Blokes’ Night In

Dear Honey,

This is my submission to the Girlfriend of The Year Award.

I made you a Men Den where you can hang out with your friends once you’re sick of me need your space to belch, scratch balls, talk about Lolas and Phat Azz catch up with your mates.


Men Den
Click through for item details in Flickr

Perhaps exchange tips on how to further spend money to mod your cars, in such a way that none of us girlfriends would scream at you for spending money on your car when you could, you know, spend that money to buy us shoes instead.

cars✤ Cars by P&W Design (Thank you very much!)

This is also an apology for wrecking the Cabrio the other day. Fortunately, the neighbour is very understanding of my…”driving skills”. So this has added to the things I have driven into his land, you know, with the bicycles, scooters, harley-like bikes, golf carts…

We have neighbour with the patience of a saint.

Booze and HamburgersClick through to see itemized credits in Flickr.

I also made sure the Men Den was stocked with plenty of booze and hamburgers.

Don’t want you guys to die from starvation out there, you know?

Ultimate Men Den

Pretty sure you’re the envy of your mates now.

And when you’re done having a men night in your men den…

…maybe you can come home and have a man’s night in. 😉


See you when you get home. 😉



I don’t usually do credits in para-form, but it is needed today!

✤The Cars

Sexy, sexy cars from P&W Designs, thank you guys! When I said I wrecked the Cambrio, it really happened. These cars came with a drifting HUD…and when I attempted to drift, I sort-of lose control of the car and fell down into my neighbour’s dome downstairs. >_<

This is the reason why I’m not allowed to drive the Man’s Landcruiser in RL.

You will see these cars quite often in the coming week, I do have plans for it!

++TP to P&W Designs++

The structure:

This structure is a skybox rezzed from a combat HUD called iHud v8.0. When my friend rezzed this skybox in the middle of showing me the HUD’s capabilities, something clicked and I just had to borrow it. Here’s a direct MP link to the HUD but if you get it, use it responsibly. It’s a combat HUD, not a griefer’s tool. Mmkay?

Thanks, Brian, for lending the structure to me!

Interior Credits

As usual, you can always click on the picture to go to the Flickr version, where you can hover through the items and get the details. 😀

I don’t have a lot of ‘manly’ things in my inventory. So I had to go on a shopping trip. Legit excuse, by the way! (“I have to shop, I need to style and blog this!”). I’d say my Top 3 destination for scruffy, manly things are !!Follow Us!!, Eleventh Hour and PILOT. And of course, the Mens Department event!

Results of my shopping trip:

  • ✤’My Girl Shelf’ is from !!Follow Us!! (thank you, Laurent!).
  • The barrel side table is the ‘McCoy Bedside Table’ from PILOT.
  • Burger meals also from PILOT, and I had to resist the urge to run to McDonalds while I was doing this.
  • The TV looking thing is “The Tube” Beer Tap by Eleventh Hour, available from this round of Mens Department. I choose the ‘Weissbier’ version because I’m just a little bit fancy and like things with foreign names (ok, it’s actually because I don’t like ale or stout).
  • The dapper looking lamp wearing a bowl hat on top of the beer tap is ✤“Mr. Bulb” from Kuro, available at The Gallery Gift Shop (thank you Luana!).
  • Whisky and cigar from Tartessos Arts
  • Spotlight Lamp from Trompe Loeil‘s gacha. It’s only L$25 per play and it will own your soul.

Boudoir (*cough*) shot 

  • Structure: The room of Olisipo Skybox from Kuro
  • Bed: “Stay in Bed” Black & White Bed from !!Follow Us!! (Thank you Laurent, you can come home now, wrreeooww LOL).
  • Curtain: Toronto Curtain from Bazar

And these are freebies!

In my quest to find a garage-y looking items, I came upon this store called 19MC, or 19 Motorcycle. The couch, the tyre side table, the coffee table, the very literal armchair, the low-back chair and the bucket were FREE. Considering the level of detail that went into these items, I was floored.

Items from here is the reason why I’m writing today’s credits in para form. The creator is Japanese, so there may be some language barrier thing going on here as some of the things are named weirdly.

The coffee-table is called Auto-Drug table. Uh. Ok. I’m thinking maybe it was meant to be named ‘Auto Drag Table’? As in dragrace?

The bucket on the floor is filled with cigarette butts and..uhm, maybe pee? I’m not sure. Some liquid. Men…-_- Anyway, it is called ‘Bake-2’. I’m assuming this meant “Bucket-2”. In most Asian language, the “A” is pronounced “Ah” so ‘bucket’ can possibly be phonetically spelled as ‘baket’.

Who knows?

Anyway, go visit 19MC, even if you don’t intend on shopping. The shop is in Old Edo-style build, very detailed and had that Edo Motorcycle Gang ambiance going on. I’m going back there one of these days to write about it because I like it so much, so you might as well go and visit anyway. 😀

++TP to 19MC++

Aaand what I’m wearing

The corset is ✤Lolita Corset from Miss Canning, comes with 8 color change HUD and the option to wear or not wear the panties (thank you, Lisle!). I chose to wear it, I can’t subject you guys to my prim veejayjays!


The ✤blue wedding garter with ribbon and pearl is from LDG (thank you, Rekka!), and it’s not just an outfit. It’s a proper wedding garter. There are options for a ‘toss’ animation, where either the bride or groom can toss out the garter to the wedding party, waheeey! 😀 You can get the garter from the inworld store, or here’s a direct MP.

And guess who got proposed to with ✤Midnight Romance ring? I’m kidding. No one proposed to me (*sob*), but I guess Alliana liked me so she put a ring on me. LOL Thank you for the non-proposal, Alli! The ring is brand spanking new, and is available fromt the Diamanté Jewelry MP, a flagship of ::A&A::. 😀

And the rest of everything else:

  • Boots: Holly Mesh Trinity Thigh High Boots – Hollyhood
  • Hair: Sierra – TRUTH
  • Skin: Lana – Belleza
  • Hands: Slink Mesh Hand Casual – Slink
  • Manicure: Love Donna Flora! set – Nailed It
  • Pose: Penthouse # 6 – [PM] Poses


Now, if you would excuse me, I have someone I need to please. *cough*



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