His & Hers Bathroom

**Note: Credits are summarized at the end of the post, but you can click through the photos to see itemized credits in Flickr if you prefer. :)**

His & Hers Bathroom
The Bathroom of Olisipo Skybox from Kuro

I have always felt that the secret to a successful relationship is a His & Hers bathroom. 🙂

In RL, my Man and I have separate bathrooms. He doesn’t believe in the therapeutic benefits of soaking in a tub for hours, such heretic! His bathroom is practically spartan. There is a shower cubicle, a sink, a cabinet with mirror and a drawer. His idea of a bath is to get in, shower, and get out.

How boring!

I on the other hand have the whole shebang. A shower, a bathtub, a HUGE mirror, plenty of space for candles, a shoe rack, a cupboard, a heat light…but this is not a post about my RL bathroom. 😀

Get Excited for The 24! 

The 24

As I’m writing this, there is another 50 minutes to The 24 event. LOL. By the time I’m finished, it would have been opened. UPDATE: I just tried, apparently it’s not opened yet. Phew.

++It’s now open! TAXI!!++

Laurent83 Waco has been a busy, busy man. And I bring you this news with glee:

For !!Follow Us!! offerings at The 24 event, you have the potential to win this brand spanking new Everyday Bathroom from his gacha, for 50L per play.

His Sink
++!!Follow Us!! RARE gacha prize @ The 24++
Everyday Bathroom
Note: Accessories on the bottom half of the picture are not included!

YUP! It’s one of the RARE gacha item from !!Follow Us!! and you get the sink and the basket of men’s shaving set. If you look closely, you can even find a safety equipment in there *cough*.

When I first got this item and read the note that came with it…I was puzzled. So I shot him a quick IM…did he just wrote that the bathroom set is a whole gacha item? Or did he meant all these separate bits are gacha items to win? A whole sink for a gacha prize…really?

So he sent me the gacha key. BEHOLD!

!!Follow Us!! Gacha for The 24: 50L$ per play

The24 gacha !! Follow US !!
!!Follow Us!! Gacha Key for The 24

I know, right? How cool is it to have a whole set of furniture as potential gacha prizes!

I think it’s worth it to take a shot at the gacha, even if you’re not normally a gacha addict like me. Four commons (outdoor garden set) and two RARES (Everyday Bathroom and Romantic Shelf) for 50L per play? Brilliant!

And this is the exclusive item for The 24 event: the London Bar. Remember, only 100 copies will be produced for The 24!

!! Follow US !! London bar - Totale exclu THE24
!!Follow Us!! Exclusive for The 24
London Bar

It would be unfair to make a men’s item without making a lady’s one…so here’s a new release that you can get instore now: The Mademoiselle Bathroom!


Check out the sheen of that sink. I still can’t get over materials-ready items. Everytime I see it, I feel like an excited noob again. 🙂

Staring at that sheen nearly got me distracted…so before I drift further into hugging all my materials-ready items, I need to show you the rest of the bathroom. 😀


I am still deeply in love with the latest Country Charm Jar gacha item from ::A&A::. And remember this is also on offer at ::A&A::’s booth at The 24 event. 😀 And just a reminder if you haven’t read this post, the Eternal set is ::A&A::’s exclusive item for The 24. 😀

Hallway, Before
::A&A:: Exclusive for The 24
Eternal Shelf Set

Speaking of which…we need to clean up and get ready to go to The 24 ourselves. We only have 30 minutes left before it opens.

So please kindly show yourself to the door and hope to see you at The 24! ❤

What We’re Wearing (direct link to item on MP)
Him: Jammy Pants for Men – Apple May Designs
Me: Ruffle Pj Shorties – The Sea Hole

 ++I’m a Good Hostess, I called you a Cab to get to The 24!++

Happy Shopping & Good Luck!

The 24

!!Follow Us!!
:: Official Blog :: Inworld :: Marketplace :: Flickr
::A&A:: Life is Your Creativity
:: Official Blog :: Inworld :: Marketplace :: Flickr :: Facebook ::


From !!Follow Us!!
Everyday Bathroom (RARE gacha prize for The 24 event!)
Mademoiselle bathroom

From ::A&A::
Rumpled Braided Mesh Rug (Black)
Lilac & Twigs Pottery Crock in Purple & White
Country Charm Jar Gacha (Gacha for The 24 event!)

From Storax Tree
* Candelabra Floor Beeswax with Flowers D
* Candelabra Floor Beeswax with Flowers C
* Twisty Twigs Vase – Sandstone Duo

From Bazar
Roya Bath tub
Roya Laundry Baskets
Arizona-Bathroom trash bin

From {af} Apple Fall
RENE Wall Art
Sunrise Mirror

Everything Else
Garden Candle in Magenta, Pink & Green – =Mirage=
EoD Shower Acessories Set – EoD End of Daze
Nature’s Way Rug [MESH] – DIGS
Toilet (Wood) with Decoration – LAQ



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