Berry Interesting Facts

Morning, students, and welcome to an edition of ‘Know your Vitamin Zee’!

Look here, students, tell me what this is?

That’s right!


This is a strawberry.

This is THE Strawberry.

A strawberry is a fruit.

This Strawberry is a fruit loop.

Ancient Romans believed strawberries to be aphrodisiac, which means they think eating strawberries will make you horny.


I’m not sure, but here and here. Oooh la la, get your Xcite! parts ready, boys! And you’re welcome.

One cup of strawberries is only 55 calories. So it won’t go to your thighs. Like so:


Which is kinda important if you want to seduce man avatars like yummy ManBerry (hush, my ovaries!)

But you know what the most interesting part about this today?

It’s Berry’s Birthday!


Happy Birthday, Berry! From Snakey and Zee! \(^o^)/

Go spam Berry with birthday messages here!


Things Berry shouldn’t eat:

What Berry should suck instead of toes: 

Nahmy Strawberry (wearable) – Lakrya (from MP)

Things Berry couldn’t eat, even if she tried hard:

The Scene: 

Vitamin Zee



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