The Twisted Hunt Part 1-13


Eversince I was a youngin’, the best way to get me to do anything or attempt anything is to tell me that it cannot be successfully done.

I see a challenge, I raise you an attempt, Sir!

So it was when I heard the brutal reputation of The Twisted Hunt. “Completing it is impossible!”, said one friend.

“You wouldn’t last a few minutes,” said another, who knew all too well my impatient trait. I don’t join a lot of hunts precisely because I’m impatient. I don’t find standing around, camming and looking for hidden objects very attractive. I do play cute hunt sometimes, like the Kiyomizu one, but mainly I pass on a lot of hunts.

So why did I do this one?

I don’t know. Perhaps it’s the theme, I’m a closet twist. Dystopia? Urban Decay? Psycho clowns? Ok, let’s go! Or perhaps it’s the reputation and I just like challenge.

Twisted Virgins, Bewaaareee!

(And they’re not kidding too!)

If you are not familiar with the Twisted Hunt, this hunt is exactly like what its’ name suggest. It’s Twisted. It’s probably run by Psychos who think it’d be fun to torture hunters by constantly moving the prizes locations, rezzing 12746372 boxes that looks exactly like the prize boxes and naming 7930726 random items in the store with the exact same name to foil Area Search. DO YOU NOT GET HUGGED ENOUGH AS KIDS, ORGANIZERS, GOODNESS ME! *cry in a corner*

But guess what? Apart from Kabuki Creations’ glitch (that you will read below), I got ALL TOP 13 so far. All the Event Sponsors’ item. 😀

It was one of the most fun I have had in hunts but I won’t lie, dude. If I were made of a lesser material, I would have carked it on the fourth store. If you think you can use Area Search, think again.  I went to MiChiGaNs ShAcK and an area search for the hunt item returned 88 results. EIGHTY EIGHT. So what’s a girl’s to do?

Go and click through eighty-eight items til you go cross-eyed and want to commit yourself into a convent. But not before tracking down the organizers and whacking them with a loaf of bread or some such.

Prize Previews, shop 1-13

Anyhoo, here are the prize previews for the first 13 stores! Please not this is not a fashion spread made out of the hunt items, this is purely information (i.e what you can get out of the hunt) and if I want to be honest, my wall of hunt trophies bragging rights. Harrumph!

Some of these items are for petites only. I don’t have a petite avatar, nor do I intend on getting one. So for the purpose of this post, I used a petite avatar demo from Al Vulo, here.

1) Secrets of Gaia

SoG had five prizes out when I was there, but I accidentally deleted one and the other one is for men. These are the other three.

I was not able to resize the bellychain. (Note: the underwear in the fourth picture is not part of the prize)

2) Avatar Bizarre

“Madder Hatter Carnival” complete outfit! (I don’t have hands because I took off my Slink and am too lazy to take off the alpha too. Don’t question me!)

3) :{MV}:

Dark Quinn Outfit

4) MiChiGaNs ShAcK

This is too cute! You get two versions, a smaller one for normal use and a bigger one for you to use on a racetrack. LOL

5) Kabuki Creations

I found the prize, but was unable to ‘buy’ it. System keeps telling me I didn’t have enough money to buy a L$0 gift when I had thousand in my SLpurse…uhm, what? o.0

6) Treasured Cove

Mesh bowl builders kit, with maps provided. I find that the package itself can be used as a decorative item and the gears move…definitely loving this hunt prize. 😀


7) Roawenwood

Twisted Petite Carnie Travelin Wagon Set. Effing cute!!

(For Petite Avatars Only)
8) +Blue Blood+

Carnival Countess Outfit. There is also one for Petites. 🙂

9) The Elegant Goth

This one was incredible, I loved it. Definitely took my mind off the stress of the hunt. Haha

10) The Stringer Mausoleum

Arachnosapien, avatar enhancement for Petites. This nearly made me go out and buy a petite avatar.


11) Weather! or not?

Whack-a-noob? How about “whack the organizers’ instead? *whackittywhackwhack*


This game was such a hoot. When you play it, it gives you a mallet and you have to click on the noobs that keeps popping through the holes. AND THEY ARE NOISY. Here’s the local chat transcript…lol

[10:09] Whack-a-Noob : Game Starting in…
[10:09] Whack-a-Noob : THREE
[10:09] Whack-a-Noob : TWO
[10:09] Whack-a-Noob : ONE
[10:09] Whack-a-Noob : GO!
[10:09] Whack-a-Noob : Can you give to me the linden money?
[10:09] Whack-a-Noob : where can I get the penis?
[10:09] Whack-a-Noob : where did you get your shape?
[10:09] Whack-a-Noob : Where can we have sex?
[10:09] Whack-a-Noob : where is all the free stuff?
[10:09] Whack-a-Noob : this game sux!!!!
[10:09] Whack-a-Noob : I know the owner and they say its alright
[10:09] Whack-a-Noob : are you a boy or a girl RL?
[10:09] Whack-a-Noob : this game sux!!!!
[10:09] Whack-a-Noob : where is all the free stuff?

13) Sn@tch






This is The Carousel of The Living Dead.

I didn’t read the NC when I rezzed this, cos I hate reading NC. I probably should have because I nearly peed myself when the zombies started screaming.


This build is so detailed, and the zombies moans and twitches.  Apparently you can ride this, but I was kinda too busy cleaning myself to try it.

So there you have it folks, my trophies for store #1 to #13, except for Kabuki Creations.

So, what now?

Will I continue the hunt? Well, that depends. I’m Inventory sorting at the moment, and these hunt items will take up space if I’m not careful. Also, there are 129 stores in the hunt, and I was ready to cark it by the third out of thirteen stores. I’m not sure how I would survive  the other 116 stores. LOL. But the hunt was an extremely good challenge, and I liked the quality of the prizes thus far. And damn, wouldn’t it be good to earn the title of Twisted Survivor? LOL

So who knows? Maybe you’ll see a few more parts about my Twisted Hunt adventure in the coming weeks. 😛


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