Autumn Country Cottage

It seems like I’m posting nearly everyday this week, huh?

I can’t help it, there are way too many home and garden goodies happening at the moment.

The Kollective Round 3: Home and Garden edition will be open in a few more hours! 😀

++It’s open! TP to The Kollective!++


 Here are some of the goodies you can find at The Kollective: Home & Garden edition. 😀

Some of the items available at The Kollective Round 3: Home & Garden Edition.

Yes, there’s a pair of fluorescent cows. More on that later. LOL.

These are not even everything that is on offer there, so make sure you check it out when it opens. For a full list of designers and their muse, check out The Kollective blog.

Autumn is underway in SL…despite it being Spring in my RL. But that’s the beauty of living in two worlds, right?

RL work has been so demanding lately. If you read me on Tumblr, you’ll hear me rant about the new rounds of career seekers we have recently.

So, welcome to the Autumn Country Cottage, where one can escape the city stress for the weekend.

Shaedy Cabin (FREE!) – Shaedy Bizness // Irregular Dirty White Garden FenceMMG // Little Gate from ‘White Garden Fence” set[ba] Barnesworth Anubis // Simple PathwayHounds Inc. // Red Autumn Grassy ForestPersnickity
Taken at my skyland, Bella Pointe Mountain Retreat. Demo model here!

Can you believe this cottage is free? Shae put this up this Blue Cabin for free to celebrate Shaedy Bizness new satellite location at the Witches Island.  So if you’re looking for a cosy abode for nothing, head over to Shaedy Bizness @ Witches Island and get this!

Want to know what this little cottage is capable of?

Then come on in. 🙂


I love porches. I think aside from a kitchen, a porch is the most welcoming part of a house.

So I made sure I did this porch in the most welcoming way possible. Comfy seats, plants, shelf with books and plants and even a painter’s stool and easel, for those of you who are more artistically inclined then I can ever be.

Porch Swing (gacha) – Alouette // Belted ShelfPILOT // Painter’s SetLISP // Inshan Occassional Chair – Piddler’s Perch for The Kollective Round 3: Home & Garden

Autumn can be a toss between the remnants of summer heat and the coming of winter chills…

Perfect use for Piddler’s Perch “Inshan Occasional Chair”, inspired by blogger Hanstrid Inshan.

The Kollective Round 3: Home & Garden Edition
“Inshan Occassional Chair”
by Piddler’s Perch, inspired by Hanstrid Inshan

Spend your weekend mornings sipping a cup of hot tea here, while your lover paints you a potrait. 🙂 Aaaah…

And then spend your weekend midmornings just enjoying nature from this gazebo…

Vendor Stall (Tree Themed) – 60 L @ Storax Tree Sales Room // Beverly Cute Bench – Serenity Style for The Kollective Round 3: Home & Garden

This build from Storax Tree was meant to be a retail stand, and it is 60L for 60L secret this week. Get it here. If I didn’t have so many prefabs I couldn’t find the use for (lol), XanZeeBar would have been housed in this. Actually, it might still be, knowing how fickle I am when it comes to SL architecture and builds. (No Xanthe, don’t hyperventilate. YET).

I decided to use it as a gazebo and added the Serenity Style’s Beverly Cute Bench, inspired by the blogger Yare Beverly.

The Kollective Round 3: Home & Garden Edition
“Beverly Cute Bench”
by Serenity Style, inspired by Yare Beverly

That little itty bitty thing you see in the middle of the bench is Commoner’s Chatterbox – Couples Edition. It is scripted to ask you romance and relationship type questions in local chat…meaning, if you’re about to give your partner the third degree, this is a way to do it. LOL. But don’t tell anyone you got the idea from me! You can get it from Commoner.

I also have the ‘All About Me‘ edition which I used for my interview with my friend and SL twin, Beauty. 😀

The Kollective Round 3: Home & Garden Edition
“The Cow Couple”
by Persnickity, inspired by Kai Diamond
I named the Cow Boy “Bartholomew Christopolus” and the Cow Girl “Gertrude Lei“.
Because I can.

Are them flourescent moo cows I see in front of the Stepside Truck Bed from Consignment? With milk pails doubling as flower vases?

Why yes, Ennis, this is exactly what you’re looking at!

“BAHAHAHA!” That was my reaction when I rezzed these lovely couples! When I finally got hold of myself, I shakily IM Pet of Persnickity why she made…cows.

“Because Kai wanted cows!” LOL

The beauty about The Kollective is that it is a collaboration event between a designer and their blogger muse. So whatever the blogger ask ed for, the designer have to make it.

Kai wanted cows, and Kai got them cows. I asked Kai WHY. This was her answer:

“…I think Pet probably thought I was a little crazy when I said cows,lol. I just happen to love cows. Cow print, I have cow stuffies, I even have breedable cows on my land! Some times even i’m a cow complete with milk tank,lol.”

Unicorns are so last season. Cows are all the rage now, especially flourescent ones. 😀

Let’s take a look at the little planting plot, shall we?

Soil Mini BoxMMG // My Little Gardening Corner{vespertine} // Florence Shelf (VIP group gift) – {what next} // Old Spigot & Water TroughPOST // Garden Ketta – G.O.C for The Kollective Round 3: Home & Garden edition

Plants in pots and little vases are my weakness.

I seem to have a lot of weakness in SL.

Well, I am only ‘human’!

My Little Gardening Corner{vespertine} // Thyme, Parsley & Rosemary planters::A&A:: // Green Garden Fork::A&A:: // Tall watering can::A&A:: // Flowering ideasKuro // Mint Message home

This Garden Ketta by G.O.C, inspired by blogger Rekka Whiteberry, is brilliant.

