Berry Beary Second Life Group Meme

Remember Znooki Bear? She was an ::A&A:: 10L hunt prize from The Jersey Shore Summer Hangover Hunt.

From the moment I got her, we became best buds. We were even travel guide(tte)s together and co-wrote this post for the SL guidos, that was a lot of fun!

Well, guess what? She dumped me for a boy bear.

She must have sauntered into ::A&A:: mainstore and seduced him home, the skank!!

B/G Hers Pink – Teddy Bear (HEART) – ::A&A:: Hunt Item for Jersey Shore Summer Hangover Hunt
His Pink – Teddy Bear (HEART)::A&A:: Life is Your Creativity
Butterfly Love Jar (gacha)::A&A:: Life is Your Creativity. Also available at The Thrift Shop gacha aisle
Garden Dining Set!!Follow Us!!

“I’m sorry Zee,” she had said. “There just isn’t room for you for icecream…and we only have two servings anyway. Raincheck?”

It was too much. Whatever happened to frenz 4eva?

I was aghast! “Is it because I went shopping at The Kollective without you? Znooki, you know there isn’t anything for you there…”

She didn’t seem to hear me. Her beady eyes were staring lovingly at boy bear. A few days ago, those same beady eyes had adored me.

I saw the Butterfly Love Jar from the Thrift Shop Gacha area on the table…that hurt so bad. I gave that to her as a bff gift! And now she is presenting it to the boy bear?

I’m losing her to a beary cute thing. How can I compete with that?

I had to get out of the house. So I grabbed my clutch and donned my hat, and with trembling lips bid the lovers adieu. I don’t think they even saw my tears. D;

I decided to nurse my heartbreak and bruised ego by answering Berry’s meme this week, over a cup of heartbreak cofee at Egoisme.

++TP to The Kollective Round 2 (ENDS Aug 25th)++
Earrings: Nilma for The Kollective Round 2 (Ends August 25th)Designs by Sebastian

Necklace: Melissa Coral Necklace for The Kollective Round 2Stars!
Hat: Linea HatElysium
Hair: Adrianna (Onyx) –  Mr & Miss C
Eyes: Deep Sky Eyes – Deep True GreyMayfly
Lashes: Dragqueen 25Redgrave
Skin: LanaBelleza

42 Second Life Group Challenge

Meme Instructions: Answer the following questions about groups and share some of your favs with us. Don’t forget to leave your link in the comments!

::Have you reached the 42 group limit?::
I sure have! LL, please give us 100 group slots, I beg you!

::Do you do a lot of group hopping to keep up with all the groups you want to stay a part of?::
Not really. I usually forget about any groups that I dumped so…I guess they were not as important as I thought they were when I joined. I usually only get out of groups that hasn’t had updates since forever, though. I have a few event-specific groups that I have bossily delegated to my alts, they can handle all the notices and I just check on them once a week or so. 😛

::What makes you want to join a group?::
My most important groups are support groups (Bella Pointe, Firestorm, Happy Hippsters). If I have been buying a truckload of the brand’s product, then I usually join the group for updates. Certain blogger groups were by invitation so the designers could send out items, no choice there. Most of my groups are events or Home & Garden ones. My favourite are the ones with loyalty credits in it. I have walked out of {what next} store with nearly 1000L in goods without actually spending actual L$ on that trip…it was all VIP credit that I accumulated! 😛 Also, those discounts for GOS group is a lifesaver, those generous gifts by Chop Zuey…the list goes ooooon…

++TP to The Kollective Round 2 (ENDS Aug 25th)++
Bracelet: Nilma for The Kollective Round 2Designs by Sebastian

Clutch: Feu Follet Clutch PurseChop Zuey
Dress: Veronica for The Kollective Round 2Amarelo Manga
Hands: Slink Mesh Hands CasualSlink (Siddean Munro)
Manicure Applier: Love Donna Flora SetNailed It
Location: Egoisme

::A lot of store VIP groups have a group fee which you have to pay to join. How do you feel about paying group fees?:: 
I’ve been lucky. Most of my paid groups have been really good and generous so I have only positive things to say about the scheme. I figured it should cover the cost of others who are just group-jumping for gifts.

