Shopping Addiction: Do You Have It?



# 1: You’re all dressed up early in the morning.

#2: You slip out of the house before your partner wakes…

#3: With his credit card.

Dress: AnetteTrends by Tiss (80% off @ Fair Mesh!) // Hair: SierraTRUTH // Skin: LanaBelleza // Eyes: Deep True Grey (Deep Sky Eyes)Mayfly // Lipstick: Rhea Lipstick #2Ricielli // Hands: Casual HandsSlink // Manicure: Rainbows & CloudsHello Dave // PurseGamaguchi – G.O.C (FREE for The Kollective Group members @ The Kollective Round 3

So I can prettify the house more, honey!

++The Kollective Is Now Roaring!++

And if you join The Kollective Update Group, you can grab the purse with credit card and bills for free.



I’m currently furnishing another build with some more of this round’s items. I had all the intentions to show it to you guys by today, but all day yesterday SL was being a bit wonky.  But I do have a previous post that is chock full with The Kollective’s offerings for this round. 🙂

So, my SL issue: everytime I rezz something and position it elsewhere, for some strange reason it always snaps back to the position where I originally rezz it. This happens several more times before I got fed up and did a quick relog. And on my return, everything was even more wonkier. I’m using ‘more’ and ‘ier’ redundantly to illustrate to you how much ‘more worser’ it is. LOL

All my mesh builds and furnitures were going all wobbly-trianglely, it’s as if I’m on an old viewer!

Apparently I’m not the only one having troubles. I received several messages about SL’s performance yesterday, and how some are even discouraging Arcade’s visit til things go back to normal.

Grid status yesterday (it is marked as ‘resolved’ now but I’m not sure, tbh!)

[POSTED 12:05 PM PDT, 01 September 2013] We are investigating network issues which are causing multiple errors throughout the system. During this time, some residents may be logged off and may be temporarily unable to log in for a brief period or may experience other losses in functionality. Please refrain from rezzing no copy objects or making inworld L$ transactions while this maintenance is in progress. Pleasecheck back here for updates.

Maybe tomorrow will be a kinder day for my decorating addiction!

In the meantime,

++Your TP to The Kollective Round 3: Home & Garden++



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