ZeeWoww & Znooki Bear: Your Romantic Destinations Tour Guide(tte)

Hello everyone and welcome back to Part 2! Missed part 1? Here’s the link.

So now you have gifted your lovely, well thought, romantic bundle of gifts to your lady friend…who is now your girlfriend (CONGRATS!). You are now officially a Guido Romeo. Or Romeo Guido. Or however order that works….

You think your job here is done? Hoooo noooooo, it’s not enough to just present her with gifts…no sirree! We all know buying is easy! We want some effort from you. The weekend is near and you need to step up your game. You now need to be Indiana Jones.

Luckily for you, there is ZeeWoww and Znooki Bear to your rescue (as always).

Just a reminder that this Pink Teddy Bear is an ::A&A:: hunt item from The Jersey Shore Summer Hangover Hunt for only 10L. That’s a deal, folks, because it retails for L$150!!

Anyhoo, Znooki and I will guide you to some romantic destinations for the weekend because no man would take me out and I’m too mean to buy Znooki Bear a boy bear so we’re kinda stuck with each other we love you.



The beach is always a romantic place, right? The serenity of the waves, the smell of the salty sea, the gritty sand. Hmmm….

So we recommend your first stop to be Baja Norte.

#1: Baja Norte

I like long walks on the beach, reading poetry…and poking dead things with sticks.
++TP to Baja Norte++
//elephante poses// Delicate #6

The two happy couple behind us seems to love the place, so you can’t do wrong here, right?

If you join the Baja Norte group at the landing point, wearing the group tag will give you rezzing rights. It will cost 200L to join.

There were no dead things to poke with our stick…so Znooki and I had to move on.

This time, we shall direct you to some foresty goodness!

#2: Zigana/Sea Salts

Insanely happy. Or maybe just insane and happy. It makes no difference. 😀
++TP to Zigana @ Sea Salts++
[glow] Pose – Away (VIP Group Gift)

This TP will bring you to Zigana mainstore…and if your girlfriend wants to look around the store, say nothing!

Nod and be patient. And when she’s done, walk down the path and see where it leads you. It’s a well-thought and beautiful sim, I especially love the landscaping.

Spend some time here and maybe you’ll find the cute shacks. 😉

Once you’re done exploring Sea Salts, unleash your inner child at the ‘Childhood’ art installation at Mysterious Wave.

#3: ‘Childhood’ @ Mysterious Wave

Evidently, we have a lot of ‘child’ in us…
++TP to Mysterious Wave++
PoseShop UnDeux – 1306KH_04 (Past Kiyomizu Summer Hunt item)

Ride the carousel, click on the building blocks to see what happens, walk around, take pictures…

Show her you’re fun, sensitive, whimsical and completely open to the idea of SL domesticity! 😉

What? She is not taking your domestic intentions seriously?

Ooooh, she’s hard work, isn’t she! But don’t worry, I have just the solution for you (again).

Get a luuuurve shack!

#4: Hallow’s End

TP over to Hallow’s End, click on the teleporter and choose ‘Shaedy’s Biznezz‘.

Locate the huge store and grab any of these two new shacks for ONLY L$50 each.


These are so new you could still smell the pinewood in it. And yes, only L$50 and 27 prims each with a low 14Li.

Isn’t that perfect? Buy both and you can have a his and hers version too. 😀 It’s fully mod and copyable, so if you have manly building skills and MacGyver tendencies, you can rezz several and mod them together so to make a huge one.

If you’re still unsure, there’s a box of demos under the vendor where Shae has thoughtfully packed up each and every one of her prefabs for you to inspect before you buy. 😀

Whatever you do, when you’re at Shaedy Biznezz, do not get curious and attempt to check out the Shaedy Hollow (TP to Shaedy Hollow will be instore in a few hours).

Unless of course, you want to show off your manly guido fearlessness…

OMG Znooki!! Did I see what I just saw?!?
++Make sure you wear clean underwear before you attempt Shaedy Hollow++
~La Petit Mort~ Personalities.Aggressive

Why Shae, why?

If you’re faint of heart like I am, I have a place where there is a ‘ghost’ element without having any actual floating ghosts in it.

#5: Ghostville

Is it raining? Odd…
++TP to Ghostville++
PoseShop UnDeux – Hand on Head 04_R

A few weeks back, I did a post using Cica’s RUST installation. I’m not a big fan of rusty things, but I thought RUST was beautiful and brilliantly built. I certainly enjoyed my time there.

And Cica’s newest build, Ghostville, doesn’t disappoint. I didn’t even change my WL settings for this shoot. The sim is gorgeous, although it did leave me with a sense of ghostly loneliness…

…and this is your cue to remind your girlfriend that you will never allow her to feel lonely. *cough*

If you’re tired now and just want to TP home to rest and snuggle…hold up! Not so fast, IndianaJonesGuidoRomeoMacgyver!

#6: The Last Stop

You must visit The Last Stop.

I changed the WL setting here because it was a bit too dark for my goofyness, but I definitely recommend visiting it on the region’s default WL. However, WL is not what I want to discuss here.

You can pilot a black Cobra 21 helicopter here. Hell yes! Just grab the HUD not far from the landing point and walk up to the roof to rezz the Cobra.

So not only are you Indiana Jones Guido Romeo, you are now IndianaJonesGuidoRomeoMacgyverJamesBondSolidSnake!


I tried piloting the Cobra and, well…let’s just say ‘fighter ‘copter pilot’ will not be added into my SL’s skillset anytime soon.

Would you trust this face to handle a deadly mission?
Yeah. I thought so too.
++TP to Last Stop++
PoseShop UnDeux – 1306KH_01 (Past Kiyomizu Summer Hunt item)

The Last Stop is currently relocating, so demolition work has already begun. I landed underwater when I TP-ed with the original SLurl. I’m not sure how long this SLurl will be valid…so make sure you visit it ASAP!

*YAWN* Aaah, ZeeWoww and Znooki…getting a bit tired now, what’s with all this travelling around the grid, solely for the benefit of your SLovelife…

…so we’re going to rest now and spend the weekend eating a crate of chocolates and a whole tub of icecream while lamenting our dateless self salads and tofu and other healthy thingamajig, while we discuss the contemporary social implications of Homer’s Illiad.

Yeah right.

Seriously. That’s what we do.

Cos we’re quite the intralectoowalls.

ZeeWoww and Znooki wishes you a happy, relaxing and romantic weekend! 


On wearing Znooki: Znooki is a decorative piece and not made to be wearable. I did this shoot by attaching Znooki to my ‘Avatar Center’ and repositioning her while I pose. That just made me sound even more like the saddest avatar that ever SLived. I was dateless for this travelogue that I had to resort to ‘wearing’ my teddy bear…but I’m here for you, people. I’m here for you. Dateless and all.  BTW, if any avatar out there looks like George Clooney, Dwayne Johnson, Woody Harrelson or Jason Statham…my SL marriage proposal is long overdue. Quit slacking and get to it! Because, you know, I like long walks on the beach…

On SL travelogue: If you’re on the lookout for interesting places to visit in Second Life, I highly recommend Honour McMillan’s blog. She is an excellent grid traveller and photos of her travels are just breathtaking. I found Mysterious Wave and The Last Stop from her blog. 🙂


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4 thoughts on “ZeeWoww & Znooki Bear: Your Romantic Destinations Tour Guide(tte)

  1. wow! what an itinerary ! interesting about Baja Norte allowing rezzing for a fee; wish more would do that.
    its time to change those shorts ! lol

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