Part 1: The Hallway, Before

Anyone else having problems with SL this week? Cos I’ve been trying to get these shoots out since Monday night but my textures were not loading properly in my viewer asdfghjkl!!

Anyhoo, now it’s finally done. I bring you two part post today!

I thought I’d show you a before and after scene, because I can and because I felt like it.

I kid. I’ll never force you to do anything you don’t like, baybee! 😛 It’s actually because there are lots of new products out from ::A&A:: at the moment because and I wanted to show all of it in the raw. You know, the ‘as is’ product, before I mess around with it?

The newest releases fit perfectly in my new home.

Yes! I got a new house. Again! Post for another time. 😀

So on to the goodies! From left to right:

Hallway, Before
++::A&A:: Newest Release!!++
Eternal shelf Limited Edition–ONLY 100 PIECES AVAILABLE for The 24
Vintage Romance Dresser
Welcome Home – Hall Tree – BLUE
::A&A:: Life is Your Creativity
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Coordinating colours FTW. I was so excited about these this week.

The limited edition Eternal Set and then Welcome Home Hall Tree set includes animations!

Now, an important note. You can get the Vintage Romance Dresser set and the Welcome Home Hall Tree set from the mainstore or the marketplace now, but there is ONLY ONE WAY you can get the Eternal Shelf set.

Read on!

::A&A:: Eternal Limited Edition for The 24!

The 24

Did you know that The 24 event will begin on the…er….23rd of August? (No, I have no idea why an event named 24 will begin on 23rd…)

If you think trying to get in to Collabor88 Razzle Dazzle was hard, I predict this will make you (and me!) go bananas. Why?

Because The 24 will only go on for ONE WEEK, and the items for The 24 event are limited editions. Designers will only make 100 copies of their exclusive item for The 24.

And the Eternal Shelf set is ::A&A:: exclusive for The 24. 😀

Hallway, Before

I haven’t added anything in this photo except for the candles on the floor, so this is the whole product itself.

Yup, with plenty of frames for you to fill, and cute little homely knickknacks.

I love the details…although these two little teddy bear figurines kinda brought me back to a bad place….*sniff*.

Hallway, Before

Hallway, Before

New Gacha!

Also, new gacha will debut on The 24. Oh lawd help my gacha weakness…

For The 24 event, ::A&A:: will be releasing the Country Charm Jar, a bowl/jar with yummy scented candles in it, encircled with a wreath…

Hallway, Before

I can’t.

Here, take my money and own my soul. I’ll buy anything in a jar or in a glass bowl, it’s a strange weakness. You will see in the next post what I mean!

The soul snatchers cute candles in cute bowl will be priced at 50L per play for one week only, for the duration of The 24. After the event, it will cost L$75 per play at the mainstore.


Mainly so I won’t feel so bad about my addiction.

No taxi provided yet, I’m waiting til the event officially opens before sending you guys en masse to it.


++Your Taxi to The 24++

Now that you see the before photo, where everything is clean and pristine and tidy…it’s time to assault your senses in the second post. *EVIL GRIN*

Go to Part 2: The After photo!


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