“My Heart is On Fire”

My Heart Is On Fire
In My Madness I Roam The Desert
The Flames Of My Passion
Devour The Wind And The Sky



We write in sand, our language grows, And like our tide ours overflows.

– Edmund Waller ‘Of English Verse‘.

I am mentally exhausted today, so I shall spare you my usual ramblings. I hear you cheer in joy! Enjoy my silence while you can. LOL.

This was set up on Bella Pointe’s Canyon Falls Dome (TY Meeka! ). I used the small model for this shot. If anyone is interested in checking out the rental domes available, here are the SLurls (the empty dome, without all these item):

Remember to hydrate, it can be pretty dry there!

And if Canyon Falls is not to your taste, maybe one of the FIVE demos could sway your opinion? 😉 SLurls to all the demos provided here. 🙂


NOTE: The SLurl of [Con.] store is the temporary location, and is correct at time of writing.

✤ Fall Teddy Bears, His & Hers (sold separately) – ::A&A:: (His MP // Hers MP)
✤ Fall Hay Stack Decor – ::A&A:: (MP link)
✤ Welcome Home Rocking chair (RED) – ::A&A::
✤ Romantic Picnic Basket – !!Follow Us!! (MP link)
Kepler Telescope – LISP
Tiberius Frame Boldly 1 – 22769 ~ [bauwerk]
Stepside Bed (Red) – [Con,] Consignment
T-Read Bookshelf – Floor Version – [Con,] Consignment
Rocket Planter – They Are Coming – 11th Hour
Nature’s Way Rug – DIGS
Striped rug – Zigana
string lights – floorplan
blinking light tent – floorplan
Santa Fe set (Braided rug, tallboy armoise, snake plant and table lamp) – Zinnias

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