Part 2: The Hallway, After

The Before (read about it here!)

Hallway, Before

My hallway was looking a bit bare after I put all three new ::A&A:: releases on there. I decided now it’s time to knickknack it…behold, the chaos!


When you come home from a long day at work, here is what you’l see, honey. 😉

See what I mean about liking things in jars and glass bowls?

How many things in jars and glass bowls can you see here?

I’m not going to lie. I nearly cracked while trying to get these pictures because SL decided it should hate me this week.



Unfortunately, for anything to work for me without crashing ten billion times was to turn shadow rendering off. 😦 I’m sorry lovely designers, for not doing justice to your products today. But trust me, I will do a blimmingly good one after this.

And you know I usually do things good, right? Here are some more examples!

A house is just a house until you make it a home.


Part of my job involves travelling to another city about twice a year…and I despise it. I hate the feeling that I won’t come home to my dogs and my own things. I think I understand why jetsetting celebrities choose to have ridiculous pooches like Chihuahuas, you can stick ‘em in a bag and bring the little yappers with you.

I have yet to find a bag big enough to fit a Mastiff, and then squeeze in a Terrier in there as well. And even if I did, I don’t think they’d be docile enough to sit still in a bag…



As much as I love looking at beautiful hotel rooms, there is something psychologically draining about coming ‘home’ to a hotel room after a long day at work. It’s a nice room, but it’s not MY room. So everytime I travel, I always bring home comforts with me. A framed photo, books, CDs, thongs (or ‘slippers/sandals’ to the rest of you lol), and quickly stock the hotel bar with my usual drinks and snacks. I don’t even read those books or listen to the CDs…I just need it for homely clutters.

Also, this is one thing that my Man find really amusing: my own sheets.

I cannot stand coming ‘home’ to hotel sheets after a long day at work. Not only do they always use those white sheets, making it look so clinical, I’m also suspect of the cleanliness of the sheets. So…I always bring mine. This just made me sound crazy…but you knew that, right?


Are you sick of looking at the same photo of me in a bikini yet?

It’s a bit sad that I have to resort to borrow other people’s photo to put in my frames. LOL

I don’t take enough photos of myself as it is, so you will see a lot of repeated images (oops). But pictured above are some friends’ photos. Because a home is never complete without wonderful friends, right? So thank you Xanthe and the lovely Aslyn and Gabe for letting me use your photos! ❤

Hallway, After

Aaaand there you have it, everyone. The harmony of my chaos. 😀

On to the credits. Later today I will be putting ‘notes’ up on each photo on Flickr to make it easier for you to find the individual items.

For now, I need a strong drink from SL’s torture. *hic*


::A&A:: Life is Your Creativity
:: Official Blog :: Inworld :: Marketplace :: Flickr :: Facebook ::

From ::A&A::
Eternal – Limited Edition for The 24
Welcome Home – Hall Tree – BLUE
Vintage Romance Dresser – B/R
B/G Hers Pink – Teddy Bear – HEART
B/G His Pink – Teddy Bear – HEART
Country Charm Jar Gacha – Blue Swirl Pottery
Happy Daisy Globe Gacha – Pink Retro

Everything Else

Storax Tree
* Candelabra Floor Beeswax with Flowers
* Ancient Stone Relief Bronze Trio Fine Art (55L Thursday @ Storax Tree Sales Room)
* Ornate Vase Sculpture – Unpolished Small (will be available for 30L Saturday @ Storax Tree Sales Room)

Trompe Loeil
Jar Chandelier
Mason Jar with Electric Candle (gacha)
Paper Lamp Round (gacha)
Oceania Chest Fleur De Lis Light

Gold Crown
Stonehenge (gacha)
Floating Torii Gate (gacha)

Robot RP . Tommy
Robot RP . Billy

Teacup Piglet Gatcha [Steamy] – !O (Anya Ohmai)
Origami Deer Head (Lorem Ipsum) Rare – [Commoner]
caged wisdom – floorplan
Tabletop forest (fall) – Second Spaces
Lab vase tall – [ keke ]
Painted milk bottle (red) – Kuro
Row of Books A (Decorated) – {what next}
Apprentice’s Essentials – Standby Inc. for Collabor88 Razzle Dazzle

Special thanks to:

Lovers & Dreamers Photography
:: Official Blog :: Inworld Studio :: Flickr ::
For Potrait Photography, contact:
GabriellDarko Resident
Aslynsage Resident

5 thoughts on “Part 2: The Hallway, After

  1. OMG 2 post str8 ; 😯 i think im gonna have a foyerasm over all that amazing information and other dizzytations that im still absorbink !!

    btw my SL has been perfect 8,263 miles from LA.

    take cares ♥ ȡąɲąƒ

    • Haha, I know, I’ve been working hard! 😀 Foyerasm and dizzytations…your comment has so much win it it. LOL. 7180 miles from LA and was trudging along…all seems to be well now. It better be! ♥

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