Won’t You Take Me To XanZeeBar?

You know how Xanthe went off for a holiday in Corfu, and I ended up back at work when I’m not supposed to last week?

Well. We need to come clean.

We are sorry we deceived you.

The truth is, we eloped. Las Vegas.

And now we have set up a love nest, like those annoying newlyweds who pepper their every walls and nooks and crannies with testament of their diabetically sweet love.

To make it even worse for you guys, we have cornily christened our love nest with a name. Yap. We called our love nest…

++The XanZeeBar.++


Cos you know, we’re that kind of people now. Beniffer. Brangelina. TomKat. Jay-Be.

XanZee. But with a Bar. Geddit?

OK. OK. Serious time now.

This was actually set up about two weeks ago while Xanthe and I attempted a clean-up of our inventory, after we went a bit loco at Fantasy Gacha Fair. To be honest, I wasn’t even sure why I was at that Fair…I’m not even into fantasy things much nor do I roleplay. But hey, leave no gacha machines unconquered!

So, with doubles and triples and quadruples in our inventory, PLUS The Arcade looming upon us, we have decided to set up our own little gacha yard sale. Everything at cost price or lower, except for rares!


And because we don’t discriminate when it comes to gacha love, we have gacha items from just about everywhere.

It is still sorta under construction now, we still have a lot more to add. And no doubt even more when we finally managed to crawl into The Arcade. But whatever is there is up for grabs. 🙂

When you’re there, you’ll notice this glowy bulbous thing. Or box.

We didn’t want our little garage sale to have hovertext every freaking way you look. So we boxed up all our commons into a small prim and then stick it on to the relevant pic on the poster. What you do:

Pay the glowy prim –> Right Click and Unpack Straight to Your Inventory –> Delete that glowy prim.

Once paid, the glowy prim is yours…and we ask for your kindness to delete this prim you own after you unpack/transfer the items into your own inventory.

If you leave it there, we’d end up returning a small empty prim to you when we clean up.

Alternatively, you can ‘take’ the little prim into your inventory but remember it’s a tiny glowy thing when you rezz it to unpack!


We box our rares in a special-er box because they’re more expensive.

You can use the method above, or you can take the box into your inventory.

Later this week, time permitting, we’ll work on setting up a list of what you can find there. MAYBE. RL is getting hectic!

So, come one! Come all!

++Let this takes you to…XanZeeBaaaar! Let this takes you to XanZeeBar!++


4 thoughts on “Won’t You Take Me To XanZeeBar?

    • What’s wrong with Vegas? Cool places to visit and explore… an economy that runs mostly on sex and gambling…sexy, extravagant clothing … Vegas IS second life in first life!

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