The Neighbourhood Week 3 Shopping Guide (17 Aug 2013)

Hello Saturday!

I originally did this shopping guide for Melinda who, I imagine, is still in bed right now. I mean, I know it’s 7am there and all but…XD

Anyhoo, I’ve got all these pictures that I did for her and I thought I might as well put this up and share it with all of you. You know, to help you with your addiction buying decisions. I’ve also provided the original ads the designers have put up on their respective flick, in case anyone need it.

BUY. EM. ALL. I can’t be the only one going SLbroke every week, so please join me in my weekly poverty, people!

Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated nor am I working for this event.   This is a personal project to make mine and Melinda’s Saturday shopping easier so WYSIWYG. If you have any questions/issues/concerns, please contact the official organizer or the designer themselves.

From The Neighbourhood Official Notecard:

Every Saturday, a select group of home and garden designers will participate once a month as part of a rotation, and will put out a new item at the front of their mainstore. Items will be new, or a new and exclusive recolour of an existing item, and will be priced at 200L for 24 hours. Rounds will be on every Saturday at midnight and will end at 11:59PM. Management is not responsible for stores missing their turns.

On to the items up til 11.59pm SLT today. 🙂

Trompe Loeil 

Official vendor ad on Flickr, click here.

Thrift Shop Accent Chairs. Also up is the Toddleedoos ones (second picture)…too cute!



✈ TP to Trompe Loeil ✈



Official vendor ad on Flickr, click here.

Chalk Globe & Catalog table, with 9 texture options for the globe to display the following quotes:

let’s go on an adventure  // collect moments not things // wanderlust // bon voyage // away we go // let’s go anywhere // there’s no place  like home // let’s get lost //dream of far away


✈ TP to floorplan ✈


Official vendor ad on Flickr, click here. 

Office Set, it is so detailed and I love the corkboard idea. 😀


✈ TP to kuro ✈


RSW Home and Garden

Garden set.


✈ TP to RSW Home & Garden ✈



Official vendor ad on Flickr, click here.

Santa Fe side cabinet…200L all inclusive! The cabinet, the lamp, the wheel, the rug and the snakeplant. 😀


✈ TP to Zinnias ✈



Official vendor ad on Flickr, click here. 

Warren Cabinet, and with either one you choose (Natural or Colour ), you get TEN texture options. ZOMG WHAT WANTWANTWANT imean NEEDNEEDNEED!


✈ TP to DIGS✈


Eleventh Hour

Official vendor ad on Flickr, click here.

This is about the spot where I am nearly broke I couldn’t move. I was crawling. It’s a piano bookcase. It’s Beethoven. It’s filled with books.  It is a reflection of my RL. So I hand over my monneh and my avatar will eat baked beans in SL til Monday…

Why Monday? Cos I load up my L$ every Monday. Thankfully it’s Saturday night now, so not long to go!


✈ TP to Eleventh Hour ✈


[PM] Pixel Mode

Official vendor ad on Flickr, click here. 

And this is the spot where I am officially SLbroke. I mean, I got the Beethoven bookcase, why shouldn’t I get this one, right?

Play it again, Sam.



✈ TP to [PM] Pixel Mode ✈


Happy shopping Saturday, folks!


5 thoughts on “The Neighbourhood Week 3 Shopping Guide (17 Aug 2013)

  1. Beautiful pictures. Do you do artwork/photo commissions for people? I’m looking for an image/set of images to be created of a pretty zombie woman dressed in gothic clothing in fashion-type poses. I am in the early process of setting up an online gothic/alternative clothing ecommerce store and I think your work would be fantastic on there. Donna

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