::Name a few groups that you are a part of that you feel everyone should look into joining and share your reasons behind that.::

 ::A&A:: VIP group (L$250)

  • Disclaimer…although I now blog for ::A&A::, I was a VIP member before that happened. It costs L$250 to join the VIP group but you get L$250 credits per month to spend in the inworld mainstore. Which means technically, you just got back what you paid to join…so…L$0 fee! BTW? You too can be dumped by your girl bear when you buy the boy bear with your VIP credit (L$150). *wails*

 !!Follow Us!! group (free)

  • Again, a disclaimer that even if I’m blogging for !!Follow Us!! now, that I’ve actually been in the group long before. It’s free and I lik the monthly gifts. Also, there are usually two products on group discount each time. The recent one just ended so there might be some new ones up soon. 😀

 The Kollective Update Group (free)

  • The Kollective is a monthly event that pairs up a designer with a ‘muse’ blogger, and create a product based on their muse. In return, the blogger will then publicize/review the product. It’s an interesting concept with interesting results and gives you an added look into a blogger’s preferences. 😉 It’s currently on the second round and will end on August 25th. As a group member, you get access to the free gifts that they have set out..and one of them is the Nahla skin from ::WoW Skins::. Also, the next round is Home & Garden, which is my thing and that I’ll be part of, I’m soooo excited!


 {what next} VIP (L$250)

  • It costs L$250 to join, but you get all the VIP gifts, past and present. Also, VIPs get 50% off from the retail price of new releases, which is another lifesaver. And the group gifts are soooo good. SO GOOD. And you accrue credits everytime you spend instore. Bananas!

 GOS Boutique (L$50)

  • 10% discount on all purchases…WHY NOT! IT’S GOS! I live in his shoes so any discounts is good!

 CHOP ZUEY Couture (L$350)

  • The joining cost is quickly repaid by all the pretty VIP gifts that you get…and let me tell you, they come very often! Belle Roussell would have to be the most hardworking jewellery designer ever. I’m not sure if she sleeps. They also hold various classes for group members such as photography classes, styling classes, prim placements etc that I haven’t had the chance to join yet. Also, Belle put out free jewelleries for non-members too. There are four up for grabs now, so I suggest you head over there. NAO!

  Seraphim (FREE)

  • For anyone suffering from the FOMO disease. (FOMO = Fear of Missing Out). They deploy their staff to every event and I depend on the shopping guide to decide whether I should be looking at the event or not. It has been a huge timesaver…as much as it has been a huge…er…time consumer…well…moving right along…

  Fifty Linden Fridays (FREE)

  • It gives meaning to my SL existence. L$50 on Fridays…oooh! Friday, Friday, Fifty Linden Sales on Friday, everybody looking forward to the weekend….because…

  The Neighbourhood! (FREE)

  • …happens right after that. 😀 Basically, designers create a new item or an exclusive recolour of an existing item that will be priced for 200L for 24 hours…starting 12am SLT on Saturday.
++TP to The Kollective Round 2 (ENDS Aug 25th)++
Hat: Linea Hat (past group gift)Elysium

Dress: Veronica for The Kollective Round 2Amarelo Manga
Shoes: Paris Peeptoe (NEW!) in Black SatinGOS Boutique
Hair: Adriana (Onyx) –  Mr & Miss C
Location: Egoisme

Needless to say, the weekend is definitely my L$ drainer. And the next time I go shopping…I’ll bring Znooki with me. 😦

::A&A:: Life is Your Creativity
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The Kollective Round 2: Blooming Summer
Jul 27th – Aug 25th
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Jersey Shore Summer
Hangover Hunt
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The Thrift Shop
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