New @ The Yardsale. :)

Xanthe and I suffer from this infection called ‘leavenogachaunconquereditis’. This does not happen only at The Arcade. We are inflicted with it everywhere we go.

We are currently looking for a cure.

We are not working very hard looking for that cure.

But our addiction is about to do the world a service. Because we have excess multiples! and if the thought of game of chances gives you the shivers, then leave it to us. Just buy things straight off us…or better yet, trade! 


TP to XanzeeBar!

Note: Absolutely open to trades. If you see anything you like but would rather trade than buy, feel free to ask us! 🙂

Except for Rares, all items are sold at or below cost. It’s only fair. 😉

Ionic Nostaliga

We have rare!

Photo Source: *ionic* Flickr
Sold for L$450 at XanZeeBar

TP to XanzeeBar!


Happy shopping!


Penny for your thoughts?

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