Exploring Second Life Meme

Ha! This week’s meme is soooo easy, considering the fact that I have covered destinations before, yeppers! But before I reveal my destinations, I have to squeeze in this short post. LOL. It was due to be blogged yesterday, but RL was being a bitch and I was too exhausted to do anything…so pardon the bit of squeeze in. But it’s pretty, I promise!

Lookie here!

Precious Time
::A&A::’s exclusive for The Kollective Home & Garden Round (starts Sept 1st).
Precious Time Desk.

I am personally sooooo proud of this piece Alliana made for me for The Kollective Home & Garden event. *victory dance*. FORMEFORMEFORME! It isn’t everyday you can tell a designer “oi! I need an item specifically made for me!” (obviously, I told her this fact nicely lol). This may or may not be my reason to draw her in to participate in Round 3 of The Kollective event. LOL Oops, mental note out loud!

In case you haven’t heard of The Kollective before, it is an event created with the idea of collaboration between designers and bloggers. One designer will be paired with a blogger for each cycle, and the designer will create a new and exclusive design inspired by their partnered blogger. YES!

If you’re wondering about the initials…the Z is self explanatory and the “C” is my RL’s partner initial. 😀 So no, it’s not an ode to cubic zirconia.

Let’s get on with the meme now, shall we?

Berry’s Exploring Second Life Meme

UPDATE: There’s now a Flickr group for Eploring SL! Come join us and share photos of your favourite SL destinations, even if you’re not participating in the meme. ❤

Meme Instructions: Share 1 to 5 of your favorite places on the grid. I feel like exploring and discovering new places. Share places you think everyone should visit and also tell us why they are your favorites. Don’t forget to leave a link to your post in the comments!

I’m going to recycle my old pictures…

To be honest, I spend a lot of time on my own platform @ Bella Pointe, rezzing houses and decorating these houses (lol). It’s also a place where I can morph into a hamster without facing judgement. If you’re interested, here’s a SLurl to a demo of how my platform looks like. It’s huge and I have space for five ongoing sets at the same time, which means most of my SL time is spent on these…I’M SAD, I KNOW!

But I do travel. Like going to these places:

The Looking Glass installment @ Annon

++TP to The Tower Gate of Anon++

(Note: This SLurl will bring you to the Archipelagus main landing point. Fly south to the other island to get to this installment)

The Looking Glass @ Annon

Blog Post: First Impression and Retention

The Tower Gate of Annon was the first place I landed on after infohub when I first rezzed. I do believe it was key to my retention in SL. For someone new, who had no idea what SL is actually about, landing in an aesthetically breathtaking place and realizing that this is Resident-made was inspiring. I don’t remember how I found this…possibly from one of the helpers in NCI Kuula, but I remember spending my first few hours on SL exploring this place. I learned the basic of SL here…like flying, ‘sitting’ on a boat, ‘wearing’ the oar to ‘row’ the boat…good, noobish experience. 🙂


++TP to InSilico++


Blog Post: Oooh, Let The Jameson Sink In

There is nothing I do not love about InSilico. It’s an elegant cyberpunk with a simmering dystopic undertones just waiting to burst out. If I had more time to lead two lives, I would be here all the time and I would actually RP. My first platform was in InSilico before I decided I needed an actual land, not just a structure. This is also where I met my favourite-st person in SL, Melinda. She was wearing awesome boots so I got out of my room and talked to her. You know, as you do! I return to InSilico often for old time’s sake. It’s an RP sim but anyone can visit, you’re under no obligations to RP with anyone. Just don’t run around drunk or the IPS will be after you. 😉

BCC @ Cours

++TP to Cours++


Blog Post: The Road Not Taken

It’s the location for BCC store, which is fab in itself, but step out of the store and explore this well done sim! This sim is constantly reconstructed without sacrificing aesthetic quality. For example, when I took this picture, this path was part of a longer path in a dense forest. It has been cut shorter now, with water and a railroad halving the original forest…but it is still beautiful, trust me!


++TP to Ghostville++


Blog Post: ZeeWoww & Znooki Bear, Your Romantic Destinations Tour Guide(ette)

Cica Ghost is an amazing artist and builder, I’m a huge fan of her work. My first taste of her work was at her Rust installation, The above picture was taken with Ghostville’s original WL. As you can see, it is spectacular as is!

There you have it folks, my favourite places when I DO find the need to get out of my own platform. And come Sept 1st, The Kollective would probably where I’ll be hanging out more.

Man, I do need to travel the grid more…so I’m looking forward to everyone’s favourite places. Come share yours and join in the meme here!


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