Wanna know why?

The Kollective Round 3: Home & Garden Edition
“Garden Ketta Teleporter”
by G.O.C, inspired by Rekka Whiteberry

Because it is a teleporter disguised as  a garden decoration item .

Let me explain quickly why this is relevant to me and why I was excited when I finally figured out what this was (and configuring it to work). For those of you who don’t want to break the fantasy of me living in a vast land with all these wonderful builds, I have set the font to ‘white’ so you don’t need to read it if you don’t want to. But if you’re curious, highlight it and read on! 😉

–>I rent a 1/2 sim skyland from Bella Pointe.  And I ‘live’ “up-in-the-sky-in-the-sky”. Most of the photos you see in my blog are ‘sets’ built from scratch on my Bella Pointe ground. Where I actually ‘live’ is up in my skydome’s sky, in the Olisipo skybox from Kuro. My grounds on the ground are usually scattered with sets. Usually five ongoing ones at the same time.<–

How else did you think I could churn out home and garden posts so quickly? 😉

So that is why a teleporter that doesn’t look like a teleporter is awesome. 😀

Oh, where are my manners? Come inside!

Serenity::A&A:: // Resolutions Print{what next} // Balanced BookshelfAlouette // Toronto CurtainBazar // Midsummer bed (Rose)Tableau Vivant // Welcome Home Shelf (Red)::A&A:: // Aphrodite Scripted CurtainAphrodite // Retro Disco Carpet::db::

The cosy cottage is spacious enough to get all these in there. 😀

I am biased but this is my favourite item for this Kollective round.

The Kollective Round 3: Home & Garden Edition
“Precious Time”
by ::A&A:: , inspired by…well…ME! (YAAAY!)
Also in here
yellow typewriter (gacha)floorplan // bookstacks (pride & prejudice, great gatsby & philosopher’s stone)floorplan // pride & prejudice manuscriptfloorplan // book // Friend letter – EoD // flower in tall lab vase[ keke ]

Because it was made…FOR ME. (Told you I’m biased!)

What do I like most? Writing. And little plants in little pots. And teddies. And the colour green.

So Alliana made this for me. What? No, I’m not crying…I…I had dusts in my eyes.

“Time is precious…waste it wisely.”

I’m not sure if she meant to put that as a subtle warning to me….LOL.

I love it, Alli, thank you so much. ❤

And before I blub more tears of joy and make it awkward for you guys…let’s look at the little kitchennete side of the cottage. *sniffs*

Aphrodite scripted curtainAphrodite // Tabletop forest (fall)Second Spaces // Romance Bookends (gacha)Cheeky Pea // Sliding plate rack – MMG // SinkZigana // crate table (gold)floorplan // Camp Stool{what next} // half tablefloorplan // Toronto CurtainBazar // Retro Disco Carpet::db::

Did you know you can cook just about anything in a rice cooker? Here are some examples.

In my first year in college, I lived in a dorm room with three other girls who I still now call my best friends. We weren’t allowed to cook in the room but eating at the Hall was always expensive. A Foreman Grill is too obvious (the smell, the sizzling noise)…and who wants to eat grilled food everyday anyway?

Being Asian, I knew the magic of a rice cooker, so we chipped in and bought a cheapie rice cooker for $30. Best of all, it came with a steamer attachment. We ate really well! During exam times, we’d just plop in packets of noodles (the average ricecooker can fit six packets, proven!), fill the cooker up with water, put some frankfurts on the steamer attachment, set it to cook…and by the time we finished a chapter on the textbook, dinner is ready. LOL.

And if you’re a cheapie college student trying to make your SL home more believable, you can get this rice cooker and toaster for L$1 each. YESH! Everything at GachaYa is set at L$1!!

green rice cooker & orange toaster (1L$ each!) – GachaYa // crate table (gold)floorplan // Camp Stool{what next} // half tablefloorplan // Ham DinnerPILOT // flowers in lab vases[ keke ]

Nearly the end of this tour and my babblings, bear with me just a little bit longer. 🙂

Let me show you the vanity corner.

Serenity::A&A:: // Resolutions Print{what next} // Retro Disco Carpet::db:: // Camp Stool{what next} // half tablefloorplan // Rustic Mesh Country Heart Shelf (Purple)::A&A:: // Primitive Blue & Red – Beautiful Chalk Board::A&A:: // Vanity Antique Sewing Machine – LDG for The Kollective Round 3: Home & Garden

I thought this vanity inspired by Katlene Niven was brilliantly designed. The vanity was built from a reclaimed sewing machine, with recycled wood bits. 😀

You get two different shades with each purchase –dark and light. The knickknacks comes with your purchase as well, and you have the option of changing the bottle colours with a HUD. 😀

The Kollective Round 3: Home & Garden Edition
“Vanity Antique Sewing Machine”
by LDG, inspired by Katlene Niven

I grabbed Kat and asked her why she asked for a vanity:

“I wanted a Vanity because I’m very feminine. I’m one of those ladies that always puts on Make-Up before leaving the house. And the sewing machine is because I love fashion.”

I’d say Rekka hit the idea on the head. 😀

You know what?

I need everything here IRL.

Oh, I have rambled on so much that it is now night time…

I’m going to park myself here and be all whimsical and look at the moon or some such.

Feel free to grab a cup of hot cocoa and join me. 🙂

Inshan Occassional Chair
Perfect for that relaxing cool night out on the porch. 🙂

And when The Kollective officially opens, I will call you a cab!

++It’s open! Here’s your Cab++


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