Oideyasu, minnasan!

Ohaider and oideyasu, minnasan.

Hamako the Hamster, Okasan and Proprietress of OHAIDER Okiya

Zee is occupied today entertaining her danna who is in town. She was a bit stressed, because she had some blogging to do but I tell her “Zee-sama, okasan will do it for you.”

She nearly had a heart attack because she was worried about the prospect of me handling her blog she drank her hot miso soup too quickly and choked on it. But I am the okasan; what I say goes. So here I am to take over some of her blogging duties while she concentrates on making money for me the okiya.

I suppose an introduction is in order. I am Hamako, the okasan of the most successful OHAIDER Okiya. I lead a very busy life handling my geckos geikos so I don’t have time to blog until this opportunity today. I hear rumours that my twin, MZeeHamster, blogs sometimes. She calls herself a ‘naturalist’ but in truth she’s a nudist deviant who refuses to cover herself up, and thus walk around in hamsterly nakedness…

…we, we don’t talk about her much.

Managing a busy okiya is stressful business. So what do I do when I de-stress? I travel! But the grid is so large and it is impossibru to know  everything, that is why I love this Flickr group that Berry set up for her Exploring Second Life meme.

Explore SL Group on Flickr!
Come Join Us @ Explore SL Group on Flickr!

My geiko Zee travels sometimes in her duty as a high-demand geiko, this is her list of her favourite destinations.

There are already so many destinations and photos from talented Residents in the Flickr group, so if you live a Second Life and would like to share your favourite destinations, please come and join us! Of course, there are rules in place to make it fair for everybody:

  1. SLurl (or link to blog post with the slurl) must be in the description of the image.
  2. Avatars are allowed, however the image must show a lot of the sim and not only focus on the avatars.
  3. Images that break the above two rules will be removed.

Zee mentioned that I need to provide a ‘style card’ with a blog post. And since I am a such stylo milo okasan, of course I am willing to share with you my pimpin’ style! (Did I say that right? Pimpin’?).

We shall start with my sexy shape, the envy of okasans and young geikos everywhere. You too can be like me when you pick up this Hamster Avatar with Customized AO (L$100 gacha) from Beetlebones.  Let’s be pimpin’ together, desu!

When you are an okasan of a particularly mega-successful okiya, you are akin to Anna Wintour of the hanamachi world. Hoi pollois look up to you for fashion inspiration, and it is important that you’re on top of the trend. That is why this Black Blossom kimono for Beetlebones Hamster, with texture-changeable obi is so stylin’.

Texture Change Obi

Best of all? It’s free.

As a successful trendsetter in the hanamachi world, I sometimes have to take fashion risks. For example, no okasan would dream of wearing steampunk glasses like this…but why not? Just because we are not young geckos geikos anymore doesn’t mean we should fade away when it comes to style. Be a cool okasan, get yourself a pair of steampunk glasses specially made for Beetlebone’s hamster avatar and it is priced at L$1!!

I’m down with it AND being frugal about it. TESTIFY.

(Did I say that right? I hear youngsters nowadays use it…)

The better to see you with, my dear…

A geiko‘s hair is one of the most important ornaments throughout her career. It is of utmost importance that a geiko have a good relationship with a reputable hairdresser. One of my hairdressers is Helena Stringer of Stringer Masoleum. This hairpiece she named ‘Blossom Maiden‘ is available from this round’s Genre. Even if I’m now a retired geiko, who says that should stop me from feeling like a blossoming maiden, right? It’s all about perspective, minna!

I know some of the okasans with this hair feel it is not right for us at our age to wear the beautiful hair branches. “It is for young girls, Hamako!” they tell me. “We should leave the branches and just wear the hair…it is more appropriate for our station and age.”

But I point out to them that I have the most successful okiya and the highest paid geikos…and that didn’t come from playing it safe.

I mean, look at this:

Ayumu Teahouse in Brown/Blossom with Rock Garden– [CIRCA] for Genre: East Asia round
Japanese Torii Gate – Botanical for Genre: East Asia round
Asian Fence Set – Dysfunctional Designs for Genre: East Asia round
Black & White Blossom VasesDysfunctional Designs
Bamboo, Japanese Pine & Spring Sakura tree – Bella Pointe’s Sakura Island Landscaping pack (free to Bella Pointe Residents)

This is Zee’s new personal tea house, and she wouldn’t have been able to afford these goodies from Genre and this land from Bella Pointe had she not been trained by me.

Can you tell me your geikos have reached this level of wealth and patronship? No?

Then don’t tell me how to wear my hair.


++ TP to Genre: East Asia Round++

As a sidenote to all aspiring okasans whenever they ask me: “How do you train the most successful geikos?” My answer is this video tutorial. Make sure your maikos learn this right from the beginning and by the time they are ready, dannas will be lining up the doorstep of your okiya:

But, uh, make sure your maikos and geikos replace the word ‘Toshi’ with the name of their respective patron or this will be totes awk.

On a more serious note, this is a lighthearted post just for entertainment. I have no intention of scorning the profession of a real okasan and hardworking geikos…in fact, I think it is one of the highest art form and I have nothing but deep respect for it. The path to becoming a geiko is not as glamorous as potrayed in popular media, so here are some links to a BBC documentary following the journey of a young geiko.

Becoming a Geisha

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6

❤ Okini. 

Zee for We Love To Blog Group

P.S: Nearly forgot! A special nod to Orfie of Rhuude, who originally sourced some hamster outfits for my hamster avatar. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have thought of dressing a hamster up! LOL!


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