Under the Desert Sun

My makeup is melting, Fabio! This heat is too much, she shouldn’t have slathered on all that foundation. I’m going to fire this makeup artist..seriously. And helllooo! I only drink Evian water, dahling, take this back! And bring me Evian!

NO, I’M NOT BEING A DIVA! I’m surrounded by incompetent fools…

Huh, what? The camera is rolling?

Are we live? We are? Uh….


Hello everyone, and welcome to another documentary on travelling the metaverse!

Today, we will be going on a Safari at Izzie Button’s Desert/Savannah themed sim.

++Located Here!++

King & Queen of The Savannah
* Dress: Loiva – Trends by Tiss (80% off for Fair Mesh)
Shoes: Paris Peeptoe (Satin)GOS Boutique
Hair: DeneeTRUTH
Skin: LanaBelleza
Bangles: [femme] Safari Bangles22769
Pose: Delicate #2//elephante poses//

Khaki pants and t-shirts? Not this travel reporter!

Especially not for an audience with the King and Queen of this Savannah (and their little princeling hiding shyly behind Mama Lioness).

No sirree, Zee believes that whatever one do, one must do with complete elegance. And therefore for this series, I have donned a Loiva dress, kindly provided by Tissani of Trends by Tiss. The perfect colour pallete for this advanture: I am neither too colourful to block the natural savannah beauty, nor am I too bland that you can’t see me. 😀 The outfit is on 80% sale at the moment until 15th September, so after watching this documentary, the Fair Mesh should be your next destination? 😉

Savannah Necklace
Necklace: Ebony Savannah Necklace (Lion)Half-Deer
Ring: Cross Ring (Pink)Cute Poison
Hand: Slink Mesh Hand CasualSLink
Manicure:  Love Donna Flora! setNailed It

Just because we are away from civilisation doesn’t mean we should live like barbarians, agree? After all, no glam diva should be sleeping in a tent. Thankfully, there is this lovely and luxurious chalet for the weary (and L$ heavy) traveller to the sim. This is where the camera crew and I spent the night in.

Savannah Luxury

We were initially worried about the very open-space living.

I mean, this is a savannah, full of wild and savage animals, no?

Plus, look at this:


Our tour guide assured us that everything will be well.

“All the animals here are well-fed, ma’am,” he winked. “We strongly discouraged snacking, but when they do, they don’t eat much.”


Our fears were baseless though, because we woke up to this the next morning:

Bathing Hippos!

It is very reassuring to know that the hippos in this savannah are stickler about their cleanliness and hygiene.

And would you just look at that pretty elephant? I wonder how long it took her to put that makeup on this morning?

Such a lovely sight to wake up to!

After a simple breakfast of tea and croissants (yeah, I was surprised they have these too around here), our tour guide drove us around the savannah to look at the animals. My favourites are these cute herd of elephants.

Savannah Elephants

Baby elephants are the cutest large thing in this world, I’m sure.

We also spotted some rhinos.

This one here is happily chewing on…wait…hang on…


Am I seeing what I’m seeing here? 

Is the camera still rolling?

No, don’t take a closeup…!



Ok, cam elsewhere, cam elsewhere! We can’t show this!



Moving right along, people.

If you visit the sim, you will also come across this tent. A Bedouin tent, perhaps?

Bedouin Tent

We saw no camels around, so they must have gone to bring their livestock to graze on a greener pasture…perhaps when you visit, you can meet them.

++Your Jeep to the Savannah!++

P.S: Izzie Button just recently built an Autumn Forest scene on the platform above her mainstore (where this savannah is located). This TP brings you to the Mainstore landing, and just TP to Autumn Forest from the signpost. 🙂 

Happy Exploring!

Mesh Fair, 80% off
Aug 23 – Sept 15



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