Autumn Midmorning Tea

Dear neighbour,

Hello neighbour!

Why are peeking over my wall?

No, no, I’m not bothered at all.


Why don’t you just come by?

Come now, don’t be shy!

Come over..

Let me invite you over for tea,

Let’s get to know each other, you and me.

Bob for Apples

We can bob for fresh apples, crisp and sweet,

Or maybe you’d rather a pear, it’s a treat!


I also have these cookies in a platter,


And these fresh muffins…no, these won’t make us fatter!

Yummy muffins

So you’re welcomed, dear neighbour, just feel free

to drop by anytime for a cup of tea with me.

Autumn Fire


Update: Cake Against Cancer! Do you have a favourite cake recipe? If so, send your recipe in a NC to any staff member of Prim Perfect to help raise money to fight against cancer. This event will be on the morning of 27th Sept, and my SL-twin Beauty and I will be sending in our favourite recipes…come join us by sending in your recipes, or buying our cakes when it comes out! 😀 More info here.



The ‘yard’  (sideyard? Backyard?) : Part of metamorphosis house – {vespertine}
The charming outdoor garden set: Garden Party Set – Alouette
The autumn string lights: ✤September Lights – Kuro (COMING SOON for Lazy Sunday, Sept 22nd).
The cozy outdoor fireplace: from Dardon Stone Fireplace Patio Kit – Trompe Loeil
The tub of apples:  ✤”Bobbing for Apples” Party – ::A&A::
The pipe: Old Garden Spigot – POST
The herb planters on the stairs: ✤Cotta Herb Planters – ::A&A::
The healthy pears: Autumn Snacks. Pears – Teawood (only 50L for a set of 6 til 11.59pm SLT today, Friday!)
The sinful basket of muffins: Muffins Grungy Blueberry – Dysfunctional Designs
The rolls to be freshly baked: Baking Trays Hot Cross Buns & Smiley Rolls – Culprit


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