Elysium Garden of Imagination


This is a story of a little blue elephant


Who flew in a purple balloon, oh, so elegant!


He came across a place so decadent,


Illuminated by cerulean firmament.



The Elysium Garden of Imagination!


As he looked around in sheer amazement,


As he tiptoed on, in exploration…


He saw an Owl stare in consternation.


“What do you want, O little elephant?

What are you looking for in my Garden?”


“Pardon me, Sir, I have good intentions,

I only found this by pure accident!”


“Oh, so sorry, lad, for my petulance,”
Hooted the owl, now doubly certain,
that his magical Garden of Imagination
will remain hidden…

…in this magical location.


Whatever this elephant is taking, I want five. 😛

I took this set about two weeks ago, and by happy accident, Berry’s meme this week is about Surrealism. The instruction said to create ‘an’ image, but I’m a rebel and just had to go one step too far…or 9 steps too far, even. 😀 Sorry, Berry! Join in the meme here!

A very quick disclaimer because some of you who subscribe to this blog are bona-fide writers and actual, honest-to-God poets: please don’t mind my little poem blatantly ignoring the rules of rythm and meter! >_< Like the little elephant, I started out with good intention and my draft began with a few lines of anapaestic tetrameter, which I managed to sort of keep with that first two lines…and then it got complicated and I just desperately needed to tell the story of an elephant stumbling upon a secret garden owned by an owl…so…:( I shall do better next time. Eek!

By the way, this little ditty is also dedicated to Emmy Courtois of TerminalEm Machinima and The INKWELL, who I found out from Facebook today have a thing for little elephants (lol) plus another happy news that is not my place to say. *Happy dance* This is my congratulations…but if you don’t like the pics and the ditty, then this is NOT part of my congratulations! LOL

Special thanks to Xanthe and Kat Niven for hunting down some of these items for me! ❤

Ok, I’ve tortured you guys enough with my ramblings today. On to the credits. 🙂



(I didn’t put SLurls of some stores if the items are only available from a certain event and not available instore yet.)

From The Kollective Round 3
Precious Time Desk – ::A&A::, currently only available @ The Kollective


Enchanted Tree Tunnel – Studio Skye
Mountain Retreat – Bella Pointe (Demo model here)
Earth Astrolabe – Egoisme Group Gift

++From The Arcade Gacha September++
Avatar: Tiny Elephant Avatar (Jaipur) – [WoO]
Imaginarium Librarium series (Butterfly, Roots, Mariner, Secret & Treasures)- Lark
Elephant small orange – Zigana
hot air balloon / purple – floorplan
Carved Wooden Animals (White Owl) – Half-Deer
Tiny table sea – Zigana
Harry’s Boat – Apple Fall
attic table set/mix – {vespertine}
papercrane mobile – {vespertine}
canvas and leather backpack/map2 – pesca
Bon Voyage Stacked Suitcases -tb- Tres Blah


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