A Thank You note

Dear All,

I’m sorry I’ve been quiet, I’ve been occupied with several RL things lately. 🙂 I’m writing this in bed, on my phone, so there are no usual photos accompanying this post… Or my usual anal-retentive justified paragraphs (I will fix this when I get to a laptop!). There are also possibilities that my phone will autocorrect some words. Bear with me. 😛

My Man is home for a week and we took the opportunity to do some light renovations to our RL house. That kept us busy and tired! I still have white paint on my fingernails… Haha. Yes, home and garden is my RL passion as well. I’m mad about it in both lives. 🙂

He’s leaving again tomorrow… Be prepared for a possible emo-styled interior or emo-post! I’ll try my best to spare y’all from this.

Anyway… You know, sometimes I don’t think anyone actually reads me apart from a few friends. But when I was MIA, I saw my stats were steady, that I’m getting traffic from WordPress reader, and some even straight from Google search…and most beffudlingly, I’m getting new followers. (Hello!)

I’m not sure where or how you guys  stumbled upon this blog, but it is quite humbling to know you’d actually swim through my rambles or find my inworld shots good enough to want to be updated on future activities. And especially if you’re First World people! (That is how we Second Lifers call you muggles non-SL Residents).

A lot of you are fashion-oriented SL bloggers. The fact that you’d subscribe to me even when you know I do more home and garden than info fashion… I really appreciate it. It’s humbling!

A lot of you are RL writers. Which makes me nervous if I think you may be silently judging my writing skillz. XD

I hope I won’t disappoint. But I also hope you all will understand that this is more of a personal/writing/decorating blog than it is an SL blog. It’s my little space on the ‘net to exercise creative muscles.

SL deals with my need to own more homes than I can ever use, and to fill these homes with all these furnitures I buy in a madwoman-fashion. And then tear these apart and raise a new building with new interior.

And after that, this blog deals with my rambles, and possibly my attempt to write flash fictions.

This means what you see here are not necessarily the newest and the greatest that SL has to offer. New things are churned out inworld everday–SL has no shortage of creative creators–but I don’t necessarily like all those new things, and you probably won’t see it here.

What you will see, is what I love. If I’m showcasing something, it means I love it enough to stand by it. Sometimes, the things I love happens to be the newest things…mere serendipity. If something was sent to me and I don’t like it, or if I can’t use it for any story I’m writing, or any interior I am planning, you won’t see it here.

And if, after all this, you’re still here and following what is possibly the least trendiest avatar in SLand…
I thank you, from the very bottom of my humbled heart. ❤


2 thoughts on “A Thank You note

  1. One day you’ll show us all the good stuff in your rl garden yah? I just started this summer and so far have not killed off my cherry tomatoes or herb garden *cross fingers*.. I like reading your ramblins! trends come and go like the seasons, but a blogger/writer who sticks to their creative best is why I will keep coming back 😀 keep up the great work Zee!

    • Thank you Cozeeey. 🙂 I will have pictures of my RL garden…if anything actually will grow this year. Sometimes, I think my plants are so rude to die on me after I smother them with love and attention. Haha.

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