Zee’s attempt at grocery shopping…

The pantry was looking a bit bare and a girl (and her dog) needs to eat, so what’s a girl to do?


Alright, listen here, Gambit.

Mummy is going to go grocery shopping. Now, while I’m gone, I want you to behave, ok?

Don’t go wrecking Mummy’s new hallway, and the bathroom that Mummy just worked hard on last weekend.

You hear me?

“I want the house still standing when I return, boy!”
* Pose: Penthouse #3 – [PM] Poses
Gambit The Dog 😛 : German Shepherd – UnitedInshCon
Location: My platform @ Bella Pointe

Right, be a good boy now.

Hello! Hello, taxi! Taxi!

How hard is it to get a taxi nowadays?

I can’t walk all the way in these new GOS Paris Peeptoe heels. This heels aren’t made for walking!

*Pose: Penthouse #8 – [PM] Poses
Location: The Box @ The Slums/Depraved Nation

The weather was lovely outside, and I may or may not have been a bit hungover from the weekend. So I wasn’t up to the hassle of spending so much time dressing myself. Perfect use for the Yasmin outfit from Trends by Tiss. She’s having an 80% sales on all her mesh clothing now til Sept 15, and this outfit was only L$50. 😀 Yap! The dress, the bag, the shades and that cute flower collar for L$50. It also came with a waistbelt and a pair of shoes that I chose not to wear. For L$50, people!

Speaking of money…Uh, wait….

Peeking into my bag, I just realized I got out of the house…WITHOUT MY PURSE!!


* Pose: Penthouse #5 – [PM] Poses
Expression with Emoter HUD

After taking off my heels and running home to get my purse, I finally managed to get a

++taxi down to Bitacora Village++

Maybe I’ll bump into danaf who has been sailing around the island lately.

Unfortunately, I didn’t see him, but I did see these yummy, lovely looking fruits. Mmmm. Maybe I should get a few of these…

But hang on…

Pose (Top) : I can’t remember…I’m so sorry! >_<
* Pose (Bottom): Penthouse #1 – [PM] Poses
Expressions with Emoter HUD

Fish laid to dry on a barrell…and there’s a mice eyeing ’em!

Uh. I think I’ll pass on the grocery shopping here…


* Outfit (Dress, bag, shades) : YasminTrends by Tiss @ Fair Mesh (80% off!)

 Shoes: Paris Peeptoe in Black SatinGOS Boutique

Bracelet: Candy KissesChop Zuey

Skin: LanaBelleza

* Hair: Joan (NEW) – Tameless

* Poses: Penthouse series (NEW) – [PM] Poses

Expressions using Emoter HUD

Mesh Fair, 80% off
Aug 23 – Sept 15



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