Z and A&A @ NYC!

The things in this store looks so nice…I wonder if I can afford this?

I wonder if I can afford these?
Canvas and leather backpack/stripe2 – pesca @ The Arcade Sept.

Hey, wait…I work for them! XD

* Plaid shorts and buckled up top – Kaithleen’s
Pose: Saffron #4 – oOo Studio

I’m wondering if this post title today made any sense to you? 🙂 In case it doesn’t: I visited the NYC sim and stopped by ::A&A::’s new flagship store there. 🙂

++Here’s your TP: A&A @ NYC!++

There is one thing I’d like to discuss with you guys today:

Let’s talk about HUD.

So, let’s talk about HUD system, shall we? I’m sure you love it as much as I do!

Listen up!

♫*{::.Noise.::} Pink Headphones – .::C.C. Kre-ations::.
Eyelashes: Dragqueen 25 – Redgrave
Hair: Cece – TRUTH
Skin: Lana – Belleza
Pose: Dancehall Queen #5 – Fruct0se

I am a neat freak. I cannot stand clutter. My Man jokes that every single thing in our house are labeled, including the dog food. FYI, while that is half the truth, I don’t actually label everything I can lay my hands on. And dog food labels, only for the rare times where I’m busy at work and possibly have to stay back for a bit, and I have to call in neighbours to feed my dogs. I have two dogs with separate dietary needs, ok!

I’m the same with my inventory. My home and garden items are super organized. It’s all nicely arranged, categorized, complete with pictures, and I use OneNote to curate it, Maybe when I have time, I’ll show you guys what I mean one day.

Anyhoo, back to HUD.

I love variety, but I don’t want a variety of items cluttering my inventory.  I hate having a lot of things in my inventory. So I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE anything that comes with a HUD.

Like these shoes.

* Divine Wedge Boots – Miss Canning
Pose: DOLLO3 Like a Daisy in my lazy eyes – Fruct0se

It’s the new Miss Canning’s Divine Wedge Boots, and it comes with Colors HUD for those of you who are inventory neat freak like moi!


One boots, many colours. Perfect.

This made me feel like the Greek god Hermes, and in many ways, I do feel like Hermes whether or not I wear these shoes. First of all, Hermes was the son of Zeus. I AM ZEE-US…right? Also, Hermes was the emissary and messenger of the gods (like how I am telling you about A&A’s new flagship store), protector and patron of travelers (I help run ExploreSL), herdsmen (well…I do have cows), thieves (uh,,,), orators and wit (this is what I do for work…I orate. Whether people listen is another matter), literature and poets (hello! I love writing!) and athletics and sports (Olympic Gold Medal in Chocolate Consumption, since 1985).

See the parallel?

Yeah, I thought so too. 😛

Here’s another thing with HUD that I love:

Rainbows & Clouds Manicure – Hello Dave
Pose: Dancehall Queen #2 – Fruct0se

My manicures! A nod to Shae for this tip, I got this for only 99L and I love it,,,just look at the colour options.

Yes, yes, I know manicure appliers are usually delivered with a HUD.

All I’m saying is that everything else should to. 😛

I’m mostly away from SL this week due to RL, but I shall be back this weekend with a vengeance and heaps of A&A goodies. 😀 In the meantime, check out the NYC sim and of course, the A&A flagship store there. 😉

++TP to A&A @ NYC!++

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