmkay? This is satire. And in case anyone is also wondering why the heck I’m calling myself ZeeWoww…here!**

Hello everybody and happy Thursday!

Ooooh, weekend is so close I can smell it…


Have you heard? Have you heard? EXCITING FIST PUMPING NEWS!


You haven’t heard anything?


Where have you been and what have you been doing?



All you guidos need to break your hairgels out and get your blowouts on, and all you guidettes need to dig out your hair straighteners because….

…it’s time for The Jersey Shore’s Summer Hangover Hunt!

++ And This is The Situation of the Jersey Shore Summer Hunt++ 



The hunt is on from 15th-30th August. You need to locate this scrunched soda can to claim the prizes. There are no hints because the hunt area is small, so it should be fairly easy for you to grab the prizes. 🙂 Each will cost you 10L, which is a small price to pay for quality items like this cute Pink Teddy Bear from ::A&A::!

Pink Teddy Bear
And ye shall be named….Znooki!

Yup, you get her for only 10L if you can hunt her down. And get this, the normal retail price is L$150!!

And don’t be mean, get your girl bear a boyfriend. You can grab him at ::A&A:: mainstore, or from the Marketplace. 😉

By the way…speaking of boyfriend and cute teddy bears…

…SL MEN! I’m talking to you. Yes, YOU! I’m about to reveal a secret. Shhhhh…

Want to be the minty-est guido in SLand without blowing too much cash? Four words:


You’re gonna pop some tags, with your 20 Lindens in your pocket!

Ok, actually, you might need a lot more than L$20. But it’s madness! Excluding the gachas, everything at the Thrift Shop is priced at 50% discounts. EVERY.THANG.

This is freaking awesome!

While you grab some fistpumping outfits at heavily discounted price, why not take the time to shop for your guidette, eh?

This is what you’re looking for: these cute Black & White Teddy Bear Frames. They come in His & Hers version and for as long as they are available at the Thrift Shop, they’re L$75 each. It is script resizable so you can make it as huge as you want it to be. Resize it as large as you can go and tell her it’s because your love for her is too huge. Eh? Eh? Best line ever. 😉


The best part? You can personalize these teddy bears. Does she prefer pink polka dots? Is her favourite colour green? No problem! Just sent ❤Alliana Petunia❤ a notecard with your requests.

And then take it a step further, Romeo. Play the Butterfly Love Jar gacha for L$75 per play.

There are actually three different ::A&A:: Gachas at the Thrift Store, but the Butterfly Love Jar is the newest one. Now, why do I mention this? BECAUSE! Your guidette is a fashionista and laaaaaaaawd help you if you ever buy her anything last season when there is a new version right next to it!

(And she will know, because she will shop too…so don’t skimp, papi).

If you get the RARE Smokey and RARE clear ones pictured above, you get extra brownie points!

…And then what you should do when you get home…

  • Drag pictures of you and your lady into the teddy bear frames.
  • Take it back into inventory.
  • Write her a romantic notecard. (If I have to teach you how to do this, I’ll tell on you. Honest. From your heart, Romeo!)
  • Box ’em up all nice. If you need cheap giftboxes, the ones in the photo are L$25 per box from ::A&A:: mainstore..,right on the front. WARNING!
    • I’m assuming you know the basics of ‘prim boxing’.
    • If not…please ask, or better yet don’t attempt it with transfer/no-copy products like these.
    • She’ll understand and you won’t end up losing things. And I won’t get yelled at.
  • Invite her over, then transfer your nicely packaged box or things to her
  • Wait for her to rezz and unpack your gifts (and I’m assuming she will have rezz rights wherever you decide to meet her, right?)
  • And then you can stalk me inworld and thank me. (This is optional, of course!)
  • And never, ever tell her you get the idea from me. Ever.

Want to amp up your awesomeness, Romeo?

Might as well include these gift cards in there as well, eh?

::A&A:: Gift Card

Don’t panic! Giftcards are available in L$250, L$500, L$1000 and L$2500.

But this will herald you into the most awesome guido in SLand because she will have bragging rights amongst her friends, you know? She’ll bring them shopping and buy them gifts and say “oh yeah, he gave me this giftcard. He’s always doing romantic things for me.” And you betcha her friends will seethe quietly!

So what’s your checklist so far?

☑ Romantic teddy bears, with your photos in it, because you’re beary in love with her…CHECK!

☑ One or two (or a COMPLETE SET!) of Butterfly Love Jars, because you have butterflies whenever she is near…CHECK!

☑ That romantic notecard you wrote…CHECK!

☑ …and a ::A&A:: Giftcard so she can go shopping with her girlfriends…CHECK!

Check! Check! Check! And check!

Guido, ain’t nobody a better lover than you! And here’s another exclamation mark!

ZeeWoww got your romance covered.


You’re welcome. 😉

And stay tuned this time tomorrow, because there’s another post coming that might be useful for your SLove life.

Yup, just in time for your weekend loving! 😉 ❤❤

❤❤ ::A&A:: Life is Your Creativity ❤❤

::A&A:: Life is Your Creativity
:: Official Blog :: Inworld :: Marketplace :: Flickr :: Facebook ::

Summer Hangover Hunt @ Jersey Shore           The Thrift Shop @ Depraved Nation

//And the fistpumping guidette credits://

SkinLana from Belleza
HairSierra from TRUTH
HandsMesh Casual Hands from Slink
TopTiny tube top (pink) by :Stigma:
ShortFloral hotpants with studs (pink) – REDGRAVE
Chest and arm tatooSnake tattoo from ZENTRO
Torso tattooAnchor Hip Tattoo from Bunni Designs
Leg tattoo: Shaula by LETIS Tattoo

Yes, yes, I am wearing the same outfit I wore to GOL7. Just…just…look! Squirrels!



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